Novella’s Fathers Day Gift Guide: For the Well-Groomed Gentlemen Found in all Our Dads

TEXT: Alexander Sauve

If you’re looking for something a little bit different for Father’s Day this year, these high-quality skincare brands and grooming tools are bound to impress. So skip the tie and dress shirt and give him something he really wants.

Les Industries Groom

If you have been searching relentlessly for the perfect gift for dad who also happens to be of the bearded variety, look no further than Les Industries Groom’s Beard Grooming Kit ($90.00). This multifunctional kit includes everything your dad will need to rock his beard this Father’s Day.

Tough on dirt and grime, Grooms Conditioning Beard Wash is formulated to deeply clean and condition the beard, yet gentle enough to protect the skin from dryness and irritation. Certainly something all dads can appreciate. It’s naturally fragranced with clary sage, lime, juniper, and pine.

Groom’s uber-masculine Tobacco Beard Oil is lightweight but dense, and works well for all beard types. Beard oil tames those unruly whiskers while keeping it healthy and conditioned. The key ingredients include sandalwood, spikenard, and tobacco.

For optimum results, follow with Groom’s game changing Beard Balm to style and shape the beard. High-quality ingredients include cedar wood, bergamot, lavender, and pine.

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American Crew

Cool and refreshing, Crew’s Revitalizing Toner ($16.68) soothes and hydrates freshly shaved and prepped skin. This lightly scented toner tightens pores, evens skin tone, and smooth’s out the complexion. Skin is left feeling rejuvenated, clean and polished. Apply directly after shaving for best results.

Crew’s Moisturizing Shave Cream ($15.95) gives an extra close shave without over drying or irritating the skin. Its rich and hydrating lather is ideal for all skin types and works well for clean-shaven dads or those in search of the perfect beard line.

Similar to the amazing benefits serum brings to the face, Crew’s unique Beard Serum ($19.63) offers an incredibly soothing yet highly effective blend of high-quality ingredients that soften, smooth, and condition the beard. This fast absorbing serum instantly leaves the beard healthy, well nourished, and free from breakage.

American Crew products can be found at salons throughout the Toronto area and online at


Clinique is a great example of a beauty and grooming brand that understands the skincare needs of both men and women. Recently, the skin gurus at the iconic brand have launched the Maximum Hydrator for men  ($46.00), which hydrates the skin for an astonishing 24 hours due to its highly activated water-gel concentrate. It tightens and firms the skin while minimizing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s formulated for all skin types and is 100% fragrance free. Apply to face in the morning and evening.

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Esquire Grooming

Since 1933, Esquire Grooming has been a leader in men’s grooming and styling tools. Known for their high-performance Thickening Creams, Firm Gels, and Pomades, Esquire understands life is hectic and complicated enough for our dads, and that his grooming and styling regimen shouldn’t be.

Esquires 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash ($17.50) is guaranteed to save your dad a few extra minutes in the morning before his important meeting. Fragranced with Oud, this multifunctional wash cleans and moisturizes the skin without leaving a heavy or oily residue after use. This 3-in-1 time saver is also a perfect companion for after the gym or a quick get-away to the cottage.

Esquire grooming products and tools can be found at

Philips Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

Unfortunately, there comes a time in every man’s life where general grooming will reach far beyond styling the beard and shaving the face. Dads of a certain age can all attest that eventually hair will begin to grow in the most unfortunate of places. From pesky ear and nose hair to unruly eyebrows, the Philips Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer ($19.99) allows for painless and easy hair removal due to its advanced ProtecTube technology and angled design.

Find this product at

Conair Even Cut: Cordless Circular Haircut Kit

With his fast paced and hectic lifestyle, there is bound to be a time when dad needs a quick touch-up between barber visits. The Conair Even Cut ($49.99) gives a straight even cut every time without the fuss. This cordless little wonder, with its unique rotating blades and easy to use design, allows for easy cutting along the sides and back of the head. Perfect for the classic military cut or other tightly cropped hairstyles.

The Conair Even Cut can be found online at

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Backstage With American Crew At Toronto Men’s Fashion Week

TEXT Alexander Sauve

I had the chance to get backstage at Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (TOM*) and speak with American Crew All-Star Mary Cassola. She shares her insight on the latest hairstyle trends for F/W 2017, the 90s hair reboot seen at the collections this year, and what the future holds for the iconic brand.

Alexander Suave: What is the hottest style trend for guys F/W 2017?

Mary Ca: What we are doing for F/W 2017 is more of a textured look but with a natural finish. We are seeing a lot of shine in the hair. We are also using a lot of the American Crew Heavy Hold Pomade ($21.95). Although the pomade has a strong finish and hold to it, the hair remains pliable for that separated but sculpted look.

AS: For men’s fashion week, what is the most dominant hair trend this year?

MC: The dominant look this year is very 90s inspired. On the first day we were doing hair with middle parts to it. Hair that falls naturally, but still has some classic shape to it. But the main thing we have seen this year is texture. It’s not overly sculpted, but appears more broken in texture, which has been pretty consistent throughout all the shows. As with our first designer today Kenneth Barlas, he just wanted that American Crew classic look. If you were to watch his show, you would think you were also watching an American Crew classic presentation.

AS: Where do you see men’s hair trends going in the future?

MC: We are definitely seeing length. And it’s going to get longer. American Crew is a classic company. The very foundation of what the company started doing was that very classic and clean look. That tapered, short look will always remain popular. But as far as trends go, we are definitely seeing longer hair come into play.

AS: What are the most popular American Crew products?

MC: As far as American Crew is concerned, we tend to keep our [grooming] line considerably small. The products that we keep in our line are the ones we use a considerable amount of. All of our products are popular, but right now, any of the products that add shine to the hair. Our Grooming Cream ($21.95), the Classical Pomade ($21.95) or our American Crew Heavy Hold Pomade ($21.95) are really going to be quite popular for that ultimate finished look.  

AS: What’s in store for American Crew and American Crew products?

MC: An entire generation of men has grown up with American Crew and American Crew products. Because we started as a classic company years ago, we now have customers and clients who have followed us for generations. We have a full spectrum of men who we can relate to, and of course, there is always every new generation.  The future of American Crew is always going to be we are classic company, but are always going to be in line with what’s happening next. We have always been a leader in men’s fashion and grooming because we are in tune with the current trends and are dedicated to giving the stylists the tools they need to give men the look and style they want.

AS: Tell me about the energy this year back stage at TOM?

MC: The energy at Toronto’s Men’s Fashion Week is great! It’s been a lot of fun working with the designers. They are right in line with what American Crew is currently doing with our Americana Collection. The hair is natural, with a lot shine to it, but still has that length to it, so it been really great and exciting to work with everyone this year.  

American Crew products can be found in fine salons and online at