Do you have hair down there that you want to demolish instantly? Or hair anywhere on your body that needs to go? Well there are so many salons in the city that offer waxing services, but none like the one I’m about to share with you all.

Fuzz Wax Bar is Toronto’s very first wax only service. They don’t do nails, or hair, just waxing! This unique vision was established by two entrepreneurs, Jessie and Florence. They took this innovative idea and brought it to the GTA, to make your waxing experience, simple, quick, and as pain free as possible.

I had the opportunity to interview both women on their growing establishment, and got deep into the root (no pun intended) on what Fuzz Wax Bar is all about.

Flo and Jessie 2015

How exactly did you come up with the concept of Fuzz Wax Bar ?

Fuzz Wax Bar was a concept that started when Flo and I were clients in the industry, and we realized that the concept didn’t exist. There were brow bars, and nail bars, and lash bars, and hair extension bars, but there wasn’t a wax bar. So after doing a little bit of research, we realized that the wax bar concept existed in Europe, and there were very successful waxing chains in the States. We were both doing freelance work, so after talking to each other, Flo had just actually moved form France. She lived here for about a week, and then she met me. She was asking me for a place to go for a wax, and I was never really satisfied with where I was going. It  would either take too long to get a Brazilian Wax, and it would cost so much money. So I actually had no place to refer her to, as someone who was new in town. So after talking to each other about this concept that we were familiar with, we actually started spending a little bit more time doing marketing research, and started creating a brand, and a concept,  and were driven to bring this new concept to Toronto. We opened up Toronto’s first waxing only salon in February 2012.


It is said on your site that the average wax in the city takes 45 minutes. How long does the average wax take at Fuzz Wax Bar?

Yes, so actually to your first question, that was one of the main reasons why I wasn’t personally happy with where I was going for a wax. The average wax does take 45 mintues. So when we were building our motto, we knew that was very important to what we’re creating, and that’s why we created speedy waxing methods at Fuzz. So our Brazilian Wax, which is our most popular wax, takes 20 minutes max. It doesn’t matter who the client is—if you haven’t  shaved, or if you haven’t maintained the area, if you come into Fuzz Wax Bar, you are going to be in and out in 20 minutes or less. If you’re an average waxer, and you’re routinely waxing, then that time can go anywhere from 15 to 10. But we put speedy waxing methods in place. At Fuzz Wax Bar we have a, “fuzz way of doing everything.”  So we have the Fuzz Brazilian, and the Fuzz Manzilian, and the Fuzz Brows. We train our staff on doing speed waxing.

What would you say is the biggest barrier that differentiates your business with other wax businesses in the city?

I think the fact that we opened up Toronto’s first wax bar has given us an edge, because it’s established us as the leaders in the industry. When we opened up Fuzz Wax Bar in 2012, nobody knew what the concept was, and they couldn’t resonate with the idea of a wax bar because it didn’t exist. So we sort of helped train and build a mentality in Toronto about what a wax bar is. But other than that, I would have to say our methods. The way that we do all our services, and how fast we are at Fuzz, and the quality product that we use to perform our services, are definitely a couple of the key factors.

What are all of the services that are offered, and which is the most requested?

We do full body waxing, so everything from brows, down to your toes. So full body waxing for men and females. For guys, we don’t do the face or anything, but for women, definitely Brazilian is our number one. And for men it’s back and chest.


I have read that a service offered is called the Vajacial. Can you take me through the steps of getting one?

