Review: True Glow by Conair

Shedding your dry winter skin in exchange for soft and supple summer skin can be a challenge. I’ve heard of skin brushing before, but never once have I ever thought to give it a try myself. To be honest, I always viewed it as an additional, and rather unnecessary, part of a beauty routine. My skin has always had a dry and uneven texture to it. And up until recently I also believed that my skin was too dry and sensitive to use a skin brush to exfoliate my face. As it turns out, skin brushing has been proven to have many positive health benefits like increasing circulation, eliminating waste and toxins, reducing fat deposits, and even tightening the skin and toning muscles.

True Glow from Conair is an excellent way to rejuvenate yourself for the summer months and buff away your drab winter skin. True Glow has various attachments to help exfoliate and eliminate dead skin, leaving your skin incredibly soft and refreshed. It also uses Sonic technology, which means there is not just a rotation but also a pulsation to lift dirt from the skin and help to cleanse clogged pores. The device also has a high, medium, and low settings, which makes it perfect for people with different skin types. It is rechargeable, waterproof, and relatively compact, which makes it ideal for storage purposes and traveling.

My Experience

After my very first time using True Glow by Conair, I was blown away. I couldn’t believe I had waited all this time to try skin brushing. The first thing I noticed immediately after using it was the difference in my skin’s texture. I suffer from rough, dry, uneven texture and it has been nearly impossible for me to find something that was consistently benefiting my skin. The first time I used it was in the evening as a part of my bedtime skincare routine. I had removed my makeup before using it, and I decided to use the lowest power setting since it was my first time using the device. Afterward, my face felt successfully cleaned and exfoliated without feeling tight or irritated. It removed all the excess dirt and makeup that was left behind by my makeup remover. Honestly, I also feel like it’s the best way to get the most out of your facial cleanser and skin care routine. The benefits of a facial cleanser are enhanced with the help of skin brushing. After about a week of consistent use, I genuinely believe my skin has never looked or felt better. It looks clearer, healthier, and more toned. I am so happy I jumped on the skin brushing bandwagon, and I can’t see myself ever jumping off! If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend giving skin brushing a chance.

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Highlights from Resort and Pre-Fall 2017/18

Pre-fall, Resort, Cruise. What does it all mean? Now some people feel pre-fall and resort collections are completely unnecessary, but the truth of the matter is, resort and pre-fall collections do play and important role in the fashion world. In most cases, pre-fall and resort are meant to showcase what’s to come for their respective season. For example, cruise and resort are meant to give customers a taste of what’s to come for spring/ summer, while pre-fall is meant as a tease for the coming fall/winter shows. Now you could argue that brands could cut their costs and just lump these small capsule collections into their respective seasons, but fashion is just as much about tradition as it is about innovation, so letting go of the mini mid-season collections may feel like a betrayal of traditions for some designers.

Proenza Schouler (Pro-Enzuh Skool-er) Pre-Fall 2017

Photo: Proenza Schouler

Yes, that’s right, it’s pronounced “Pro-enzuh Skool-er” not “Prenza Shooler,” but that’s beside the point. This time around, the boys at famed New York fashion powerhouse Proenza Schouler created a pre-fall collection packed full of all the things Proenza fans look forward to in the regular seasonal collections. A mix of modern edge and grungy industrial look come together in the form of a simple minimalist crop top, grommeted trousers, and what appears to be a simple black bomber. It seems like once again the Proenza boys have redefined New York cool girl chic with a simple silhouette and perfect styling. What more could you ask for?


