Fashion Royalty

Constantly evolving and moving, Toronto is at the epicenter of haute fashion, evoking simplicity, sophistication and elegance back into style. Designers Hoax Couture, L’momo, RokCork and retailer Fawn unite in this artvertorial with crisp lines and bold cuts at the prestigious historic Windsor Arms Hotel. Fawn, a chic boutique at Queen and Shaw, is a fashion-forward destination for vintage pieces and local designs. Owned and operated by Kasha Bilobram, clothing is sourced from New York City, Tokyo, and Sweden.

L’momo is a fashion line curated by Toronto designer Muhammad Alamgir; inspired by street-wear culture, the line gravitates toward strong and independent women with a classy touch. Bringing everything together, the team of Jim Searle and Chris Tyrell from Hoax Couture added in a spark of glam with refined details and craftsmanship. RokCork is an upscale accessories company delivering high end cork products from Portugal where it is a sustainable industry in their culture.


Creative Direction: Terry Lau

Producer: Heli Prajapati

Photographer: Jayson Gallop

Hair + Make-up:
Adriano Morassut & Tamar Cox

Styling: Dorci Molnar
Prop Styling: Heli & Lilia

Models: Stacey McKenzie, Jess, Caitlin & Brad from the Plutino Group


Stacey’s Dresses by L’momo (tea room & dressing room) & Hoax Couture (royal portrait).

Jess & Caitlin’s outfits by Fawn Boutique

Brad: Golden Jacket & Shorts from L’momo, Black pants from Cabaret Vintage Toronto, Velvet suit jacket from Ted Baker London, Black shoes from Simon Carter.

Accessories: Rings & Watches — Thomas Sabo, Elle Hard Hardware, The Huntress Collection, Cabaret Vintage Toronto, and H&M, Shoes: Jimmy Choo/David’s Footwear, Nando Muzi, Zara & Aldo, Handbags & Umbrella: RokCork.