The Vajacial is a treatment that we launched six months ago, and basically it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a facial for your vagina, and the reason why we introduced this treatment is because we noticed that based on the Fuzzologist feedback, (Fuzzologists are the girls that perform the services at Fuzz) and our clients feedback, there were a lot of clients that were experiencing a lot of issues down there— acne, ingrown hairs, and irritation. So the Vajacial helps calm and soothe any sort of irritation that you may have. As well, after the irritation leaves the skin, some people suffer from dark spots on the skin, which is very common. So we established the Vagacial to help treat all of these issues. It’s a five step procedure and we start with gently cleansing the area with a wipe, and then we put on our skin protector body scrub. We lightly exfoliate the area, and then we use an extraction to extract any hairs that are trapped under the skin.  Then we use a high pulse light, that kills any sort of bacteria and prevents the further growth of the ingrown hairs within the skin. And then we apply our V-Mask, which is actually a product that we also created, on the skin, and then we moisturize. We actually created a product line, and we use our personal product line for every step of the Vajacial.


Not only does Fuzz Wax Bar offer waxing services, but it also offers a variety of products. What are some products that are really popular with your clients?

So the products that are the most popular would definitely be our own personal product line that we just developed. We were never too keen on selling a lot of products, unless they made sense to waxing. Because we are a wax bar, it is very important that everything is for pre and post wax care. So we spent a few years developing a product line, that now is by far, the most popular because they’re products with a purpose. Everything that our clients need in order to support themselves, before and after the wax, our product line takes care of. So we have our Skin Perfecting Body Scrub. Then we have our V-Mask, which is Canada’s first mask for the Vagina. Then we have our lotion, and with every wax, we put a lotion on the skin, and we just bottled that because there was a high demand on it. So the products that are most popular, are definitely our own product line.

Monthly memberships are also offered. How does one become a member, and what are the benefits?

One can become a member by signing up online. But we always suggest that if you haven’t visited the wax bar, that you come in, and you experience a treatment with us at Fuzz before you sign up to become a member. Or you can purchase one the day of your wax. How they work is that, we have different tiers depending on what our clients needs are. We designed the membership so that we can give our clients the motivation to come back for routine waxing. With waxing, it’s the type of service that you have to get done on a regular basis in order to get the full benefits. Our clients get up to 50% off on their waxing, and if they get additional services, they also get deeper discounts. They get a free birthday wax, and we partner with different brands monthly, to offer different perks and incentives.


Do you plan on expanding the business more throughout the GTA?

Yes. So we have four corporate locations in Toronto. We have our Queen West, our Bloor, our Leslieville, and Young and Eglinton. And then we actually just sold our first franchisee that is going to be opening up in Whitby, March 2016. We stopped growing corporately, so that we can focus on the franchise model of our business now. We’re hoping to open up in the West Coast and the East Coast, and even in the States eventually.

What tips would you give to a first time waxer? Pre-wax and post-wax.

Pre-wax would definitely be to let the hair grow because a lot of people are really uncertain about the length of the hair. They don’t know if it’s going to be too short or too long, and usually when people are first time waxers, they were shavers before. So the problem is that their hairs are way too thin. We say, let it grow, and if it’s too long, don’t worry about it. We’ll trim you up, we’ll take care of everything when you come into the wax bar. So definitely don’t worry about length, and give yourself about two to three full weeks for hair growth before you come into your appointment. And then about a week prior to your appointment, start exfoliating the area pretty regularly. Either every single day, in the morning or at night, or every other day, just to break that skin to make sure the hair is coming out, and no ingrown hairs are going to form. Then post-wax, no shower, sauna, workout, yoga, at least 24 hours, just to let your skin settle down. The pores are now exposed after a wax, so you want to give them a solid 24 hours to close back up, and just make sure the redness is gone. Then after that, just continue exfoliating regularly and moisturizing the skin regularly.


Do you have any horror waxing stories that you have encountered with clients?

No, not at Fuzz. We have clients that come in and have had a lot of issues, and one of the things that we do is we use a hard wax. So it’s a very high in quality product, and it’s a gel based wax that goes on the skin. It adheres to the hair, but not the skin. And that helps with not irritating the skin, and not burning or ripping. It’s great for sensitive clients. So people that we see that have had horror stories at other salons, it’s usually because those salons are not using the proper wax, or a nice high quality wax. But we’ve done everything we can to not have those stories happen.