Shayne Gray

As a child, Shayne Gray learned from his parents how to look at and love art. An SLR was the first camera he got the chance to use and soon he started to feel curious about the huge range of creative possibilities that photography offers.

As life would have it, his passion for music brought him to Europe where he got his Master’s in music in Cologne, Germany, where he worked for about seven years. Now, as a creative portrait photographer, Shayne admits to feel very thankful for everything he learned during is career as a musician.

Shayne enjoys the feeling of being challenged, which, certainly, is what makes everything more interesting. In his own words: ‘All the things that keep it most interesting are all the same things that keep it so challenging’.

Daring, creative, curious, passionate, funny, different, and surprising. Shayne has a little bit of everything and so it does his signature as a photographer.


Collaboration with Anna Fora, image 6

Maida Ghide – Designer

Gillian Yan-Wen C – Female Model

Hamid Rk – Male Model

Billy Lee – Assistant Photographer

Brian Simon – BTS Video / Assistant#2


Image 7

Makeup: Veronica Arreaza

Hair: Bene Pham