How to Surprise Him for Valentine’s Day Like a Pro

TEXT: Peter Minkoff

Whether you see it as the most romantic day of the year or simply as an opportunity to go on a fun date with your darling, Valentine’s Day undoubtedly puts some pressure on us. Where to go, what to do, what to get as a gift? Will they like it? It doesn’t help that most people are full of ‘helpful’ advice such as “A nice surprise for a guy? Just get naked!” Yes, sure, that’s the goal for the night at some point, but how do you make it a little more… special? Well, we’ve got a few tips that will help you out with that.

The two of you, a small cozy cabin at a fancy resort, no clothes, and plenty of champagne. We’re sure you can fill in the rest yourself, darlings. Book a trip and surprise him over the Valentine’s Day dinner. Whisper to him about what you plan to do when you get there and see his cheeks turn red as you give him a knowing little smirk.

If your man works hard and feels a little too stressed for your liking, a spa day will be a godsend for him. Long, relaxing massages at spa center, scented oils, soothing music, maybe some pampering skin treatments – guys love being taken care of! Put a gift card for a spa in his hands and let him come back happy and refreshed. Want a cool alternative? Organize a spa day at home and you do all the pampering (while wearing your skimpiest outfit, preferably).

Go all in and make an unforgettable dinner at home. Pick a theme for the evening and decorate your home. You don’t even have to cook – hire a catering service and let them prepare you a table full of tasty, exotic food. Light candles and play some soft music to set the mood, then start the evening off with delicious cocktails. Grab some good gin and make him an unforgettable Tom Collins which you will serve with a naughty smile and a promise that this night will just keep getting better. A dinner like this is a way to pleasure all his senses, to really let him experience something incredible.

Giving flowers to a guy is far less unusual than you think. What, you think that a giant bouquet of fragrant roses isn’t a gorgeous sight for anyone to see? It’s a sweet, thoughtful gift that will make them feel touched, but if you want an alternative you could get him a potted plant. It will brighten his home and make him remember you each time he sees it.

Sure, you can buy chocolate, but making personalized chocolate bars is far more fun and it really shows that you care. Use molds to make heart-shaped chocolates with sweet messages written on them, then serve it in a big box with a colorful bow. If he’s a geek, why not make him chocolates with motifs from his favorites show, book, or movie? It shows that you know him really well.

In a relationship, it’s the little things that matter. Grand romantic gestures are something we see in Hollywood movies and come to expect from our partners, but in truth it’s more about everyday things. A little note in his wallet with a simple “I love you.” Getting up early to prepare him breakfast. A cold glass of beer and a plate of nachos as you snuggle up on the couch to watch Netflix. If you and your partner aren’t particularly romantic and you don’t like pomp, these are great alternatives. Just small, thoughtful details that will make his heart melt for you.

You know your guy best, so trust your own instincts when deciding on a gift. We’ve just given you some great guidelines, and all you need to do is personalize them to suit his taste and you’re good to go! We wish you a romantic, love-filled Valentine’s Day, and plenty of sexy moments to come.