First Impressions Review: Fitglow Bio Skin Detox

In the great continuous search for perfect skin, one of the best (or worst) parts is trying different face masks. To me, there’s something really lovely about putting on a face treatment and kicking back. Ideally, this picture in my mind also features me wearing a silk robe and drinking wine, but the reality is sweat shorts and popcorn, probably.

But I digress.

Within the face mask/face treatment world, there are so many different products that can be tried. There are peel-off masks, hardening clay masks, and a personal favourite of mine for the horror factor, the sheet masks that rest on your face and make you look a bit like Michael Myers from Halloween.

The latest place my skincare journey has brought me is to the Bio Skin Detox by Fitglow Beauty, a weekly treatment that is supposed to remove impurities from the skin and make it appear radiant.

Based in Canada, Fitglow’s goal is to create quality beauty products that are vegan, made with natural ingredients and cruelty-free. According to their website, they test product wear in labs, but they also have their staff test their skincare and makeup products by wearing them while they are running, travelling, doing hot yoga or even sitting in a sauna.

I’ve never tried any of their makeup products, but a write-up like that kind of makes me want to. As someone who’s done Bikram yoga, the idea of wearing makeup during that is truly mind-boggling.

However, we’re here to focus on the skin detox.


The detox has two steps, a scrub and a mask, but I was able to obtain a third step, the Fitglow Bliss Oil, which soothes and moisturizes the skin after the detox.

The first step, the scrub, is made with hibiscus, bamboo and raspberry. It’s meant to draw toxins out of the skin and exfoliate. The scrub also contains aloe vera juice to soothe. The consistency of the scrub is jelly-like and you only need a small bit to apply a large area. However, I found once I put it on, it burned my skin slightly.

The Bio Berry Scrub
Bio Berry Scrub

Now, I do have somewhat sensitive skin, and it can react poorly to skincare products like masks that have powerful cleaning properties. I washed the scrub off after only a minute, when the recommended time was “a few minutes.” If you’re like me, and do have sensitive skin, the scrub could cause a similar reaction. Despite the slight discomfort, I couldn’t help but notice the scrub really did do its job. I swear, it wiped out all of the gunk in the pores on my nose. I was left feeling ambivalent about the scrub: good product, not so good personal reaction.

After my experience with the scrub, I was apprehensive to try the mask. I was worried it would irritate my skin after the previous reaction. I carefully put a bit on my chin, but when no tingling or burning sensation came, I applied a layer all over my face.

Bio Detox Mask
Bio Detox Mask

The mask was amazing. It felt really nice on my face, and smelt, expectedly, like fruit. Scent can be a really important thing when it’s the smell of something you put on your face. If you don’t like the smell, you can’t get away from it. The mask smelt wonderful and felt wonderful. It felt luxurious. I left it on for 30 minutes, the higher end of the recommended time in the instructions, and afterwards my skin felt soft and clean.

It’s difficult to tell how much the scrub contributed to that gloriously clean feeling, but at the end of the detox my skin actually felt really good. I was worried about it drying, so I also used the oil. That alone added some more moisture into my skin. After completing the entire process, my face was so smooth that I made my roommate feel it, much to her dismay.

Bliss Oil
Bliss Oil

Now I can praise these products to the high heavens for how nice my skin felt after the first treatment, but that was only the first. Truth is, I didn’t see that much of a difference in my skin after that first day. It’s possible that you never see much of a change after the fact, and the cleanse just keeps your skin balanced. It’s also possible I will see a change if I keep doing the cleanse, but as this is only a first impressions review, I can’t report on that.

What I can do is give a judgement of how I found the products after a single use. Since this is a weekly detox, I wasn’t about to try doing it every day just for comparison.

I found the packaging charming, so much so that I’ve kept the detox inside its box because I love how they slide out. The product sizes aren’t gigantic, but I was impressed with the use you can get out of a small amount of each item. The scrub, mask and oil all feel high-quality. When you have the products on your skin you can tell they’re well-made. All of the products also had a fruity scent, though if you don’t like the smell of berries it may drive you crazy to have it all over your face.

These are higher-end products. The detox (you have to buy the scrub and mask together) retails for $99 and the oil for $59. I believe the quality of the products matches the price, but this is another situation where you may be able to find something similar for a lower price point. That being said, the substitutes you find may not be organic or vegan. Since there are so many face treatments that do different things and that every face reacts to differently, it’s difficult to guarantee that I could find a treatment that is exactly the same. Trial and error is key for everyone.

In summation, I would recommend the detox to anyone looking for a new deep cleaning treatment who is comfortable with the higher price point. The Bliss Oil isn’t essential to the detox, so I imagine you could substitute a good moisturizer no problem, but it would have to be a very good moisturizer, because the oil has macademia and oil of tamanu. I guarantee I’ll be bringing this bad boy out again in January when my skin is dying from the harsh winds. My overall experience with the detox was enjoyable, and after everything my skin has been through this summer, I’ll definitely be using the detox again to see how it will improve my skin in the long run and prepare me for the cold months ahead.