How To Maximize Your Space In Your Urban Apartment


In Toronto, our living spaces are small, so we have to make the best of a tight situation, and attempting to fit our necessities in our spaces and eliminating clutter, while still creating our own individual havens is a feat. Here are some tips that will help you utilize the space in your homes to their full potential.

1. Think tall. Shelves that are high as opposed to wide will eliminate clutter, as well, they can act as a divider between living quarters. High shelving units also draw the eyes upward and give the illusion of high ceilings, and therefore, give the illusion of a larger space.


Another option is to build hanging shelves or counters into your walls, eliminating extra furniture and creating more storage.


2. Avoid purchasing large furniture, even if you enjoy it in the store. Be realistic about how much space you can afford to sacrifice for a couch or bed, because there is a fine line between cozy and cramped.



3. The sun is your friend. By choosing a paint colour that is light and fresh, it will make your space feel larger when the sun shines in; as well, be sure the choose light drapery to let the sun in and to keep the window space clear of clutter.


4. By strategically placing mirrors throughout your apartment, it makes the space appear wider and roomier.


5. Hidden storage units, whether they are under the bed, within the island, or under your desk, will save you precious space, and will act as a talking point when showing your home to guests.


6. Each piece in your apartment should be multifunctional. Whether it is your coffee table which doubles as a desk and storage hub, or your bed which doubles as a wardrobe, each piece should be useful.


7. Avoid clutter. It seems easy to say, but in practice it is harder to follow. It is important to have unique pieces throughout your place to make it authentically yours, but by strategically grouping them together, it keeps the space from becoming overwhelming and keeping harmony within the room.