Five lessons to learn from Quebec street style

Paris may be the fashion capital of the world, but Quebec, the little sister of the chicest European city, definitely has her own charm and uniqueness.

It is so easy to fall under the spell of Quebec city, from the European architecture with splashes of colour, to the modern boutiques and sidewalk cafes. And, of course, the street style. The Quebecois citizens truly bring their own interpretation and their own individuality to what we call Parisian style.

The local fashionistas juggle between the effortless elegant style of the French women to the practical approach that resemble the typical Canadian women. The fashion scene in Quebec is pulling from two directions, Europe and North America, and that’s what makes it so special.

Photo Credit: Dentelle Et Fleurs


We thought it would be great to share some of the eclectic style, blended with electric cool elements, of the Quebecois woman:

Push the boundaries

The cosmopolitan city, which is influenced by both the French and American cultures, creates a unique style. The street style in Quebec is full of stylish girls who are known for their creativity and their mix and match approach, in the way they are dressing up. To adopt their boldness attitude, don’t be afraid to introduce colours or different patterns unexpectedly in your daily routine.

Photo Credit: Alex Closet

Learn the art of layering

Whatever Mother Nature throws at you, the typical Quebecois girl has developed excellent skills that make her the queen of layering. She knows how to layer in style throughout the day, so the craziness of the weather will not come to her as a surprise. To adopt this attitude choose the layers piece wisely, a classy trench coat or basic cardigan in neutrals colours that can be worn frequently. Try to combine between simple pieces and play up with patterns and different lengths

Photo Credit: Dynamite clothing (Julia Mateian)


Take it easy

The Quebecois appreciate the value of timeless pieces that are well fitted. Keep your look simple with a classic silhouette without being skin-tight. The keywords are sophistication and elegant blended with confidence and boldness, but keep in mind that looking chic doesn’t mean overdressing or revealing too much skin. Think somewhere between effortless chic that meets street look.

Photo Credit: Montreal In Style


Bring on the hipsters

Urban hipsters, androgyny and edgy are some of the words to describe the style and the fashion culture both in Montreal and Quebec City. They have the ability to take a bunch of individual components and mix them together. Be it vintage with designer pieces, or feminine with masculine elements, try bringing on your edgy grungy side with boy style dress shirts, oxford shoes and a cool hat.

Photo Credit: Lou Lou Magazine (Cœur de pirate)


Accessories it

The Quebec woman knows how to maintain a sense of confidence in her appearance. She is aware that attention to details is what make her look stands out, by building her outfit around some staple pieces. For instance, you can wear a white t-shirt, black jacket and skinny jeans with a pop of colour like a bold scarf, red lipstick or statement necklace. The entire concept however, is to keep the look simple and not to exaggerate with many accessories at once.

Photo Credit: Montreal In Style (Anik)