The Powerful & The Sensual

Xiomara Creighton founded KuYah (which means “look here” in Jamaican patois) in 2013 to celebrate her transition to Toronto from Kingston, Jamaica. Her accessory-based designs — which include a collection of body chains, scarves and makeup bags — add Toronto’s sense of urban sophistication to the flashiness of Jamaican dance halls and reggae culture.

At Novella, the pieces reminded us of the 90s, when the original Supermodels ruled the catwalk and Versace was synonymous with the ultimate woman. Our KuYah woman evokes the sexuality of Naomi, Cindy, Claudia, and Christy. She holds dominion over everyone in her path, while weakening her suitors and enemies alike with her sensuality. She plays the roles of both the powerful warrior and the serene temptress. Each piece’s uniquness gives our KuYah woman empowered freedom of expression. She’s not like anyone you’ve seen before, and she revels in it.

Text: Isabel Mundigo-Moore
Art Direction: Terry Lau
Photographer: Tanvi Madkaiker
Hair: Daniel Fortunato
Makeup Artist: Tamar Cox
Models: India Groundwater (Ciotti Models), Jerrell Blake
Wardrobe Assistant: Isabel Mundigo-Moore
Fashion Editor: Drew Brown