One Month – One Colour: Aquamarine For March

When trying to decide which colour should be featured for Novella’s, “One Month, One Colour”, I came across an interesting article about birthstones that made my choice quite easy.

Fun fact: The March gemstone, Aquamarine, was believed to be the treasure of mermaids and was considered the stone of eternal youth and happiness. Birthstones and their symbolic meaning have evolved over the years but in 1912, the American National Association of Jewelers adopted the Aquamarine gemstone as the modern March birthstone.

Hence the chosen colour of the month is Aquamarine. Going into spring, it’s definitely a colour that projects a fresh new season and a fresh new you.

Aquamarine moodboard

What’s better than entertaining a dinner party with friends and family? Enjoying good food with good company makes for the ultimate evening event. For those who typically end up playing the hostess, my recommendation is an elegant yet modern serving set made out of bone and steel from Anthropologie (1). If you’re the person who typically gets invited to dinner parties because you can be quite useless in the kitchen, then you should always bring some dessert that can be enjoyed after the meal. These delicious blueberry macaroons from one of my favorite places in Toronto, Nadège Patisserie (2), are the perfect peace offering.

Fashion is one of the most creative and fun ways to tell the world how we feel without using words. Even though our personal styles can be affected by the freezing cold days, spring is around the corner. What better way to start off the spring season than to add bright colours to your wardrobe? This marled aquamarine cardigan from H&M (3) gets rid of the monotonous look and exudes the spring and fun spirit.

As much as we enjoy other’s company, you should always indulge in some ‘me’ time. It’s a way to escape the hectic world and find happiness in the simplest ways. This journal found at the Indigo Bookstore, is the perfect way to write about your thoughts, ideas and upcoming projects (4).

The fact that we project who we are and how happy we feel through fashion is also reflected in the way we decorate our home. Usually the colour palette for home decor is based from neutral shades such as, beige, cream, grey or white. Everyone’s tastes vary and some may be opposed to taking risks with their décor by adding flashy aqua blue tones, however there are ways to adding a little pop of colour to get away from these boring tones. Just by incorporating an antique-finish wood picture frame (5) or a floral print box to keep our small stuff organized (7) found at Zara Home, could be the prefect way to add a splash of colour without making it too flashy.

Finally, my definitive ‘must-have’ product is the vanilla-mint lip balm from EOS (6) to keep lips hydrated. Nothing exudes happiness than a beautiful and hydrated smile.

Add a touch of beautiful aquamarine to your life this March!

Tinder Dating: The good, the bad & the ugly

Article by Stephanie Small


I personally find it hard to meet people. Like anyone who works in Marketing & Advertising or any other industry with irregular hours, I’m not approachable on public transit. When I’m riding the subway, ear buds are in and I’m going over the list of things I have to do once I’m in the office or how fast I can get ready for bed without missing the first few minutes of Scandal. That’s during the week. Weekends, I’m a homebody. I’m not ashamed to say that. I prefer the comfort of my own bed and Netflix to loud music, strangers and spending money I’m trying desperately to save. Now, you may say, I’m negating my search by being unapproachable when I am out or staying home on the weekends but do I have to be a constant social butterfly to find love? Do I?

That being said, I recently joined Tinder as a new avenue of dating for a couple of reasons. 1) Novella asked me to and 2) What I’ve been doing hasn’t worked. I was hesitant since I heard a few things about Tinder from different people. “It’s only for hookups”, “The guys are disgusting” but personal opinion rarely influences my own so I downloaded the app, created a profile and began my search.

I matched with a brilliantly blue eyed, Air Canada employee who initiated conversation. I always say if you can make me laugh, you’re off to a good start. He had me laughing non-stop. We spoke throughout the day and I was eager to meet him but realized that I had triple booked myself for that night. Yes, TRIPLE booked myself. I need a Personal Assistant but that’s another story. As the day wore on, I explained that I had a Going Away Party at No One Writes to the Colonel but I wasn’t sure how long I would be there. He also had plans to be at his friend’s bar, Bathurst Local. They’re maybe a couple blocks from each other. Well played Cupid.

I recruited a friend to come out with me that evening and took a deep breath as I realized there’s no rest for the wicked. I arrived at the party to an overly hot and packed bar with nowhere to sit, stand, or even hang your coat. I decided we were out of there immediately. I said “Hi” and “Bye” to my friend, pulled out my phone and sent the message, “I’m on my way”.

My friend and I walked to our next destination and he was outside waiting for us with a friend when we arrived. He gave me a big hug, introduced his friend and we all went in to grab a table and get some drinks. The conversation didn’t lack for one moment. Even his friend and my friend had some one-on-one conversation (she’s a great wing woman) so he and I had our own one-on-one time. The night went by quickly and now not a day goes by where we don’t speak. We’ve spent a decent amount of time together since that first night and I must say, I thoroughly enjoy his company.

