Miss Damassia If You Are Nasty

“Nasty woman,” What is about this new found saying that’s caused women around the world to reclaim it as something positive? There could be a thousand explanations for the phrase being reclaimed, but the most prevalent of these has to be that behind the initial negativity intended with the phrase, lies a roar and fury of female independence, empowerment, and opposition unlike anything seen in recent times.

If we break it down, a nasty woman​ doesn’t followers the rules of “a man’s world.” She carves her own path, choosing to create her own story, rather than follow the story society has prewritten for her.

For her, the world’s rules are vague guidelines, not canon gospel. She’s independent, she’s her own Alpha and Omega. When she speaks, you’ll listen. That’s what defines a nasty woman in a society hellbent on silencing those that just recently were given a chance to speak.

At DAMASSIA, the image of an empowered warrior spirit is shockingly evident. Between the stark Queenly whites and bold fuschias. The sensual silhouettes and powerful gowns. DAMASSIA encompasses what it is to be an unapologetic​ and fiercely independent woman in today’s world. A woman who isn’t afraid to show the everyone that she can be sexy for herself, and not for a man. A woman that sees the world for what it is, and challenges the status quo with her brilliant mind and soul. And for that, we salute her.

Text by: Chris Zaghi

Photographer: Yannick Gauthier
Art Director: Terry Lau
Model: Amanda Sheppard (Spot 6)
Hair: Danny Fortunato
MUA: Tamar Cox
Fashion Editor: Drew Brown
Assistants: Meg Summers, Chris Zaghi, Hoon Ji
Layout Design: Michelle Cheung
All clothing by DAMASSIA www.damassia.com