5 Identical Designer Dupes That Won’t Break The Bank

Fashion Week’s just finished and, as fashion addicts, we are still dreaming of the incredible clothes we saw on the runway and coming to the realization that our actual wardrobe is ridiculous. Well, as I sit and wait for the winning lottery number, I thought it would be nice and kinder on your waller to know where to get some designer clothes dupes in order to create your Carrie Bradshaw wardrobe. Fashion, yes! But on a budget.

Speaking of Bradshaw, have you ever had a dream of her famous Manolo Blahnik satin pumps? These are probably the stiletto shown the most on TV. If you don’t feel like spending your entire salary on a pair, I suggest these from Dune London.

Left: Manolo Blahnik. Right: Dune London

These Stella McCartney wedges are a must, especially if you spent spring-summer wearing heels to pretend you are as tall as Heidi Klum. Walking with wedges is also way easier than walking in a pair stilettos. You will find this perfect dupe at Shein’s.

Left: Stella McCartney. Right: Shein

Getting yourself an inspired aviator leather jacket is just as important. Acne Studio proposes the perfect one, full black perfect shape… If you are into this trend, this dupe from Warehouse will satisfy you.

Left: Acne Studio. Right: Warehouse

We have seen these gathered Yves Saint Laurent high boots everywhere. The Haute Couture brand also made a silver version of it that’s higher and with more glitter and obviously more difficult to wear. The black version is a good alternative if you are looking for everyday shoes. You will find this perfect dupe at Urban Outfiters. The only difference you will notice is that the Yves Saint Laurent ones are in leather whereas the dupe is in faux suede.

Left: Yves Saint Laurent. Right: Urban Outfiters

Haute Couture brands’ handbags are probably the most copied items. This basic black one from Yves Saint Laurent iss not make an exception and we won’t complain about it. It’s beautiful, goes with every outfit, and can also be worn at night. You will find this dupe at Mango.

Left: Yves Saint Laurent. Right: Mango

Novella Writers Pick Their Fictional Counterparts

From the outside, we may all look kooky and draped with issues like a Christmas tree, all bojangled and twisted. It takes a while to get to know someone: it’s a common refrain but its principle isn’t often used in daily interactions. It may take even longer if that you’re trying to get to know a group of kooky individuals working together. As it were, we are revamping our public relations games and thought it’d be best to try to show ourselves through relevant characters in our popular culture. This way you’d know us as actual people, the minds behind the paranormal voices on your screen. It’s nice to meet you too.

Drew Brown, Editor-in-Chief 

L to R Edina Monsoon, Carrie Bradshaw, Titus Andromedon

I was torn with having to pick my fictional character counterpart. Growing up gay and black, it was rare to see someone that you see yourself in on television. I chose three characters who I think make up parts of my personality. I can definitely relate to Edina Monsoon played by Jennifer Saunders on Absolutely Fabulous. I often find myself trying to balance my career and personal life. When I get around my close friends, the responsible self goes out the window and a crazy night ensues as it does in each episode of AbFab when Edina links up with Patsy.

It’s hard not to pick Carrie Bradshaw for sentimental reasons and for our love of designer shoes. Every Sunday night, I would watch Sex and the City with my besties Scotty aka Samantha and Max aka Charlotte. Each episode often resembled our New York City dating life. The Good, the Bad, and the Cosmopolitans.

Lastly, the only male character to make the list is Titus Andromedon played by the amazing Titus Burgess on The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. We both are not afraid to take fashion risks and we are both very funny (ok, Titus is funnier, but I make folks laugh too! lol).

Claire Ball, Editorial Contributor

I’m with Drew, picking a fictional character counterpart is incredibly difficult. But after a lot of debating with myself, I ultimately chose Samantha Jones from Sex and the City. Samantha and I are both brash, straightforward, unafraid of confrontation, and HIGHLY protective of our friends. One of her greatest and most relatable qualities is her loyalty to her friends. Her inability to have a filter is something I strongly identify with and, if you ask my friends, I bet you they’ll agree. She and I are not afraid of being outspoken and honest. Much like myself, she is strong, independent, and doesn’t need a relationship to make her happy.

