Rosa Athena

On Thursday August 28th, 2014 we had the pleasure of viewing custom dresses at One King West as we previewed Rose Athena’s debut collection. Bushra Dirir and Lily Wong co-founded Rose Athena, a newly launched e-boutique specializing in customizable dresses for stylish women. All the dresses are from pima cotton in Peru. The cotton originates from Peru and is exclusively grown there. It is a longer fiber, which makes it very soft. If you play around with the website there are 2500 different options for potential dresses.

How did the Rose Athena collection come about?

Lily and I (Bushra) had social events to go to.  We were looking for dresses and we found ourselves spending countless hours shopping and we couldn’t find the dress that we exactly wanted.

We found dresses that we liked, but we wished we could change the neckline or the sleeve length or the hemline, or even the colour of the dress, so we created our own customizable dress line.

Who is the average Rose Athena customer?

I guess it could be anybody. What we had in mind was people around our age, mid 20’s to mid 40’s. Our customer is the woman who doesn’t really have time to go shopping necessarily; she has kids and she wants something classic, and the ability to personalize it to suit her fashion sense.

And how does the site work?

You go to the site, and we have a made-to-order section. Basically, we have classical silhouettes and you have the opportunity to personalize.  You can select what silhouette you want and then select what waist option you want, what sleeve length you want, what neckline, what backline, what colour etc. Once you make your selection you’re able to see how your dress will look. The sizing ranges from extra small to extra large. We have a sizing chart available as well as videos to show you how to measure yourself. Once you select your item, it takes 10 business days from order to delivery.

How does Rose Athena differ from other e-boutiques?

So most e-boutiques or e-commerce companies give you ready-to-wear dresses. With other brands, you don’t have the opportunity to customize or personalize what makes you feel comfortable. So Rose Athena is different in that sense, so you can have that ability to change the neckline, change the sleeve-line, pick your colour and it’s something that you designed and you can see how is dress looks, where other e-commerce sites and e-boutiques do not offer that unique element.

What are the different styles customers can choose from?

The wrap dresses are coming out at the end of September and then the strapless; I guess they are also called tube dresses as well. The A-line and the chic dresses are solids and they have the stripes. For the wrap dresses we have a pattern, the black and white pattern and otherwise the two solid colours.