OCAD Student Gallery- When Functionality Meets Art

Photography: Celia Fernandez

Toronto Design Offsite festival was taking place from Jan 19th- 25th featuring almost 80 installations, talks, and events in the city. OCAD Student Gallery was part of this amazingly massive event and is featuring some outside-of-the-box furniture and decor pieces designed by students currently enrolled in the fur inure program at OCAD University.


If you think a chair is just for sitting, a mug is for coffee or tea tea only, then this “Tables, Chairs, and Other Unrelated Subject” exhibit will definitely be an eye-opening experience.


The exhibit is located at 52 McCaul Street and is going on till the 31st of January. Find out more here!

Shop All Weekend- Editor’s Picks

Friday is here which means it’s time for us to show you some cool pieces to shop during this weekend. Although the holiday seasons is fading out, it doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your home and make it more lively.

Photo Credit: Design Within Reach

During the past week, there was some happy yet sad news came to our feed for the big retailers. Target has decided to leave the Canadian market while Anthropologie just opened a beautiful store on Queen St. West. So ladies and gents, don’t hesitate to treat yourself or your family with some beautiful home decor pieces. Whether you’d like to grab something before Target leaves, or check out the brand new Anthropologie store, you now have some pretty good excuses to get out there.

Smith & Hawken Wall Organizer Via Target $23.99
Almoco Flatware, 5-Piece Setting Via Design Within Reach $32- $53


Fire Tools Via Design Within Reach $250



Smith & Hawken™ Galvanized Decorative Bin with Label Via Target $49.99
Toulouse Duvet
Toulouse Duvet via Anthropologie $198-$248


Novella Pops up with Art, Fashion and Culinary Delight


We have teamed up with local enterprises for a four-day pop-up shop. The shop will be held at the Abbozzo Gallery in the historic 401 Richmond building. The opening night will coincide with an art-opening showcasing works by artist, Stan Olthuis.

Come join us to celebrate local artists, designers and retailers and do your last minute holiday shopping! The shop features local designers such as The Wild North Apparel, Copious Fashions, Krane, blanc de noir, Baffi, Dreams on Paper, and Elijah Montgomery; boutiques such as LANGsura, Canon Blanc, MyFemme Crush, DDM Cosmetics, Rok-Cork, either/or studio, & Love Winter; food and drink vendors such as The Wheeling Gourmet, Kal & Moy, Forno Cultura, Pekoe Kombucha Bar & Teobrama.

Sign-up for ClubNovella and receive 15% off your purchase!

Hope to see you there!


Thurs, Dec 4, 6PM – 10PM

Fri, Dec 5, 11AM – 7PM

Sat, Dec 6, 11AM – 5PM

Sun. Dec 7, 12PM – 5PM


StyleID, where fashion on your TV screen can end up in your closet.

Have you seen a must-have outfit on your favourite television program and wondered immediately how you can acquire it? Fret no-longer the creators of Style ID create this genius app and website allowing to achieve this just goal.

Read our exclusive interview below for more information!

What led to the birth of StyleID? We love the concept.

The concept of StyleID came about while watching television with my co-founder. The lead actress was wearing a beautiful dress and we both wondered where we could get it. After searching online for hours, we starting discussing what we thought would be a perfect second-screen mobile application, StyleID. The app that helps you find the outfits you see on TV!

What are some of the struggles and triumphs you have had with this app? Especially as a woman of colour?

It’s been an interesting journey so far. The tech landscape is predominately male, so being a black woman can have its advantages and disadvantages.

Being the only women in a conference room full of men means that when you stand up with a question, you’re guaranteed an answer. On the other hand, I’ve found that the majority of men in that same room hesitate in approaching us for a private conversation.

The first time I approached a developer about programming the app he responded with, “My mom buys all of my clothes,” as he looked at me like I was crazy.  That’s when I discovered that not only will I have to navigate through being a minority, I also have to figure out how to engage men into developing and investing in an area that they have no real interest.

Every entrepreneur experiences challenges; it’s part of the package. I think if the tech community continues to encourage and support women, we will eventually reach an even keel.

Who are a few of your heroes and mentors that have influenced your personal and professional development?

I’m inspired by women like Tamara Mellon – founder of Jimmy Choo, Marigay Mckee – president of Saks Fifth Avenue, and Oprah, who were all brave enough to follow their gut instinct and become leaders in their respective fields.

A lot of the original items are high end products. Have you considered looking for similar looking garments so consumers can achieve the same look with breaking their bank accounts?

StyleID’s goal is to help users find the exact item they see in on-screen media. We publish the original retail price so it’s always best to click the link to get the up to date price. You’ll be surprised, a lot of times the item is on sale! Also, the website does an automatic search on eBay and many times the same outfit will be offered at a discounted price.

Would you be willing to feature emerging designers? 

StyleID thrives on connecting with new designers. In fact, we are working on a little something special for them, so we encourage designers to drop us a line so they can be included.

We love the idea of style points. Could you elaborate more on it and what kind of cool things you could earn?

Style Points are collected by users and once ready, can be used to unlock areas of the app like music videos and movies. They can also be used to enter exclusive contests to win prizing like clothing, accessories and trips. This will be revealed before the end of September, so start collecting Style Points by sharing the clothing you see and inviting friends to download the app.

How much work goes into the website and app? It’s very exhaustive and detailed.

It’s a 24/7 job. We have a group of dedicated fashionistas who help us keep the app up to date. It’s our goal to provide fans with the key details, which allows them to keep track for future reference.

Will the app be available on iOS soon?

The iOS will be available soon. Follow us on twitter for updates @StyleID.


For more information and updates please visit StyleID’s website: link