Trend Defying Timeless Fashion Looks

When it comes to fashion, the topics almost always have to do with trends. We ask, “What patterns are in this season? What hemlines should we expect? And what’s on its way out?” Designers work to shape trends and to keep the consumer guessing and posit new ways to bend the rules. However, some looks have no expiration dates — some are safely detached from ever being labeled unstylish. Whether you are a fashion risk taker or someone who likes to work within the rules, here are some timeless looks that have been, still are, and most likely still be stylish for years to come.


The blazer has been a power look for years. Whether it’s fitted, loose, padded, or long, it has been a staple in completing and strengthening one’s outfit. Today, the blazer can be seen in typical suit form or even paired with jeans as a casual layering option. What is great about this look is that the structure of it allows for versatility, which justifies making a bit of an investment when purchasing, as it is sure to go with many other trends as they evolve and change.


This classic men’s look was originally developed with practicality in mind, as a staple for someone in trades where multiple pockets are an asset. However, as utilitarian fashion has developed over time, the extra pockets along the sides give an edgier feel to anyone’s look. Men’s fashion repeatedly shows this trend through the seasons to achieve casual street-style. Though the cargo pant have evolved through trends by changing up fabric and colours, its structure remains intact.


Skinny-jeans, bell-bottoms, high-waisted pants have alternated throughout seasons with usually one or two in the reigning position. While these pants have their times to shine and times to be packed up, the straight-leg pants remain consistently supreme. This look shows sophistication and class, and has been credited as a statement piece for years.


Spending cash on sunglasses can be a tough pill to swallow when considering the risk of breaking or losing them as well as the reality that your style of sunglasses might not be ‘trendy’ for much longer than two years. The Aviator, however, abides. It has been a trend for both men and women for years and is definitely an accessory that can safely remain in your collection without becoming outdated.


Whether you are 85 or 18, the cardigan can be a staple in any man’s wardrobe. The cardigan creates a relaxed yet elevated feel and can be worn in both casual and formal settings. It is a great way to reflect one’s personal style as it can be worn in many different sizes, textures, and alongside styling techniques.


If any pattern has survived the seasonal fashion police, it’s plaid. For some years it’s been seen in casual wear and sometimes it makes its mark on a suit, but the fact is, it is always somewhere. We all have our favourite plaid somewhere that will always stumble back into our outfit rotation.


What is sexier than a clean button-down white blouse? Anyone? Something so simple always says so much about the wearer: the sophistication and confidence in not being afraid to shine in the bright crisp white (extra points if you keep the coffee stains to a minimum). No matter the trends of the season, you cannot go wrong with it. It is forever a staple, forever a fabulous piece.