Prada Resort 2018

Photo: Vogue Runway

Miuccia Prada is undoubtedly the reigning queen of design in today’s fashion landscape. Her constant quest for creating chic clothing that represents not only the here and now but also the future has solidified her place among the legends of fashion. For her resort 2018 collection, Miuccia dove into the world of feminine sexiness. The collection featured a plethora of sheer separates in macaron pastels. Pistachio greens flowed beautifully against strawberry milk pinks and champagne sequins, giving the collection and immediate feminine softness. But Madame Prada could never allow her collection to just solely rely on femininity to look good. Underneath the prettiness lies a strong sense of vintage intensity. The graphic socks and over the top shades, and shoes give off the impression that this woman is soft and sensitive, yet dominant and completely capable of fending for herself. A staple Miuccia has spent perfecting.

Mary Katrantzou Pre-fall 2017

Photo: Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantantzou has been passed the torch that was given to many a designer. Like Dries Van Noten, Christian Lacroix, Anna Sui, and Hanae Mori before her, Katrantzou now holds the title as the grand poobah of print designers. This pre-season collection saw the designer create a collection heavily based on different jewel toned prints. The most beautiful of the bunch is this stunning paisley print that almost leans towards a Mediterranean style of design seen in ancient Greece. However, there’s absolutely nothing ancient about this look. Between the beautiful royal blue suit and stole, the entire look screams modern elegance. A redefining moment for the modern woman’s power suit.

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2018

Photo: Vogue Runway

Nicolas Ghesquiere has been turning out fashion forward it-girl style since his early days in fashion. Recently, his endeavours at historic french powerhouse Louis Vuitton have produced some of his most successful and celebrated collections to date. For his cruise 2018 collection. Ghesquiere took Vuitton to Japan. Where he showcased his stunning collection against the backdrop of a mountainside museum.  The collection employed heavy use of texture to create layers and depth throughout the collection. One of the most stunning pieces in the collection came in the form of an oversized sleeve blazer worn over a crisp white shirt and matching shirts. Now the look isn’t the most elaborate in the collection, but it’s in its simplicity that you find the beauty. The simple amplification of an office staple creates a modern take on something every day; like finding the beauty in the mundane.

Jason Wu Pre-fall 2017

Photo: Jason Wu

The standard office uniform can sometimes feel like a coffin rather a form of personal self-expression.  Luckily at Jason Wu pre-fall 2017, the modern woman is finally given some standout options. Take this beautiful two piece ensemble. The pinstriping adds a faint hint of rigidness to an overall relaxed office look. The beautifully soft draping of the fabric along the waist adds shape and excitement to the look, while the simple wide legged pant adds and even more relaxed look to the ensemble, yet it never manages to lose its importance or elegance.


What I Wear To Work: Anya Nordström

Photo Credit: Hamish Kippen


Anya Nordström


Partner, NordströmMatte Public Relations

Wardrobe Essentials

The ultimate essential to every look is always footwear. Combining function and fashion, while also being practical, can make the difference between walking vs. Uber – and the dreaded blister! Currently my go-to shoes are a classic pair of Oxfords, simple black pumps, an open toe strappy sandal, and a thigh high boot.

I’m also a big accessory girl and tend to stick to a seasonal uniform of accents in my daily wardrobe. Currently, I’m wearing pearls almost every single day. My pearl jewelry, passed down from all the women in my family, was all recently updated and re-designed by Bijoux by Amy. I have a great pair of prescription aviators from the Danish brand SAND and I rarely leave the house without my nautical-inspired watch and ANCUFF bracelet from luxury German accessory brand, PAUL HEWITT.

Work Uniform

As much as I hate to admit it, I am a total #AllBlackEverything kind of girl! Smart, sophisticated with a touch of subtle sexiness is definitely the best way to describe my personal day-to-day style. Black is always classic and, let’s be real, the quickest and easiest way to throw together an ensemble! I am a working mom with a toddler and simply don’t have the time I used to in the mornings. So, owning a plethora of little black dresses, trousers, and blouses makes putting together a look in the morning take no longer than 10 to 15 minutes – a lifesaver when battling Toronto traffic to the showroom!

