Rescue Sonnet

“My love shall in verse ever live young”

Sonnet 19

This universe reigns because we are all stars.

Clothing available at 102 Ossington Avenue, Toronto, Canada. Models: Siovan (Plutino Group), James Taylor (Next Models),Hair + Make-Up: Claudine Baltazar. Camera: Jayson Gallop, DOP/Designer: Manuela Nudo. Producer: Terry Lau. Left page: Italian sequenced high waisted wide leg trousers: designed by Manuela; stitched by Sarah Donofrio, Toronto, Canada. Vintage Fur provided by Francesca Zanone. Jewelry: Vintage Mod Earrings, with pearl ring. This page: Vintage beaded top from Hollywood, California. Ladybug vintage gold plated drop belt. Vest provided by Sydney’s, 682 Queen Street West, Toronto, Canada. Assistant to Director: Ziyu Fifo Shi. Photographed at The Great Hall, 1087 Queen Street West, Toronto, Canada.


Sonnet 19: William Shakespeare