OTHERWORLD: Karen Silver’s Debut Exhibit

It was a wet and foggy night; the perfect atmosphere to check out Karen Silver’s debut photography exhibit hosted at the Urban Gallery, which is located on Queen St. East and Parliament.

Silver’s photography exhibit OTHERWORLD is exactly that, another world.  At first glance, you think you’ve seen the photograph in all its entirety, until you take another look and notice something new that makes the image that much more breathtaking. Each photograph comes to life and reveals an alternate reality that is mesmerizingly majestic.

My experience when first observing the exhibit had me explore my fear of the unknown, an unnerving realm to tackle. Then I discovered that there are many layers of imagery and each photograph contains its own magic. After talking to Silver about her photos, the underlying message resonates to all of us about ‘finding our own artistry and the magic that is within us all’.

OTHERWORLD can be seen from now until November 29, 2014 at Urban Gallery, 400 Queen Street East, Toronto.

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