ZIN – Extraordinary Denim, made Extraordinarily

ZIN is a happy marriage of form and function.

Even in the middle of fashion’s sparkly courtship with the tech industry, ZIN stands out for its quiet specificity — dedication to making a technology-backed, safety-focused motorcycle wear.

There are no gimmicks here, no flashy indicators of a future neon-city, or a grave metaphor for the runway. Just demonstrably true practicality weaved — seamlessly — with denim aesthetics. There’s more than what meets the eye in the subtle technology of ZIN, though what does indeed meet the eyes are something detailed and rough, beautiful.

That a true protective gear should not only be wearable but also desirable and fashionable is such a simple idea that one would think it obvious. But the technical details that make wearing denim on a motorcycle going down a freeway something outside of a daredevil’s purview came after years of trials, errors, and detours.

ZIN Motowear was created by George Rabuzin, Mike Mulik, and Stephanie McNeil who is the creative lead of the brand that went behind the scenes of the behind the scenes of the textile industry to make it all happen. Finding Dyneema, the luxury brand name for ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene, was like a deus-ex-machina – a powerful fiber with a higher yield strength than that of high-strength steel became commercially available for the first time in the middle of ZIN’s search.

In other words, just as they were thinking of a way to make denim withstand a reasonable amount of damage in the case of an accident, a fiber that elevates denim into what one would have dreamed of as an imaginative sci-fi reader: ordinary clothes, extraordinary powers.

But that was just the start. Gaining access to Dyneema, traveling all over the world to find factories equipped and willing — both with machines and do-or-die commitment to craft — to work with Dyneema, testing out samples, and an array of details had to come first before the obvious idea became a real product.

ZIN’s form and function went through what can only be described as a saga before it ended up a cohesive whole. So, perhaps it is not true that all happy families are the same. Not all families can claim ZIN credentials of getting the best of both worlds, of both having and eating the cake, merging the yin and yang, or any other supposedly impossible feats.

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