Get High Fashion Fall Ready With Levi’s!

Levi’s has long been the leader in denim clothing and denim innovation. Which is why it’s been able to not only climb to the top of the denim industry over its long illustrious history, but also remain the most trustworthy staple brand within it. This season, Levi’s has introduced an extensive collection of the brand’s classic silhouettes, new innovative altered collections, and customizable jackets that are sure to impress and inspire the people around you.

The Perfect Fall Trucker

With unisex and all-gender clothing becoming one of the biggest trends in the last few seasons, it’s definitely the perfect time to pick up one of Levi’s stunning and functional trucker jackets. The lined Sherpa coats are perfect for the fall months — its warm lining will keep you comfy right up until the snow starts falling. However, the best part of the new collection is the customizable embroidery one can have done on them, and it’s available at any of Levi’s new Tailor Shops in the GTA. Anything from patchwork to hem distressing is available through the skilled hands of Levi’s ateliers.

The Perfect Fall Skinny

Skinny jeans and tight fighting trousers are practically a basic clothing item in anyone’s wardrobe these days, with not much change in their look and style. But Levi’s is out to change that this season. With a wide variety 700, 300, and 500 series, as well as various seasonal fit style skinny jeans available for fall, there is no doubt that anyone can find a pair of skinny jeans with the right style, length, and fit for their wardrobe. From mile high high-waisted skinnies to distressed and richly coloured jeans, Levi’s offers silhouettes that are relevant and fashion forward. For a complete look, try a pair a light Sherpa trucker with a dark coloured skinny or a black trucker with a light coloured jean for extra pop and colour play!

The Perfect Fall Showstopper

One of the most exciting collections Levi’s is offering this season is its Altered collection, which features expertly tailored and reworked denim pieces that add a lot of high fashion flair to the everyday denim piece. All of the pieces in the collection are made from either vintage Levi’s or contemporary collections that have essentially been taken apart and put back together in innovative and stylish ways. Think Margiela deconstruction for the everyday denim piece. And who wouldn’t want a one-of-a-kind Canadian Tuxedo for fall?

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