Favourite Item in My Closet

Living in Canada means that winters and cold weather take up most of the year, so investing in quality outerwear that is both fashionable and functional is an absolute must. The luxury alpaca outerwear collection SENTALER is exactly that: lightweight, incredibly warm, feminine, and stylish, with a extensive variety of colourways. Currently my Long Coat with Fur in Black, Ribbed Sleeve Moto Jacket in Cobalt Blue, and Signature Hooded Wrap Coat in Army Green from the Fall/Winter 2016 collection are getting the most wear.

The Purge Rule

Honestly, I don’t have one. I’m not sure if that makes me a hoarder or not, but I have a very tough time letting go of clothing! In the last year, however, I’ve really tried to rid myself of poorly made fast-fashion items and create a more cohesive overall look that reflects me as a professional in the fashion industry. And that means as much Canadian as possible! Andrew Coimbra, Mikhael Kale, PIPER & SKYE, Mathew Gallagher, TMR, House of Nonie, Greta Constantine… the list goes on and on! There is so much happening in Canadian fashion right now and it’s important to champion our homegrown talent.

Anya Nordström began her career in public relations nearly eight years ago in New York City, producing RTW runway shows and presentations at NYFW in Bryant Park with Seventh House PR. After moving on to an editorial position with Seventeen Magazine, Nordström maintained a freelance relationship with Seventh House and continued to assist in show production and running front of house for all designer shows, associated events, and launch parties. As a member of the Style Council at Seventeen Magazine, Nordström worked as the New York City correspondent, covering fashion events on a weekly basis for and was featured in the magazine every other month giving fashion, relationship, and lifestyle advice.

After re-locating to Canada, Nordström successfully headed up the entire PR department as Director of Public Relations at the inaugural Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, TOM*, garnering international media attention (VOGUE L’UOMO, FORBES, WWD, etc.), producing all 22 runway shows and their associated after parties & launch events. Nordström launched her own company, ANPR, in 2014, which merged with MOI Artist Management in 2016 to create NordströmMatte Public Relations.

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Australia Resort 2018: The Highlights

Australia is a paradise of sun, sand, flora, and fauna, but did you know that the land down under also doubles as a fashion lover’s paradise? Ir’s true! As each season rolls by, it seems that Australian fashion week is quickly becoming a fashion powerhouse, with strong brands having spent years headlining the week and countless young brands growing into local fashion staples just as quickly as they burst onto the fashion scene.


Photo: Vogue Australia

Part of Australia’s Innovators showcase, Akle represents one of Australia’s many upcoming talents, and for good reason. Heavy knitwear is one of the hardest materials to create something elegant out of. However, at Akle, elegance came naturally in the form of a long boat neck knitted dress that paired the fun aspect of a patterned crochet kit with the edginess of a plaid bustier overlay. It allowed the look to take on a multifunctional (carrying the wearer from daytime events to evening ones without losing charm) and more impressive persona than a regular body-con stretch-knit dress.

Bec & Bridge

Photo: Lucas Dawson Photography

It seems that ’90s influences are one thing the fashion world refuses to let go of. At Bec & Bridge, the ’90s influence seemed to be discreetly sprinkled here and there. Take this sexy ensemble here for example. Everyone remembers that boxy black pinstripe suit every man and woman had laying around in their closet. And to dive even further, nothing says ’90s like a crisp white shirt menacingly slipping out from the sleeves and collar of a suit. In fact, there may even be a Mc Lyte music video that has the rapper dancing about in a black suit and bright white shirt. However, this look takes away everything that went horribly wrong in terms of fit and sizing during the ’90s and filters the essence of the decade into something far more modern and appropriate for today’s fashion connoisseur. The pairing of the leather skirt with the almost corset like long sleeve blouse infuses the look with a modern sexiness that conjures up comparisons to some of the modern fashion world’s kings of sexy like Vaccarello and Vauthier.

