Five Rules For Ageless Style

There’s not denying that getting older changes things, but these days the mature woman sure knows how to cherish her sense of style. Thanks to social media and influential icons beyond their 40s, the fashion industry is finally changing gears to speak to women of all ages. Since fashion is a form of art and creative self-expression, age shouldn’t dictate style. Though we still have a long way to go, the latest runways reflected this vision of beauty and style. For example, Simone Rocha showcased generations of beautiful women in her Fall/Winter 17/18 runway show. models in sixties to nineties marched on the catwalk to prove that her collection speaks for women in all age groups.

Versace’s runway show was a reflection of the real world shoppers. The director Piergiorgio Del moro decided to cast multiple generations of powerful and fashionable women like Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Claduia Schiffer, Carla Bruni, and Helena Christensen, who are in their 40s and 50s. They brought confidence and glamor to the stage.

This approach seeped into fast fashion retail stores like Zara, which decided to cast a more diverse group of women. The brand launched a new Timeless collection for FW18 with classic and modern wardrobe staples, featuring three industry veterans — Malgosia Bela, Yasmin Warsame, and Kristina de Coninck.

Jane Fonda is another example that age is just a number and that a sense of style is eternal. The 79-year-old actress walked on the red carpet and attended fashion events wearing the latest trends by appraised designers. Fonda defies the notion that good looks are exclusively for the younger generation.

Here are some tips to help you maintain your sense of style at any age:


Timeless style comes from understanding who you are and standing behind your fashion choices. Once you feel comfortable in what you are wearing, no matter your age, it shows on the outside. Always remember that the outfit you pull off should make you feel beautiful.

Rules are meant to be broken 

When it comes to ‘dressing your age’, forget the rules. Nowadays, fashion is all about combining high and low fashion. An ‘anything goes’ attitude is the current trend. You can push the fashion world forward and break some rules from time to time. Simply look at Iris Apfel’s signature style, which includes rounded giant eyeglasses, outfits from different cultures mixed with haute couture pieces.

Back to the basics

There are a few timeless pieces that every woman should own in her closet. For example, a tuxedo jacket that can be worn from day to night, dressed up or down; a classy high-waisted trousers that flatters your body shape; a white button down shirt, which is one of those pieces that never go out of style. Once you find pieces that work for you and flatter your figure, stick to them.

Caption: Getty image

Less is more

The art of dressing becomes more refined with age. The older you get, the less shiny and glossy items you should have in your wardrobe. That doesn’t mean you can’t add drama to your outfit. Just keep in mind that elegance is key. Opt for classy shapes and structured pieces and add a pop of color or prints with an unexpected accessory. The simple and the quite can make a bigger impact than the loud.

Credit: Zara

Fitted not frumpy

Don’t be afraid to reveal the parts of your body that show off your assets. You can still wear slim silhouettes and beautifully fitted dresses that show flesh. Wearing baggy and oversized pieces can achieve the opposite of the effect you’re looking for. For example, a pencil skirt can work to your advantage and increase confidence.

What’s In Store? End Of Season Transitional Sale Items

The excitement of end-of-season sales, especially for a shopaholic like me, may lead to unnecessary purchases. However, the temptation to buy dozens of trendy pieces, just because it’s related to two magic words, final markdowns or clearance sale, will ultimately make me end up with a closet full of unworn clothing, hanging there with the price tag still attached and a real guilty feeling.

Before going on a shopping spree, there are a few things you should be aware of. The most important thing is trying to focus on the items worth buying, like fashion pieces that you can still wear next season or basic garments that will never go out of style. One way to control an impulse buy is to ask yourself whether you would wear this piece more than once and if would you consider owning this item if it wasn’t on sale.

To help you approach sales in a smart way, here are five outfits I have tried, from the summer collection, that are worth the investment and will make the transition from summer to fall more smoothly:

Rock ‘n’ roll vibe: Zara

If there was ever a garment that can be worn all season long, while maintaining a cool vibe, I would definitely say it belongs to the rock ‘n’ roll tee and the leather jacket. They are both versatile pieces that look great with classy high waisted trousers, as well with a denim mini or skinny jeans. A leather jacket is a timeless piece for any wardrobe and it’s also an integral part of our fall wardrobe. To make a statement, you can wear it with red jeans, that infuse colour into your everyday wardrobe and can works for multiple occasions.

High quality pieces: Club Monaco

The best time to buy quality and value piece is during end-of-season sales, when the prices are affordable. It’s better to look for trans-seasonal pieces which you can wear now by itself or layer later, when fall arrives. Here is my pick from Club Monaco, a lightweight, 100% silk dress with a unique paisley pattern and a versatile day to night silhouette. You can pair it with flat sandals or sneakers for an effortlessly casual look, or wear it with high heels and a fancy clutch for an after hours look.

Back to basic: COS Store

Buying trendy pieces for half price at the end of a season is tempting, however investing on timeless minimalist pieces will be the smarter option. Try to focus on clothing that will last for a longer period of time and can take into the early days of fall. COS is the perfect place to find clean-lined classic pieces, that will always keep you looking sophisticated. I opted for relaxed fit trousers with pleated hems in green and paired it with a basic top.

Black and white with a little twist: Topshop

You can never go wrong with clean and modern black-and-white look, especially when it’s organized into patterns like checkered or stripes. Since black and white goes with everything, I paired the striped crop top and lace skirt with a furry pink sandals, which injected some fun vibes to the polished outfit. The fluffy material continues to be a big hit for fall 2017 and it also allows you to get in the mood for coziness, that resembles the fall days ahead.

Florals Forever: French Connection 

Floral print, especially tropical ones seem to always be attached to spring/summer collections. By adding cool neutrals, the print can be transferred easily from summer to fall. Additionally, floral print is no longer exclusive to the blooming season, so you can carry your favourite prints into the cooler weather. These statement skinny jeans are definitely suitable for a chilly climate. Simply wear it with a cozy sweater or with a cropped puffer jacket and finish the look with an ankle boots.