Fashion House

There’s a new kid on the block, and it is an eye-catching work of art. Located at 560 King Street West in the heart of the fashion district, Fashion House condos stand out against the city lights. Constructed by CORE Architects, along with Freed Developments, its red blinds and stacked building arrangement encompasses a heritage aspect while bringing the history of the old fashion scene into the present.

“The building is a homage to the fashion district, which was really the old garment district,” said Charles Gane, the principal architect at CORE Architects. “The red curtains are a nod to the past and the history of the area.”


In each lobby of the building, Freed collaborated with fashion designers to create murals, which added to the fashion aesthetic of the building. Designers like Smythe, Jay Godfrey, and the Beckermans were able to do something entirely unique, which was to highlight some of these designers’ favourite shoots and runway shows.


Fashion House collectively delivers a snapshot, both outside and in, of fashion and how it changes and shapes the way design and architecture comes together.

“The packaging of the building, the stacked box look, is a good indication of how fashion has impacted the design of the structure,” Gane describes. “Packaging means something.”

In this project, Freed Developments wanted to create a destination in this building. It was also a way for the architects to create a sense of community with a twist of luxury by incorporating retailers such as Her Majesty’s Pleasure, The Keg Steakhouse & Bar, and Wilbur Mexicana, where the occupant of Fashion House can eat, shop and play.


Be sure to visit this exquisite addition to our downtown, and hashtag #FashionHouse and #novellamag.

All photographs courtesy of CORE Architects 2015.