Most recently, I exchanged text messages with a man who just didn’t want to take “I’m not interested” as an answer. I should’ve known something was up since he didn’t have a profile picture because of where he worked. I immediately thought, “Stripper” but swiped right out of curiosity and we matched. After exchanging a few messages I agreed to exchange numbers so he could at least send me a picture of what he looked like. I’m not shallow but let’s be honest, you’re attracted to someone by how they initially look, and everything else comes second. He sent his pictures and I explained to him that I’m more of a long hair, beard and tattoos kind of gal. He was bald with a goatee and there were no signs of tattoos. Thanks, but no thanks! I replied that I wasn’t interested and this is when it got really weird. His immediate response was and I quote: “Can I have one chance to taste you…simply oral. Nothing for me needed”. Wait, WHAT?! I couldn’t fathom why he thought I’d let him at my goodies after I told him repeatedly I’m not interested.  He continued to send three more explicit messages before I repeated politely that as flattered as I am, I’m still not interested. What has this world come to? Is this dating in Toronto in 2015? If so, I’m not ready. At all.

Tinder matches to be continued…

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Fail- Safe Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the Woman in Your Life!

Anthony O’Dell, Fashion Contributor.

It’s that time of year again, that men dread and women can’t wait for: Valentine’s Day. Although it’s still a week and a half away, don’t wait until the last minute and be stuck getting the clichéd roses and chocolates. An unforgettable Valentine’s Day for her starts with a gift that she’s going to remember and use for more then just the night. Whether your girl’s into the healthy lifestyle craze or just wants to spend some quality time with her man, check out these 4 fail-safe Valentines Day gifts.



Following the popular deliver to your door subscription model, Wine Collective lets you pick your package and delivers 2-6 amount of bottles straight to your doorstep each month. If you’re stuck on what to get her, Wine Collective is a surefire winner. Check it out here.



If spending quality time with her man is all she wants for Valentines Day, get pampered at Elmwood Spa. One of Canada’s leading spas, complete with two couple suites, there’s no better place to spend some quality time getting spoiled with your woman. Check it out here.



If your girl’s into beauty but is tired of the typical department store fragrances, Vetiver Aromatics might be the right fit for her. 6 fragrance oils are included as well as instructions to mix her own perfume, so she can finally find a scent that fits her. Check it out here.



For all the girlfriends buying multiple $5 dollar Kale smoothies at your local juice bar every day, this is for her. If she’s into clean eating, she’ll appreciate the option customize her drinks, the bundle of money she’ll save as well as not having to venture out into the blistering winter for her favorite drink. Who said being practical isn’t romantic? Check it out here.


This gift guide is the first in a series of articles we’re doing for Valentine’s Day.  Check back often! 



Red Collage

Each month resonates a different celebration and a different mood that’s associated with it. The most obvious mood for February couldn’t be anything other than L.O.V.E. because of Valentines Day. In February we flirt, we seduce, we fall in love and some may even burst out into tears. February is the month to let our passion run through our veins and celebrate the different variations of love. It’s time to get into the mood by adding some red touches in your life!

Whether you‘re enjoying a romantic dinner for two or having a nice Sunday brunch with a group of friends, what matters most is that you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with those who matter, while also looking stylish. To get some outfit inspiration, my favourite style guide is found in ‘Parisian chic. A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange’ (1), which can be found at an Indigo Bookstore. Because who does it better than the French?

If you have a hot date, make sure you‘re wearing a statement piece. David’s Footwear store is a great place to find the perfect pair of shoes (2) that will enhance your look. It’s amazing how a pair of stilettos can turn your outfit from plain Jane to red carpet glam. If you’re hanging out with your friends, you can take a look at Ela Aldorsson’s designs and complete your outfit with a minimalist leather clutch (3) that’ll add an edgy touch to your Valentine’s Day.

Another simple and more economical option to give you that red touch is to join the red lipstick trend (4). You can either wear it all day long with a neutral makeup, or at an evening event with a smoky eye to complete the sexy and seductive look. Choosing the right lipstick is not as simple as it seems, especially if you care about the quality of the product. Bite Beauty creates high performance lipsticks that uses all natural ingredients and offers a colour consultation at their Lip Lab. It’s the perfect way to find out what red tone works best with your skin complexion.

If you want to spruce your home up with some Valentine’s Day vibes for hosting the perfect dinner party, then you might want to add a couple of red details to your home decor. Toronto has so many trendy stores for home decor and eQ3 (5) is definitely a place you should stop by. You can also visit Canvas Gallery (6) to find a piece of art that gives that red touch for the perfect Valentine’s aura.

Finally, if your Valentine’s Day will consist of binge watching Bridget Jones’s Diary or He’s Just Not That Into You, do not fill your sorrows with junk food like ice cream and chocolate. Instead, up for a healthier snack like some delicious strawberries, cherries and raspberries (7) from Pusateri Fruit Market. After all, just because you don’t have a valentine on the 14th doesn’t mean you won’t meet mr. right the next day.

Happy Valentine’s month!

OCAD Student Gallery- When Functionality Meets Art

Photography: Celia Fernandez

Toronto Design Offsite festival was taking place from Jan 19th- 25th featuring almost 80 installations, talks, and events in the city. OCAD Student Gallery was part of this amazingly massive event and is featuring some outside-of-the-box furniture and decor pieces designed by students currently enrolled in the fur inure program at OCAD University.


If you think a chair is just for sitting, a mug is for coffee or tea tea only, then this “Tables, Chairs, and Other Unrelated Subject” exhibit will definitely be an eye-opening experience.


The exhibit is located at 52 McCaul Street and is going on till the 31st of January. Find out more here!