Snigdha Koirala, Arts and Culture Contributor

Jane Villanueva from Jane the Virgin! Though I surprised myself by picking a non-book-related character as my counterpart, this was an easy choice. Jane, like me, is an overthinking control freak, with stubbornly determined dreams of being a writer. She navigates through life — through grad school and love and motherhood (a result of being accidentally artificially inseminated with her former crush’s sperm) — with her dual cultural identity as a Latina in America. And I, having grown up in a South Asian household in Toronto, find this exploration to be particularly resonant: it is honest and whole, never used as Jane’s defining characteristic, while still acknowledging its gravity in her identity.

Hoon, Managing Editor

I love Monsieur Gustave H. because he’s a veritable totem withstanding the inequities of the modern world hell-bent on destroying any semblance of human decency and social courtesies. His arsenal is one of L’air de Panache, a dose of narcissism, loyalty, poetry, and his confidence in the values of people and things he loves. He’s a man out of La Belle Époque and is caught in the quagmire of shifting cultures and geo-politics, and his values, as we now know, gradually decrease in relevance with time. Yet, he stubbornly holds onto his favored views, values, and objects and faces the literal and figurative firing squad. I was born in a time and place far from La Belle Époque and by no means share meals and beds with renown duchesses who are dynamite in the sack. But I often do sense that I’m not entirely in synch with the norms of today’s culture and that I’m very stubborn when it comes to my values. Also, I like to think that, were the circumstances to present themselves, I’d be as well-spoken and courageous in defending them.

Christopher Zaghi, Fashion Editor

My voice for fictional character definitely has to be the fashion icon and party monster Patsy Stone from Absolutely Fabulous, played by the lovely Joanna Lumley. Never before was there a woman so independent and empowered that the mere thought of an average life as a homemaker sends shivers down her spine. With her dominating and damn near overpowering sense of sexuality and a liver made of hardened steel, Patsy navigates the world of London’s elite fashion crowd with BFF Edina Monsoon as if it were a bunny slope. What’s interesting is how much of an underlying feminist air Patsy has about her. While other women would fear the backlash they’d get from the hard boozing and sexual escapades Patsy is known for, Patsy merely laughs it off. Showing the world that a woman should never fear to act the way a man does because it’s her life and no one else’s. What I truly like most about Pasty is her resilience with which she’d get into the most ridiculous of situations with Edina. While Eddy is constantly having borderline mental breakdowns over the shenanigans they’ve gotten themselves into, Patsy stands alongside, cigarette bin one hand, a glass of Bollinger in the other, and as cool as a cucumber., making her the oh-so-perfectly unapologetic fashion editor/all-around foul-mouthed badass champagne sipping queen of British TV.

A close second would have to be Katheryn Merteuil, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar from Cruel Intentions. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be the stunning yet unrelenting cold hearted Marcia ****ing Brady of the Upper East Side? There’s something about a villain who unapologetically takes whatever the hell they want that just ignites our deepest fantasies.

Adina Heisler, Contributor

I think that I am most like Susie Greene from Curb Your Enthusiasm, played by Susie Essman. Evidence? We are both curly haired Jewish women who swear too much and will not put up with any nonsense. Susie always speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to call out her friends and family when they step over the line or act rudely, such as when Larry David (played by Larry David) refused a tour of her beautiful new house! What kind of freak of f***ing nature refuses a house tour? The point is, Susie always will stand up for herself and what she believes in, but she will also always be willing to help out friends when it is needed.

However, I am not quite as negative as Susie is all the time, which is why I also think that I’m a bit like the Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who as played by David Tennant. Ten is really funny and kind to most everyone he meets, but also has a wonderfully sassy side that he brings out every now and again. And sure, he’s all smiles and converse sneakers most of time, but when it needs to get serious, you’ll find him at the front lines, sonic screwdriver in hand, saying “Allons-y!”

