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About Last Night: Salsa Cruise!

Last night, floating about a kilometer out on Lake Ontario, I discovered that no matter how hard I try to salsa dance, it will always look like I’m doing the chicken dance.

But despite my lack of balance (and rhythm), I had a grand time on Mariposa Cruises’ Salsa Cruise, which was hosted as a part of the 11th annual Salsa in Toronto festival. Over wine and a Latin-style buffet dinner, guests mingled and made friends before gathering on the upper deck for a Salsa lesson at dusk (this is where I failed miserably, but the fact that I managed to not fall overboard was impressive enough).

Photo by Jesse Milns

After the lesson, cruise-goers sipped their drinks and enjoyed the view of a brilliant pink sunset over Toronto’s skyline while professional Salsa dancers took to the dance floor.

Photo by Jesse Milns
Photo by Jesse Milns

After three hours of blasting Latin music over Lake Ontario and making us all reminisce past vacations hotter, sunnier spots, the cruise brought us back to the Harbourfront at 11:30. The experience not only made me wish I was more coordinated, but made me happy that I’d managed to celebrate one of Toronto’s most colourful festivals in such a unique way.

There’s one more Salsa Cruise coming up on the 16th, so snag your tickets before the boat fills up!

Bojana & Marina’s Guide to WayHome: Survival Guide

Article by Bojana Duric & Marina Koslock

Image found on Pinterest

WayHome is just under three weeks away, so it’s time to start planning for one wild weekend campout. There’s no doubt it’ll be a weekend filled with amazing performances but seeing as though it’s the festival’s first year in Ontario, there’s bound to be some things that you need to prepare yourself for physically and mentally. Plus many people aren’t used to the whole camping thing – sleeping every night in an uncomfortable tent shared with 50 people and having to wake up in the middle of the night to walk a long way to use the not-so-clean restrooms. Sounds great right? Well, since we know it might be a culture shock for some of you, we’ve compiled a few tips that won’t just have you conquer WayHome but it’ll also help embrace the inner hippie in all of us.

Things Will Get Dirty

If you don’t have a shower pass, we suggest you get one stat. How else are you going to wash away all that dirt and sweat off? With our unpredictable weather, there’s a good chance that rain showers will hit the campgrounds, which means, “There Will be Mud” – did you get the reference? We suggest bringing some rain boots like the Hunter boots we mentioned in our Summer Festival Essentials list so you can frolic around the muddy puddles without a worry in sight. Also, it might be smart to bring toilet paper and hand sanitizer because you just never know…

Smart Wardrobe Choice

Obviously, you want to have a great outfit for the actual concerts. Just remember, you have to be prepared for the weather, from blistering heat to the chance of rain and cold breezes. Make sure you are bringing light coloured, breathable clothing for the warm days, and don’t be afraid to pack a bulky sweater and sweat pants for the night because once the sun goes down, it will get cold. And don’t forget to bring proper footwear. Yes, gladiator sandals are a must, but runners with socks and rain boots for the muddy areas are a necessity. Check out our 5 Music Festival Essentials for clothing/accessories inspiration for women and men!

Stay Hydrated

With a day full of drinking and soaking in some sun, hydration is key. You don’t want to be the one that gets swarmed by paramedics because you’ve passed out. Plus the benefit of having your own campsite is that you can actually stock up on several cases of water.

Get Ready to Be Annoyed & Be Annoying

A weekend full of crowds and drunken people means you’re bound to bump into someone that’s just blatantly rude and annoying. If you go in with a mindset that there’s going to be loads of people and over the top drunkenness shenanigans, it might make it easier for you to handle. Plus, you might end up being one of those people too, so might as well accept the fact that we will all be annoying all in the name of music.

If you don’t have a ticket yet, what are you waiting for? Buy them today HERE.

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Nice Busy People: Gabe Gonda [The Globe and Mail]

As the Head of Features and Weekend at The Globe and Mail, Gabe Gonda’s agenda is assumedly pretty tight. At least that is what I thought when I contacted him for a chat over coffee — so much so that when I sent that email on a Sunday night, I was ready to get a “no” as a response from him or, even worse, no response at all. But to my surprise, it only took 10 minutes for him to reply, and I promptly discovered that he’s a totally okay guy.

I accidentally met Gabe last October at World’s MasterCard Fashion Week during a speech that Jeanne Beker did in the tent that The Globe and Mail had there. We only spoke for five minutes, exchanging business cards and pleasantries according to the fashion industry’s social code of conduct.

I’m not the kind of person who hoards piles of business cards from events and networking occasions. I actually used to throw most of them away, just so my wallet can close properly and doesn’t look like something that belongs to a person with the Diogenes Syndrome. But this time I didn’t throw Gabe’s business card away. I’ve always been interested in the publishing industry, so I told to myself: “Don’t get rid of it! You’ll never know…”

At the time, I was working as a Digital Marketing Analyst at Stylekick, a Canadian fashion inspiration app based in Toronto, but only three months later I joined Novella Magazine as a Social Media Coordinator and Fashion Features Writer. It was my first time working for a publication and I wanted to talk to someone with a decent amount of years of experience in this field to listen for some advice and opinions.

I eventually started searching LinkedIn for interesting leaders in the industry and, suddenly, I remembered that I had Gabe’s business card! As I said before, I emailed him with no high expectations, but he agreed and we met for a coffee at Bar Buca. He was really friendly and gave me so many useful tips and insights about publishing industry.

During the 30-minute chat that I had with Gabe Gonda I not only learned more than I was expecting career-wise, but also I experienced in first person how busy people aren’t necessarily pretentious and could turn a coffee chat in a friendly yet enriching conversation.