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It’s hard to describe a renowned artist like Chris Levine in just a few lines. Even picking only some of his greatest works is a tough task, simply, because everything he does is an absolute masterpiece.

Last November I got the chance to see some of his pieces showcased at Izzy Gallery in Yorkville, Toronto in the exhibition called ‘The Edge Of Time‘ that ran from October 22nd till November 28th. I also had the pleasure to talk and meet in person Izzy, the owner of this small yet exclusive art gallery, who gave me more detailed information about Chris Levine and his impressive career as an artist.

It is almost impossible to beat Levine’s technique when it comes to innovation since he is a pioneer in the field of light art. He has deeply explored the properties of laser light in order to create expansive visual sensations through his work.

Incorporating numerous mediums (laser, photography, holograms) across multiple platforms including music, performance, installation, fashion and design, his creativity is manifested in a multitude of projects.

Dalai Lama
Dalai Lama

From his daily practice of meditation, Chris sees the visual language as a ‘shortcut’ to get in touch to our own spirituality, and that is why he takes that mantra as an ultimate responsibility for any artist.

Besides showcasing in the most relevant museums and art galleries all over the world, he has worked with people you may have heard of before such as Philip Treacy, Grace Jones, Cartier, Stella McCartney and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II who personally asked him for a portrait.

These are a few questions that I sent to Chris to introduce his amazing talent to all the Novella readers.

Celia Fernandez: How did you feel when you were asked you to do a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II? Did you feel a bigger responsibility?

Chris Levine: I was quite relaxed about it all until about two weeks away from the shoot date at Buckingham Palace. Ultimately, I felt a huge responsibility to the Queen and the people of Jersey to create an artwork worthy of the history and the commission. It got daunting if I considered it so I tried not to.

Lightness Of Being

C.F: They say that “Eyes are windows to the soul”. Do you think the visual language is a ‘shortcut’ to get in touch to our own spirituality?

C.L: 100%. In my work I’m reaching beyond the physical and into spirit.

C.F: Your work is definitely beyond the visuals, it’s more about energy and feelings. Have you always had this approach, or is this something that you incorporated after you started your meditation practice?

C.L: The sense of everything being energy and all contained in the present moment, it is the essence of my work. To bring people but, momentarily, into a sense of connectedness and the expended awareness that comes about. Increasingly the work is informed and becomes clear in meditation.

Kate's Light (Pure)
Kate’s Light

C.F: Through your work you encourage people to appreciate and be aware of the present – the pure essence of life. The world would be a better place…

C.L: If the world meditated there would be no wars and more happiness on the planet. In my humble way I’ll try, in the course of time, to bring more people to the practice. If we were be able to reach that state of mind. How can art help fighting all the hostility and fear that certain people are trying to spread? I think if art can bring people closer to their heart, then no fear can touch them in that moment. It’s a good refuge from all that is being spread, as you say.

C.F: What is your ultimate goal as an artist?

C.L: To bring more peace and insight to humanity and making the world a lighter place – literally.

CL_Grace Jones_Stillness_300 ppi_02
Grace Jones. Stillness

All the photos feature pieces showcased in ‘The Edge Of Time’ exhibition and are courtesy of Izzy Gallery.