Helen Jacob, Contributor


There are two characters that, I’ve been repeatedly told, resemble me. One of them is Morticia from The Addams Family as in mortician…or death. She’s always seen in long gothic black gowns that match her raven black hair. Hobbies: cutting the buds off her roses so she can keep the stems, feeding her carnivorous plant Cleopatra, and strumming the samisen. Although unsettling, I get it. Maybe my naturally somber mood and daily all black uniform has something to do with it. Charles Addams, cartoonist and creator of The Addams family, describes her as “low-voiced, incisive and subtle, smiles are rare.” Yup. Sounds about right. Scariness aside, she is highly protective of her family and fiercely loyal; authentic and true to her core values — so I’ll take it.

Runner up to Morticia is Daria Morgendorferr from the animated dark comedy satire, Daria. It tells the story of a fictional suburban town through the lens of a misanthropic teenager. Honestly, I haven’t watched the show too much but from what I’m told about Daria’s jaded cynicism, she sounds pretty relatable.

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Holiday Outfits Inspired by Movie Characters

The holidays are always a stressful time of year and with holiday party season right around the corner, it’s time to start planning your perfect party looks (on top of everything else you need to do). From family dinner parties to work soirées, there is no doubt that your closet is bound to need some new holiday style inspiration. So if you’re running low on party looks this season, put your time spent watching holiday movies on Netflix to good use as your newest fashion inspiration. To help you finish off the year in style, here is a list of holiday outfits inspired by movie characters for every occasion this season.


Amanda Woods (Cameron Diaz) – “The Holiday”

Cameron Diaz’s wardrobe in this movie is great to kickstart your holiday fashion inspiration. With turtlenecks and knits making a comeback in the cold, this holiday inspired look (pun intended) is perfect for a low-key family gathering. Pair a light coloured knit turtleneck with some leather pants and a pair of ankle boots for a more edgy, updated version of Amanda Woods’ warm and chic look. Who doesn’t want to take fashion inspiration from Cameron Diaz?


Sally Albright (Meg Ryan) – “When Harry Met Sally”

This may seem like an unconventional choice but with New York captured in all its holiday glory, Sally Albright’s tomboy style in “When Harry Met Sally” is perfect for the holiday season. Steal Sally’s style with an oversized blazer and a pair of Oxfords or trendy flats.


Elizabeth Lane (Barbra Stanwyck) – “Christmas in Connecticut”

Minimalist and classic — a white blouse and a black pencil skirt is never a bad idea. This is a look that can easily look office-ready instead of holiday-ready, so choose your blouse and skirt wisely and remember to properly accessorize. This look could also be paired with a trendy piece of outerwear to give it a more party-ready vibe.


Kate (Reese Witherspoon) – “Four Christmases”

Even though Reese’s style in “Four Christmases” is a little less colourful and a little more conservative, there is nothing wrong with pulling out your little black dress over the holidays. Put a twist on Reese’s holiday outfit by bringing the oversized trend to Christmas dinner and rocking an oversized LBD. Or pair your favourite LBD with a choker or a pair of knee-high boots instead.


Lucy – “Charlie Brown Christmas”

For someone who is a little bit more of a laid back tomboy, this look is perfect. Take some inspiration from everyone’s favourite Christmas cartoon, and wear a mustard yellow and black/navy colour scheme with a pair of black ankle boots. If you really want to complete the look, throw on a red hat.


Esther Smith (Judy Garland) – “Meet Me in St. Louis”

Judy Garland was a bombshell in her iconic red dress in this Christmas classic. Steal the scene at your next holiday soirée with a red dress of your own. Conveniently the puffy sleeve trend has begun to make a comeback in their own respect, so channeling this look shouldn’t be difficult. But since it’s not 1944 anymore, puffy sleeves aren’t for everyone, so you can give this look a 2016 twist with a velvet upgrade or some more delicate sleeves as an alternative.


Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) – “Sex and the City”

Even though Carrie is technically wearing pajamas in this scene of the movie, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should wear pj’s to your next holiday party. WWCD? What would Carrie do this holiday season? The key to channeling your inner Carrie Bradshaw during the holidays is by giving your ensemble a glamorous touch. Give your outfit a touch of Carrie with a faux fur coat and some sparkly accessories.

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