Queer Boy Costumes 101: Your Guide to Wearing Whatever the Hell You Want this Halloween

Halloween can sometimes be a distressing time for queer men. What may seem like a particularly fun time of year where anyone can dress up and have a great time can sometimes turn into a month-long battle between what you’d like to dress up as, and what the world fins acceptable for you to dress up as. This vortex of making yourself happy vs making the people around you comfortable often times seem completely suffocating. But the reality of the situation is that almost every recently out queer man, both young and mature,  will find themselves centred in the middle of a tug and war between your own feelings and the assumed feelings of those around you. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. In all reality, dressing up for Halloween should be something amazing and freeing. It shouldn’t make one feel as if they have to choose between personal happiness and the level of acceptance or tolerance that those around you may have. It’s your night and you should be able to wear whatever you want. You should be able to dress as masculine and as feminine as you want. As outrageous or as tame as you’d like (just as long as it isn’t socially insensitive and offensive) In reality, the only stress one should feel during the spookiest time of the year is the stress of choosing just one costume out of all the great ideas floating around out there. Hopefully, this article will help you put your brain into overdrive during these last few days leading up to Halloween and help you put together the most amazing queer boy costume this year.

When in Doubt, Pastel Out

Whether you opt for femme boy extraordinaire or super masc gym rat chic. Pastels are always a great way to keep things fun for Halloween. Forget bright colours and all black ensembles. Pastels manage to give you a hint of softness with any costume you wear. Wearing an entire pastel outfit, or certain pastel elements can often time give you a sugary sweet and often times funny contrast; especially if you’re fusing something scary or overly masculine with your pastel look. You’re bound to be the centre of attention in your ice cream coloured party outfit if you opt for a pastel gig. Options for your pastel costume are endless. Some super fun ideas are The Chanels, Almost any kind of dessert, The quintessential fairy costume, cheer captain, and Anime Lolita.

A Gay Staple: The Unicorn

Now, this may seem like a no-brainer, lgbtqa+ folks have been associating themselves with the mythological creature for decades now. And for good measure. The unicorn is one of those majestic creatures yields great importance in the world of myth for its power, dominance, and strength. However, the reason the unicorn should be a go-to Halloween costume for queer kids over something like a dragon (not to say that dragons are badass) is that it doesn’t present its strength through overt masculinity, instead, it presents an image of strength through the balance of graceful femininity and brute masculinity. It’s a perfect balance between the two.Now the fun thing about a unicorn costume is that you can make it as feminine or masculine as you’d like and as sexy or tame as you’d like. The possibilities are endless. Imagine dressing up as a fetish unicorn, a space unicorn, a ridiculously hilarious blow-up unicorn or a sexy boudoir unicorn.

Your Favourite Drag Race Alumni

It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, bi, queer, or everything in between. If you’ve had the pleasure of becoming a Rupaul’s Drag Race fan, then you’ll know how sickening some of the girls that have walked through the workroom are. And you know deep down inside (like Madonna said) you want to know what it feels like for a girl. So here’s your chance. With over 100 different queens to choose from. Drag race has a plethora of queens to chose from. Even if your favourite queen’s look is too hard to achieve, you can pick any of the other queens who’s looks are easier to achieve. However, when attempting to recreating a queens look, be aware that there may be more work you can commit to last minute. Nails, makeup, tucking, and wigs are all part of the processes, but you don’t have to go full on drag. Remember, it’s your choice. Some good example of gag-worthy queens is Valentina, Alaska, and Trixie Mattel.

Video Gay-mes

Here’s where you can really start to get creative and have fun. The possibilities could be endless. Whether you want to gender bend your favourite character or recreate their entire look. Video game characters are an amazing option for a queer boy to celebrate Halloween in. The world of video games has countless iconic characters to one can emulate or borrow from. Form Square Enix and their Final Fantasy series to Nintendo’s huge game roster. In all fairness, of all the costume ideas on this list. Video games are by far the easiest to recreate since there are most likely plenty of costume stores that sell video games costumes, but there are hundreds of tutorials online on how to DIY your favourite characters looks. Some good bets could be Princess Peach, Payne, Ash Ketchum, Ivy Valentine.

