Goble Warming

This Fall, the GOBLE woman walks confidently on the line between fierce explorer and majestic creative.

With a keen eye for fine details, be it in a flash of pink lining beneath her hand-knit cap or the intricate cable wool print on her silk scarf, she has a curiosity for her Canadian roots. She boldly explores mountains, draped in sumptuous layers of merino wool, alpaca, and luxurious furs. She hikes her Canadian forests in artisan-crafted knit scarves that reflect the diverse landscape of her country. In this vast exploration of her land, she wears GOBLE’s Fall 2016 collection, because it embodies the quiet strength, enduring quality, and artistic integrity of Canada’s glorious natural world.

Text: Isabel Mundigo-Moore
Art Direction: Terry Lau
Photographer: Yannick Alain Gauthier
Fashion Editor: Drew Brown
Hair Stylist: Daniel Fortunato
Assistant Hair Stylist: Zack Savage
Makeup Artist: Jenelle Forde
Models: Ziyu B (Spot 6), Cassandra & Alyssa Z (Elmer Olsen)
Wardrobe Assistants: Isabel Mundigo-Moore, Ryan Wohlgemut