Onstage Festival Fashion Highlights

At this point in the post-festival summer, we have seen the street-style posts on blogs, Instagram, and numerous other places. While attendees of Wayhome and Osheaga definitely brought it this year with their unique looks and fabulous festival attires, the onstage acts certainly did not ignore the call to action from both a musical and fashion standpoint. Of course the music the the initial draw at a live show. But at a festival — or any live-music atmosphere in general — the performance is equally important in attracting attention. Here is a list of artists who performed in festivals over the past month who completely got the importance of onstage visual-fashion appeal.

Tove Lo (Osheaga)

Tove Lo always has a tomboy flare to her onstage and off stage looks. She emphasizes both comfort and edginess with her cool graphics and loose vintage pieces. This year at Osheaga, the singer was clearly geared up to work the stage and keep her audience dancing. Her graphic sweat combo allowed for comfortable movement and just generally looked really cool. The best thing about this combo is how the two pieces work harmoniously together in their colour story without appearing too put-together or ‘matchy.’ This is an all around fun look for the stage!

Lorde (Osheaga)

It’s no surprise given our current rain-filled summer that it poured during the acts at Osheaga. Lorde was one of the performers who had to work it out in the rain. However, the attire that she chose gave off the impression that she is an angel in the mist. The singer always keeps her fans guessing and this crisp white period-like dress certainly did not let them down. A perfect look to wear with a rainy backdrop, Lorde belted out everyone’s favourite songs while her dress, which allowed great movement, stood at attention for all to enjoy.

Cage the Elephant (Wayhome)

Sometimes, after hearing recorded and produced tracks by well known bands, an audience starts to make assumptions about a band before ever actually seeing them live. After seeing Cage the Elephant live, I was in awe as to how I had never watched them before, and how the onstage energy and presence completely changed my overall image of the band. Singer Matt Shultz performs like a modern Mick Jagger and has the style to back it up. Each member of the band had their own unique look but still allowed room for some sense of unity. Shultz stood proud in a red loose button up and tailored pants, which gave room for him to work the entire stage, whether he was dancing across it or running around. A high energy band with high energy style, Cage the Elephant was definitely a fashion highlight at Wayhome.

Solange (Wayhome)

Solange’s look reigns supreme among festival attires. Her performance at Wayhome was stunning and her attention to aesthetics was half of it. Solange, her beautiful background singers, and her huge accompanying band were all unified in perfectly tailored red. Red is the color of celebration in many cultures. This look and the overall show definitely screamed celebration to so many people who were gratified by her performance. Working with designer Telfar Clemens, Solange made sure that her costumes be made with built in mic packs, which allows her to throw herself on the stage, roll around, or do whatever her heart desires. Corners were not cut in this performance or its costumes.

Danny Brown (Osheaga)

Known for his mix of busy pieces with classic street-style flare, Danny Brown had the perfect blend for his Osheaga stage. His matching colorful pants and top combination could have looked too busy onstage, but the use of his Nike rain coat broke up the details in a way that created a more fashion-forward, athleisure look.

Charles Bradley (Wayhome)

Charles Bradley stepped onto the WAyhome stage and made an absolute statement in his crisp and flashy matching suit and spectacular belt. The look celebrated his musical roots and also separated him from many acts on a fashion level. If there was ever any doubt whether fashion is an important component of live music, Bradley stomped it out as his look triumphed in delivering his overall musical vibe.

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Sets You Don’t Want to Miss at WayHome 2017

With WayHome Music Festival right around the corner, we have all been prepping our bodies, minds, and bank accounts for the big weekend ahead. If you’re anything like me, you’re not excited to be camping for three days, but there is nothing like the motivation one gets from seeing their favourite artist’s name printed on a lineup. I will run the risk of not having a hot shower (or a shower at all for the matter) for three days, just for the opportunity to be 10 feet away from Frank Ocean’s feet.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it will be a long 72 hours, but together, we can make things work. Below I have compiled a list of must-see sets at this year’s WayHome, along with the details of where each artist will be playing. You can thank me now, or later, but don’t forget to see these talented individuals in all their glory under the beaming sun.