Costumes Galore! A definitive list of some of the greatest movie wardrobes ever made

Movies and costume design go hand in hand. They work with one another to create a fantasy world that neither could create alone. It’s a partnership built on understanding and trust. Like a carefully orchestrated waltz, movies and costume stand together making sure that the landscape that one lays out is mirrored in beauty by the fantasy the other brings to life. Many of the films on this list have actually won their costume designers Academy Awards for best costume design, showing the world that it doesn’t just take beautiful cinematography, a beautiful score, or a very well written script to make an award-winning movie. It takes effort from everyone, including the costume department, to create a cinematic masterpiece.

Marie Antoinette

No article related to costume design in films would be complete without Sofia Coppola‘s modern retelling of the infamous queen of France’s tragic short life. Costume designer Milena Canonero won the Oscar for best costume design for her brilliant work. What sets Marie Antoinette‘s costumes apart from other period dramas is the modernization of the costumes. Even though the gowns were created to look traditionally rococo in appearance, the costumes themselves were based on colour schemes one would find on a delicious dessert tray. Every pastel colour imaginable is spun into frothy gowns trimmed with ostrich feathers and luxurious furs. Even the men’s ensembles were given a glamorously sugary appearance throughout the film.

The Curse of the Golden Flower

Chinese cinema has a plethora of stunning cinematic costumes. Movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, House of Flying Daggers, Hero, and the Great Wall wall are all perfect examples of the lengths Chinese costume designers go to in order to create the perfect wardrobe for a cinematic epic. In The Curse of the Golden Flower, designer Yee Chung-Man took the opulence and over the top extravagance of the Tang Dynasty and weaved them into some of the most intricate and jaw-dropping costumes seen in a very long time. With the backdrop of Forbidden City and its brilliant jewel tone decor, the lavish gold gowns and costumes create the ultimate look of luxury for a movie hellbent on showing its viewers the beauty of colour in film.

Beauty and the Beast

Although this year’s theatrical release of Beauty and the Beast had everyone gawking at Emma Watson’s beautiful yellow gown, the real winner of the Beauty and the Beast costume battle has to be France’s 2014 venture into the iconic Disney fairytale. Designed by Pierre-Yves Gayraud, 2014’s Beauty and the Beast remake took the beauty of the surreal and fused it with traditional fairytales. Giving the movie its traditional fairytale period piece feel while injecting the movie with a fresh and modern ideas.

Memoirs of a Geisha

Colleen Atwood is a costume design heavyweight in Hollywood. Like many of her contemporaries, Colleen’s career is sprinkled with work that has garnered her attention and awards from different cinematic agencies around the world. However, her work on Memoirs of a Geisha proved to be her most fruitful venture thus far, earning her a best costume design Oscar. It took Atwood and her team a total of five months to create the various stunning hand painted kimonos seen throughout the film. One of the most interesting aspects of the film’s costumes is how it shows the characters’ transitions through life. Going from simple and dark, to completely extravagant and stunning.


Belle tells the story of Dido Belle Lindsay, the daughter of a British admiral who is taken from her life of poverty and given the life that any child born of someone high ranking in England would have. Unlike other period dramas on the list, this one deals heavily with racial inequality in aristocratic England. Now, most period dramas are already expected to have stunning wardrobes, but what sets Belle apart from other costume dramas is the detail that goes into the wardrobe’s “personalities.” While watching Belle for the first time you may not notice the subtle changes in wardrobe colour, but on second viewing, one might notice that costume designer Anushia Nieradzik changes the colour of the female characters’ clothing as their characters become more complex and opinionated. Giving the film an extra yet subtle layer for all costume aficionados to feast their eyes one.

Gone With The Wind

What’s an article on costume design without the sweeping Southern period piece that became recognized as one of the greatest novels ever written? Nothing. With the help of Hollywood golden age designer Walter Plunkett, Gone With The Wind set the standard for a romantic Hollywood blockbuster. The sweeping narrative mixed with larger than life characters had to be brought to life through a visual feast of some of the greatest costume work to have ever graced the silver screen. Now, some films may have beautiful costumes, but not many films have the power to etch a scene into your memories with just an image and a dress, yet Scarlet O’Hara’s iconic staircase scene is easily one of the most memorable and recognizable scenes in movie history.

The Dressmaker

Starring Kate Winslet as a talented designer who’s designed in every fashion capital around the world, The Dressmaker tells the story of a woman who comes back home to find the answer to a burning question that would set her free from her past. Set in the glamour of the 1950’s, The Dressmaker sets itself apart from other movies based on the time period by placing stunning gowns among the harsh and bare Australian outback. Allowing designers Marion Boyce and Margot Wilson to create the illusion of placing life into a landscape that is stark and unwilling to change into anything other than what is is.


