Designer Profile – Alanna Klatt

1. What inspires you?
Everything! I can never narrow in on anything in particular that inspires me because each season it is so different from the last! One commonality that I have found from each season though was that creation itself was the foundation. Whether a rare flower, a subtle landscape, or an abandoned building I have always found inspiration in God’s work!
2. What three words best describe your design aesthetic?
My design aesthetic could be described as elegant, transitional, and simple. I provide women with pieces that are sophisticated yet retain playfulness to easily transition from work to play!
3. Who is the KLATT customer?
The Klatt customer is one who values comfort as an essential part of their every day wardrobe. Our customer is not limited by age, rather we believe if you feel confident and beautiful inside and out in a Klatt piece, then it was made for you!
4. What is your first fashion related memory?
My first ‘stand out’ fashion related memory that gave me confidence in a fashion career would be when I was selected as one of twenty-five finalists, amongst 500 submissions, to participate in Telio’s National Design Competition in 2013. My design and concept board stood out against 500+ others to a professional panel of judges, I’d say that’s something to be proud of! My design was featured on the runway at Montreal Fashion Week in March of 2013 where I received such valuable feedback from industry professionals.
5. What have been some of the challenges you have faced as an emerging designer?
As an emerging designer you definitely face your fair share of challenges along the way in this beautiful journey. I’m constantly learning each day on how I can improve everything I do. To narrow in on one challenge I have dealt with since launching Klatt I would say creating awareness and exposure of my brand so that others notice me was always a hard one, being amongst hundreds of other brands! That challenge has faded over time – persistence has been so key in that instance and to continue working hard. The results have come with setting goals and taking action.
6. What are you most proud of?
I’m so proud of taking that initial step in the summer of 2013 to register and launch Klatt as a business. Now, I can’t imagine being anywhere else than where I am today! I have a list of goals that I am slowly crossing off and it is so rewarding to see. It’s affirmation that ‘NO’ was never an option and to those that told me it was, I just proved otherwise.
Klatt is a Canadian local brand that is smitten with knit fabrications, providing women with confidence through luxury comfort apparel without surrendering elegant chic style. For more information, visit