The trio behind Daniel Christian Tang (DCT) each bring a fresh and immensely unique set of skills which ranges from BioChemistry and Architecture to Material Sciences and Art to their 3D printed Jewelry brand.

During their years as Architecture Graduate students at University of  Toronto, they developed a curiosity towards design in all disciplines and to really explore how new technology was changing our perception of what was possible in terms of architectural and industrial design. Having access to state of the art 3D printers and cutting edge CNC machines allowed DCT to refine an interest in exploring design in everything from furniture to jewelry. The idea of being able to translate architectural design into a wearable art form was fascinating and opened their minds to endless possibilities.


DCT see themselves as designers and innovators in the purest form and hope to see their brand grow as a global competitor in the luxury goods market. View Daniel Christian Tang full line of 3D printed jewelry, visit their website at www.danielchristiantang.com



Art Director: Margie Miller

Photographer: Hiep Vu

MUA: Heather Hollet French

Hair: Daniel Fortunato

Model: Sifuni (Angie’s AMTI)

Assistant: Sasha Perdomo

Fashion Director: Drew Brown

Assistant: Louis Au

Digital retouching: Dave Jackson @ Image Refinery

Title Design: Ioulia Iakounina


The HIVE and GRID bangles stacked in various sizes and available in gold, rose gold and sterling silver 


The Grid necklace is a 3D printed jewlery piece made from 18K Gold finished


RIGHT: The HIVE necklace is a 3D printed jewelry piece shown here in sterling silver. 


The HIVE cuff is a 3D printed jewelry piece made from 18K Gold finished and sterling silver. 


The GRID ring is gold, rose gold, and sterling silver are perfect to stack.