We Are Kindred

Photo: Vogue Australia

A long time ago in the fashion world, John Galliano flipped the script on what sexy could be. He took a simple idea, flouncy fabric, a bias cut, and a 1930s silhouette and created one of the most overlooked and underrated phenomena’s in fashion history. Forget streetwear or embroidered denim. The ’30s siren vixen dress has probably walked the runway more times than any new trend combined. However, there are ways to pull it off, and there are ways to crash and burn with this particular style. At We Are Kindred, the flouncy ’30s dress was in full swing, and they were as perfect and sexy as they were when Galliano sent them down the runway all those years ago. For this look, a soft bodysuit is paired in periwinkle florals with a stunning dress/robe hybrid that looks far more appropriate as a daytime stunner than a boudoir robe.

Bianca Spender

Photo: Vogue Australia

What would the fashion world be without gowns? Dressmaking really is the cornerstone of the fashion industry. So when a designer hits the jackpot on a gown, it’s something to really celebrate. At Bianca Spender‘s 2018 resort show, a group of gowns walked the runway with this one being the most eye-catching and lovely of the bunch. The simple combination of white, silvery grey, and copper in the fabric’s print swirl in a pattern that almost looks animalistic in nature. But that isn’t the only thing that makes this dress so stunning, the draped silhouette and sheen of the fabric itself add a sense of movement to the dress that is rarely seen outside of the couture world.


Photo: Vogue Australia

What is it about the Edwardian age that keeps drawing designers back to it for inspiration these days? Is it the elegantly high collars and long sleeves, or maybe it’s the notion of being able to alter clothing once meant to oppress women and turning into something sexy, modern, and expressive. At Macgraw resort, the uptight 1900’s woman was given a playfully devilish makeover with mini dresses, high waisted shorts, sequins, sheer fabrics, and an injection of mischievousness that take your great-great grandmother’s clothes from mother goose to sexy siren in one fell swoop. One of the standout looks from the show is this playful mini dress. The playfully innocent swan motif print pair beautifully with the dark and light contrast of the collar and ribbon around the neck. The bell sleeve of the dress also give the dress a modern playfulyness that’s completely relevant and on trend with today’s fashion scene.

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VizEat: A Revolutionary Dining Experience

Ever find yourself searching online for the “most authentic” places to eat when traveling to a new place? What if you could have the most authentic dining experience? VizEat allows you to pick any country and search for the best food experiences.

Conceptually similar to Airbnb, users choose a city, then select an experience that best suits their style and taste — or something completely different for an experience out of their comfort zones. It could be a cheese and wine tasting in Paris or enjoying a feast on a rooftop in Istanbul.

Source: VizEat

As a host, you can sign up as a passionate home cook or amateur chef. After sharing your food story, the menu you want to create, and some other details, you’re on your way to cooking for travellers coming from all over the world! Love throwing dinner parties? This is a great way to share your love of food and cooking with people who are interested, while making some extra income.

This dining revolution started in France and has taken over Europe. It is serving people special dining experiences in 110 countries worldwide, and is now available in Canada. VizEat is bringing together people who share love of food and providing opportunities for passionate cooks, master chefs, and others who want to host.

Source: Vizeat

VizEat offers various experiences such as a homemade meal. Experience lunch, brunch, dinner, aperitif, picnic, or tea time with your host in their home while sharing stories and cultures. This is also a great way to get advice and tips from a local about the city. You can also sign up for a cooking class. In these sessions, you can learn how to prepare authentic dishes with help from your host in a 2-3 hour culinary experience. You can also do a food tour. Your host will take you on a tour of their favourite foodie hotspots. This may include local markets, artisanal stalls and gourmet shops. You can taste local specialties and get to know the shopkeepers. Experiences also vary from cheap eats to a culinary Italian feast by MasterChef finalist Vince Spitale.

An experience on its own, VizEat is a great way to meet people, and an out-of-the-box alternative to simply reserving a spot at the local restaurant.

Masterchef Canada Season 3 finalist Vince Spitale