Electric Kid

This season, Novella takes inspiration from the newness of the time of year, the power that change has to lift spirits and grow new goals- the electricity in Spring.

It is the time for fresh ideas and energy- showing bright, statement colours and pieces of different proportions to create movement. Toronto based designer Joao Paulo Guedes was first on our list to include in these looks as his pieces are vibrant and celebratory of both the strength and elasticity of the human body. Our model, Adam DeSouza embodies the energy that we intend to convey, which was illuminated when learning of his Muay Thai background. If you look closely, Adam’s passion for mixed martial arts shows throughout the images as he reinstates movement and strength while wearing these bold pieces. Our sentiment is for vibrance and energy; brought through simplicity. Be vibrant this season. Take risks. Have confidence. BE ELECTRIC.


TEXT: Meg Summers


Photographer: Nixon
Model: Adam DeSouza
Stylist: Meg Summers
Hair: Danny Fortunato
MUA: Tamar Cox
Fashion Editor: Drew Brown