How to be fashionable during winter?

If you think you cannot be fashionable during winter, you are wrong. Fall-winter is probably the best season to look trendy. Just think about it, how many items do you have in your wardrobe during winter? Way more than in summer right?! If you count jackets, coat, boots, scarf and other accessories, I am sure you have at least twice more items to play with. So, what will make you look gorgeous this season? Here is a list of tricks and items which will help you.

  1. Get a big puffer jacket

If you want to look cool no water what, the puffer jacket is always a good idea. You can easily wear it off-the-shoulder during fall or over a big jumper during winter. The other good thing with a big coat is that you can wear it with sneakers to be casual or with fancy boots to look fancy.

  1. Choose your boots with attention

Whatever you prefer high or ankle boots, you need a pair which matches with almost everything. They don’t need to be black –excepted if you only go black – but they have to match with most of your clothes AND your favorite coat.

  1. Find an oversize roll-neck sweater

At that time of the year you should forget low-cut-neckline. At the contrary, roll-neck will cover your neck perfectly and will make you look super fancy. If your sweater is also oversize or has big sleeves, it will give you a perfect fashion week street style look.

  1. Style it up

It’s not because you wear big sweaters and long sleeves that you have to look boring. Get a printed jacket, wear accessories and have fun! Getting accessories is also a good way to turn your casual outfit to a fashionable one. Find big earrings, colored sunglasses and a big hat and you will look perfect.

  1. Layer is the key

This is the season to layer so let’s go for it! You want to wear your favorite tee-shirt? No problem put a wool cardigan on it and your big coat. You want to look good arriving at work wearing your summer denim jacket? Do it! Just put layers on to protect yourself from pneumonia.

My Capsule Wardrobe Diary

The Capsule Wardrobe has been around for a while. Susie Faux, owner of London boutique Wardrobe coined the term way back in the 70’s. Then in 1985, Donna Karan released her “7 Easy Pieces” collection of seven interchangeable work-wear pieces. At the debut, eight models dressed in only bodysuits and blacks tights at first, started to add items of clothing such as trousers, dresses, etc., to demonstrate the versatile style of dressing. The whole concept gained more popularity.

Essentially, the idea is to have a wardrobe collection of a few staple items of clothing, often in the neutral palette, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces. In the end, you would have a compact closet with high-quality pieces that are versatile and that you love to wear — saving money, space, and time to get ready in the morning.


Currently, the minimalist style of dressing has become more trendy, so I decided to try it out. Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but still wear the same 3 items every day? Same. So I thought I might as well try the Capsule Wardrobe thing, and what better time to do it than at the start of a new year. So for the whole month of January, I will be living out of my version of a capsule wardrobe.

Despite what people think, there are no rules to it. You don’t have to have a specific number of pieces or stick to a specific colour palette. However, it usually stays around 30 neutral pieces, but I’m going to try and stick to 33. This includes accessories and shoes. I’ve also set up rules for myself:

  1. I have to use items I already have.
    The point of a capsule wardrobe isn’t to have a complete, perfect wardrobe. There’s no such thing. This isn’t an excuse to go out and buy more clothes that will make my wardrobe “complete”. It’s nature to want something new, but this is about cutting down and keeping it simple.
  2. I have to put together an outfit everyday.
    I usually work from home so most of the week, I’m in sweats and a T-shirt, but if I was going to do this, I wanted to actually do it. So now I have no choice but to try and get my life together in the morning.
  3. I have 33 pieces to choose from.
    This includes purses, shoes, and accessories, and excludes workout clothes, sleepwear, and obviously socks and things.

I will be uploading a picture recap at the end, documenting my outfits every day this month, and I promise to keep it 100% honest. So check back to see if I manage to get through the whole month!

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