Designer Profile – Sebastian Guarin

Pastel images by Allysandra Cervantes
Marble background images by Tiffany Sin


What inspires you?

My inspiration has always come from an organic place, an emotional place, a reaction to something, or a place. I find that many things inspire my designs, and that I have a great reaction to being inspired when I travel, or remembering a time where I traveled somewhere in the world. It could be a colour, a crack on a wall, the way a palm tree moved, or the way the texture on a feather looks. There is inspiration everywhere you go, and I’m always taking pictures and letting my intuition tell me what I should do next. I also listen to R&B and Hip Hop a lot as my musical inspiration.

What are three words that best describe your design aesthetic?

I would say from the top of my head, design focused, Textile driven, and Fresh

Who is Atelier Guarin woman?

The brand is about the feeling you get when you first see it, its ultimately about the woman who feels a certain connection, or emotion when they see an Atelier Guarin look walk down the runway. Its about that sensation, and instant feeling towards a garment. any woman who feels a connection, a love, or attachment to my designs is an Atelier Guarin woman. She can be confident, daring, and fashion forward.

What is your first fashion memory?

My first fashion memory would have to derive from my mother, she is ultimately one of the reasons I am in Fashion, she always made sure that we were very well dressed when we had people coming over, or when we went out. She introduced me to the major brands, and I loved her Givenchy perfume! From that I watched every fashion show that I could on TV, and I loved watching music videos all day, for the styling and the clothes my favourite pop stars wore.

What is the biggest challenge you face as a emerging designer?

I see these challenges as goals, and opportunities to push yourself further, and really fight for what you want, with the resources you have. I am an independent company/designer and there are challenges everyday, I think one thing many young emerging designers face, is finding those opportunities to really show your brand, and present your point of view. We have to fight extra hard and really push through to get well known, but its very worthwhile, I am passionate about my brand, and my job, and its all about time, hard work, and effort.

What are you most proud?

Where do I begin, I am proud of so many things! I am so thankful for the opportunities I have been blessed with. I am very proud to have had a fantastic year as an emerging designer in Toronto, but most importantly for winning an award for the best collection presented by the inspiring David Dixon.