FRIDAY, JULY 28th 2017

Photo by Bryan Allen Lamb

NONAME [WayHome Stage @ 3:45-4:15 PM]

Noname, otherwise known to her parents and childhood friends as Fatima Warner, is a Chicago MC first known for her cameos on Chance the Rapper’s “Acid Rap”, as well as Mick Jenkin’s mixtape, “The Waters”. Following this debut, Noname took her time and carefully detailed and executed her breakout project, Telefone, which provided hungry fans with a body of work. Noname is an up-and-comer with melodic soundscapes and lyrics that weave into poetry.

Photo by Zack Vitiello

ALLAN RAYMAN [WayBright Stage @ 4:30-5:00 PM]

Toronto native, Allan Rayman is an enigma. Fairly new to the scene, Rayman has managed to steer clear of the spotlight and keep his identity something of a mystery. His first ever interview was released in February of 2017 with Billboard. He is currently signed to Communion Records and has released two albums, Hotel Allen” and “Roadhouse 01” as well as two singles, “Much Too Much” and “All at Once“. Rayman’s vocal style is gritty and soulful, and his music crosses boundaries between genres.

Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images

DANNY BROWN [WayAway Stage @ 12:15-1:00 PM]

For those looking to end the WayHome Friday with a bang, attend Danny Brown’s closing set. This Detroit-native is no stranger to the festival circuit; he delivers high-energy through his performances without missing a beat. Danny’s shows are known for getting quite rowdy and #NSFW, to say the least, but that certainly doesn’t take away from his big finish.


Cover of Charlotte Cardin’s Big Boy EP

CHARLOTTE CARDIN [WayBright Stage @ 2:00-2:30 PM]

Charlotte Cardin is a pop/electro singer from Montréal who is best known for her single, “Like It Doesn’t Hurt, featuring Husser. Her smooth vocals compliment any backdrop, while her lyrics sing truths about tales of lost loves and relationships. Charlotte released her solo debut EP, “Big Boy“, in 2016 with Cult Nation Records with songs in both English and French.

Photo by Carlotta Guerrero

SOLANGE [WayBright Stage @ 8:30-9:30 PM]

One simply cannot leave out this beauty while highlighting the best-of-the-best at WayHome. Without Solange, there would be no list, and, frankly, if you take anything away from this article, let it be this one suggestion: do not miss her set.

Photo by Steven Taylor

RUSS [WayAway Stage @ 12:15-1:00 PM]

Russ is not only a singer-songwriter, but a producer, a beat-maker, and an artist who never stops grinding for his dream. Over the past decade, Russ has put out consistent singles and videos, making him a rising-star from Atlanta. Russ has released eleven “unofficial” albums before eventually signing to Columbia records and releasing his newest project, “There’s Really A Wolf“.


Photo by Ebru Yildiz

MITSKI [WayBright Stage @ 6:00-6:45 PM]

In 2016, Mitski released her fourth studio album, “Puberty 2” through Dead Oceans Records. The whole world applauded Mitski’s vulnerable and complex songwriting, whose subjects include love, depression, self-alienation, and racial identity. The New York Times describes “Puberty 2” as “an impressive collection of D.I.Y punk and indie rock.”

Photo by Liam MacRae & Sean Brown

DANIEL CAESAR [ WayAway Stage @ 6:45-7:30 PM]

Daniel Caesar is a singer-songwriter making waves in the Toronto music scene. Transcending the frameworks of R&B/Soul, Daniel’s music resonates with his audience and creates a moments of self-examination through his lyrics. The 21-year old Toronto native debuted in 2014 with his EP “Praise Break” and has since received attention from major music publications across the country. Daniel speaks directly to a millennial generation through ballads of love, lust, and faith.

Source: The Independent

FRANK OCEAN [WayHome Stage @ 9:45-11:15 PM]

I don’t think there is a combination of words or sentences that I can string together to explain the excitement I feel to finally see Frank Ocean live at WayHome. After a four-year hiatus, Frank has delivered with Blonde, Endless, and consistent singles we will cherish for decades to come. *cough* “Lens” *cough.* This angel sent from above needs no backstory or convincing. See his show, fall in love, and dance slowly under the moonlight, drifting away with his voice.

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