Designer Spotlight: Get With The X(IAN)

Social media might have you believe that the best part about of working in fashion is dressing up and attending events. For us, it’s being apart someone’s journey. We have had the pleasure of working  with Montreal-based designer Xian Wang for several seasons and we are so proud of all of his accomplishments.

We caught up with Xian to learn more about his ss18 collection, what keeps him motivated, and what we can expect from his fashion-forward menswear label.

Photographer: Che Rosales

What was the inspiration behind the ss18 collection?

As XIAN’s goal was to achieve a comfortable ready to wear collection, which is simplistic for the modern man just to pick up and go with other elements in his closet, suitable for our urban city lifestyle. Behind this SS18 Collection [RUSH], my own life is always in flux and states, “with our current environment lives busier, and with such a fast pace, we have to relate our clothes to real life.

When I made this collection, I related this collection to my personal life. I needed my clothes to be functional and keep up with me with coordinating pieces that can work together or separately with other items you own, so there is always functionality in the garments.”

Can you take us through your design process?

I normally start with sketching the silhouettes, just being myself and feeling the mood. One thing I find interesting is that my subconsciousness always plays a big role in my initial designing stage, because so many things happen during each season and I like to see how they transform into clothing. Then from there, I cross check with the current trend to add or eliminate some ideas for the target market, and make sure that they are appealing to my ideal costumers and still have the XIAN’s look.

At this stage, I would finalize a few key items for the collection and come back to make more modifications to create a strong concept and cohesion.

Who is the Xian customer?

XIAN’s customers are the guys and/or girls who have passion for fashion in a metropolitan environment, but at the same time they know well what they are looking for to express their own identity. They want to wear something subtle but luxurious, and dress effortlessly stylish. They are wild at heart, even though some are not working in the creative industries.

XIAN’s products have the characteristics to offer the costumers a day-to-night transition.’”A banker takes off his/her suits and put on XIAN to rock & roll at the underground punk party in Berlin.”

How do you like unwind after each collection and runway show?

Nothing special to be honest. Just take everything as easy as possible, catch up some sleep, watch videos on youtube, play my favourite radio station, and most importantly, enjoy tons delicious food with my loved team and friends.

Fill in the Blank: I cannot live without___________

XIAN (my line, not myself lol)

Photographer: Gabriel Di Sante

As a young Canadian designer, how does it feel to get recognized by international publications like GQ?

It felt like a dream comes true. I always buy British GQ and check that they have in every issue, and finally I see my designs are featured, printed and sold world-wild in 3 monthly issues. I never imaged it, but hey here they are. It also motivates me so much to create more and delivery better and better products in the future. Pressure is on, and I am ready to take it.

Fashion is a tough business, What keeps you motivated?

One is the passion. I remember reading this article, basically it says nothing big comes easy, and we will suffer. If that’s something we love doing truly, we can’t and won’t stop at the suffering stage. To a point we get use to it and it becomes a daily routine. Despite the complains we need to vent once awhile, we will still come back and continue doing the same thing. I love what I am doing, to a point even in my personal life, 90% of the things I do serves a purpose for the brand. I think I am possessed by what I created.

Another one is the people, as the team is growing, more people are putting more effort and time into the brand. I also feel the responsibilities to my team, family, friends, supporters, and fans. They are hoping more from the brand and always here to support. They are happy for me for what XIAN has become, but I know there’s still a big distance to what I wanted it to be. As long as I am capable of designing, I won’t stop no matter how tough it is.

What can we expect for Xian in 2018?

We are planning to get into more retail relocations with more available styles for the current seasons, and to be ready for getting into the bigger market, as well as some extremely exciting collaborations already at the finalizing stage. There are also some potential celebrities wearing XIAN on stage, and so much more. 2018 will be a another great year!