The Crossover for the Adventurous Urbanite

TEXT: Abdalla Youssef 

There are a lot of things we, as well-informed and conscious consumers, expect from a car. As such, for the urbanite, driving, even in the hectic heart of Toronto, should be fun; and safe; and fuel-efficient; and aesthetically a standout in all kinds of sceneries the city offers. Toyota’s C-HR, the latest premium model of which Novella had the pleasure of experiencing at its recent launch, fulfills all these needs for the urbanite from the West to the East end of Toronto.

The C-HR’s distinct diamond shape stands out from other compact crossovers around town — the face is sharp and powerful and, once seen, unforgettable; the rear doors are distinguished by their funky Veloster-high handles; its prominent wheel flares adds to the iconic diamond shape. The avant-garde physique of the C-HR is a true indication of its bold, adventurous character.

C-HR’s insides makes this character a reality: its 2.0L four cylinder generates 144 horsepower and 139lb-feet of torque. The spirited engine gives this high-style car a distinct sporty edge, making it just as much fun to drive as it is nice to look at. Some may complain that it’s not the cast of a new Fast and Furious feature, but the C-HR’s aspirations are elsewhere altogether anyways. It’s to be driven down Queen Street, to the beach, the ride of choice for a weekend road trip out of the city: it’s the fun and punchy yet mature cousin of a rambunctious sport car and a boring crossover.

C-HR premium is a two-tone car with brilliant color options: Blue Eclipse Metallic, Ruby Flare Pearl, and the R-code–exclusive Radiant Green Mica. The compact look from the outside belies a spacious interior and headroom.

The C-HR XLE Premium starts at only $25,310 and is now on sale at Toronto dealers across Canada. You can find the latest information on it here.

The brand new 2018 Premium Toyota C-HR Launch took place at Airship 37 on July 6th, 2017. The car comes with new upgrade features from the XLE model, that was launched in 2016.