Anyone who’s ever referenced anything from the ’90s knows exactly the impact this movie had on future generations to come. Along with its cultural importance and trend making power, Clueless helped jumpstart the careers of Alicia Silverstone and Britney Murphy, making them household names overnight. But that isn’t the only reason why Clueless has become one of the most beloved and easily recognizable movies to date. It was also through designer Mona May’s astounding costuming for the movie that solidified its place in pop culture history. I mean, who could ever forget the iconic canary yellow skirt suit, the Calvin Klein mini dress, or the Alaia?

Moulin Rouge!

Easily heralded as one of the most visually stunning movies to have ever graced the silver screen, Moulin Rouge! was also a triumph for costume lovers around the world. Designers Catherine Martin and Angus Strathie took home the Academy Award for best costume design for their visually stunning work on Moulin Rouge! Mixing modern sexiness into old world Parisian cabaret, Moulin Rouge! presents a feast for the eyes in the form of costumes that pair perfectly with whatever musical number is playing on the screen at the time. Giving the film a heightened sense of pleasure and fantasy among an all too traditional and recognizable world.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Revered as the greatest triumph of modern day costume design, Elizabeth: The Golden Age’s is Alexandra Byrne’s an Oscar-winning cornucopia of opulence and excess. Everything about the grandiosity of Queen Elizabeth is presented beautifully through her vast wardrobe throughout the movie. Unlike other films on this list, Byrne’s costuming is so extensive and detailed that the clothing itself could stand alone and still command the attention of an entire room without question. Paired with Cate Blanchet’s extraordinary performance as England’s most legendary monarch fueled with a passion for her country and the tension brought on by an oncoming onslaught of Spanish warships. Elizabeth stands as the costume designer’s pearl draped and gold threaded magnum opus.

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Last Minute Halloween Costumes Already in Your Closet

Halloween celebrations commence this weekend, and for those who do not yet have a costume, panic mode has officially ensued. Don’t fret Halloween procrastinators, there is still time. There are so many great costumes that are often overlooked because people are always focusing on the trends and costumes of the year. But, some of the best, most iconic, and not to mention, most fashionable costumes are often right at your fingertips (or buried deep in the deep abyss of your/your mother’s closet). If you’re in need of a last minute costume that takes minimal time, effort, and money, then here are five Halloween costumes that are already in your wardrobe.

1. Penny Lane – “Almost Famous”


This is one of the simplest Halloween costumes you can find in your wardrobe. Time to dig out your old school flared jeans, and if you can’t find those, a pair of boot cut will suffice. Pair the jeans with a basic cami with crochet trim, and complete the look with your favourite pair of round trim Ray Bans, and tightly curled hair. If you really want to top off the look, talk to your mother about borrowing her old suede, fur trim coat from the 90s.

2. Holly Golightly – “Breakfast at Tiffanys”


Throw on your favourite little black dress paired with the largest statement necklace you can find and grab your large black sunnies. And if you really want to get into character, grab a coffee and text a friend and tell them to meet you at Tiffanys (and then get them to take a picture of you).

3. Chanel Oberlin – “Scream Queens”

SCREAM QUEENS: Emma Roberts as Chanel Oberlin in SCREAM QUEENS which debuts with a special, two-hour series premiere event on Tuesday, September 22 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Matthias Clamer/FOX.

Chanel wears so many different outfits on the show, that it’s hard to narrow it down to one iconic moment. But, there’s no denying the ability to easily search through your closet for head to toe pink, or at the very least a preppy skirt and top, paired with your mother’s pearls, and completed with a bloody knife (optional). If you want to be really convincing, channel Chanel’s attitude with one-liner comebacks and insults, and you’re all set.

4. Margot Tenenbaum – “The Royal Tenenbaums”


If you don’t have vintage (faux) fur, someone you know does, along with that striped cotton polo dress your mom used to wear when she went golfing in the 90s. Load on the heavy eyeliner as if it’s 9th grade all over again, and complete the costume with your favourite childhood barrette.

5. Bonnie Parker – “Bonnie and Clyde”


This may also require a “Clyde” figure to pull off the complete look, but it is a very accessible last minute costume if you’re in a pinch. Pair a knit turtleneck and a pencil skirt, with one of your mother’s (or grandmothers) neck scarves.