LongBoard Living

Longboard Living is a branded lifestyle specialty shop in Kensington Market that caters to skateboarders of all skill levels and riding styles.

A passion project started by Ryan rubin in 2008 to introduce new riders to longboarding by creating an atmosphere for the culture to grow. Today the shop at augusta & Baldwin has a curated selection of essential skateboards, trucks, wheels, accessories, safety gear and apparel.

Over the years ryan and his team grew a streamlined business both in store and online through their service, sales and consumer experience. Weekly group rides around Toronto and private lessons allow skaters to connect and move quickly through the learning curve. Their in shop brand, Merka Boards is becoming a preferred brand by riders in the city because these Canadian Maple drop decks are low, stiff, stable and complete for a competitive price.

Art Direction: Terry Lau
Photography: Chris Smart
Fashion Editors: Drew Brown & Celia Fernandez
Makeup Artist: Tamar Cox
Assistants: sasha Xiao, Lauren Martin
Models: Eric, Ryan and Sophie

Merka Boards Earth Complete available at Longboard Living
Dom Sebastian Jurrassic Marble tee, available at Soop Soop
Pants by Publish, available at Parloque.com
Sneakers by Lacoste