‘Kaytranada’ & ‘Girl Talk’ At WayHome


Photo Credit: ‘Huh What & Where’

Kaytranada exploded on the WayBright stage to a barrage of deep purple, black and white lights illuminating the crowd. As he began to spin and the crowd swayed in beat to his words and beats, the bass encompassed us and we moved as one. As he coasted through his fifty-minute set, he played  classics like ALL WE DO, as well as some of his newer stuff. Mixing new and old sounds together and blending them together by incorporating a beat of his own is what makes Kaytranada one of our stand out acts of Day One.

Photo Credit: Cruel.com

Closing down the night was Girl Talk at WayBold, who played an explosive and engaging set. Utilizing call and response from the crowd with his mixes, Girl Talk, also known as Gregg Gillis, is famous for his mashups and samplings, and as the closer of last night, he absolutely brought down the house as confetti, vibrant lights, and smoke machines covered his audience, as they jumped and danced around the venue until the last minute of the evening.

WayHome Day 1


Day one of WayHome left us sweaty, exhausted, yet craving more of the anticipated performances WayHome has to offer. After some of the biggest acts including Hozier, Girl Talk and folk legend Neil Young, we have been blown away by the energy from the crowd and performances. Here are some of our highlights from day one.

Photo Credit: The Guardian

Hozier – The crowd slowly started approaching the main stage as the sun continued to beam down. People were lying down on the grass trying to cool off anyway they knew how. Then, in comes Hozier and everyone stood up cheering from the top of their lungs. The sun was finally starting to set and Hozier began singing using his soulful vocals. He was better than anticipated. It was as though we were listening to his album  instead instead of live. Of course he ended the show with “Take Me To Church”, which had the the entire audience singing along.

Neil Young
Photo Credit: The Guardian

Neil Young – The folk legend was definitely one of the most talked about performers of WayHome. He played a mix of some classics with some new stuff, which really highlighted his protests against big corporations and GMOs. He even had a mini performance with men dressed in masks spraying chemicals on the flowers showing the harm it induces. The legend lives on.

DIY Summer Series: Amanda’s Lavender Lemonade

The other day someone dared tell me they couldn’t believe “summer was almost over.” I nearly slapped them. We still have over a month of this glorious season, but as we all know, those last few weeks tend to fly by. So that’s why Novella‘s launching our DIY Summer Series — we want you to make the most out of the rest of your summer! (Get it?)

Over the next few weeks, Novella editors (and maybe even some special guest contributors) will share their favourite warm-weather crafts and recipes that are super-easy, super-fun, and will let you really embrace summer’s second act.

And here’s your first project: lavender lemonade! It’s a yummy, beautiful drink — perfect for summer patio parties or just lounging in the sun with a book. Also, just a tip, if you want to make it even more beautiful, pour some vodka in that sh*t.

What you’ll need…

  • 11 lemons
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 3 tabespoons dried lavender (they sell it at House of Spice in Kensginton)
  • 6 cups water


What to do…

  1. Boil the water and pour in the sugar and honey until everything is dissolved.
  2. Pour the mixture into a jar and add the lavender leaves. Let it all steep for TWO HOURS in the fridge.image
  3. While you’re letting that steep, occupy your time by squeezing your lemon juice (10 lemons = two cups). Use a juicer or squeeze them by hand. Like a pioneer.
  4. Once those two hours have passed, mix the lavender mix with your lemon juice and pour it all into a pretty serving jar. Garnish it with lemon slices (the 11th lemon’s time to shine!) and serve it to three of your friends in Pinterest-worthy Mason jars or something. Enjoooooy!



Experience WayHome with the Etsy Market, Art and Food

WayHome Music & Arts Festival is offering much more than just topnotch performances. They will also have a market sponsored by Etsy (WayMarket), creative art installations around the grounds (WayArt) and of course food from an array of delicious vendors (WayFood).


Etsy Summer Place in 2013

Fashionistas can take a break from the grounds to do what they do best – shop! As the title marketplace sponsor of WayHome Music & Arts Festival, the onsite WayMarket by Etsy will feature 20 local sellers, offering handmade and vintage items perfect for festival season, including jewelry, must-have accessories and flower crowns.

List of Sellers: Jordan De Ruiter, Mark Simmons, Katy, Gillian McGregor, RobertRatPrints, Grace Design, Sofija Obradovic, Brittany Toonen, Sarah Heath, Shannon Kehler, Elizabeth Fowler, Michelle, Natalie LeBlanc, Natalie Eldershaw, Leslie Howchin, Samantha, Joisane, HouseSM


Artist Nathan Whitford

Because who doesn’t love to gaze at some breathtaking art? WayHome will have some of the top Canadian-based gallery and well-known artists to make the WayArt experience like no other at any North American festival.  Curated under the Toronto-based painter Charles Bierk, WayArt will showcase a diverse range of large-scale installations that make use of Oro-Medonte’s exquisite natural environment, while providing festival attendees with experiences that will excite and inspire.


Image found on Pinterest

Foodies, do not fret! You will get to indulge in over 30 premium food vendors ranging from gourmet food trucks and restaurant pop ups to local comfort food classics. Satisfy your palate with our diverse menu selections that will fuel you up or cool you down. Indulge in a diverse menu selection with a variety of smoothies, cold pressed juices and cold brewed coffee.

Summer Hack: Where To Hide Away This Summer


For those of us who are in an office all summer, it sometimes feel like these four walls are keeping us captive from the limited warm days we have in Toronto. So if you need to take a professional development day and stretch out your legs, without committing to a cabin weekend, we have your perfect summer hack to get out and enjoy some beautiful Ontario sights.

Rockwood: This Conservation Area, just outside Guelph, borders the Eramosa River, and you can hike the trail on either side of the river, or take a leisurely canoe ride to immerse yourself in the exquisite terrain, including massive limestone cliffs and caves lining the shores.


Devil’s Punch Bowl: In the City of Waterfalls, better known as Hamilton, is the Devil’s Punch Bowl, a ribbon waterfall that cascades down 121 feet to a bowl-shaped rock formation. Whether you hike to this point and continue to the platform look out point, or you simply stand underneath it and watch it pour down in all its glory, this is one awe-inspiring waterfall.

Port Union Park: Just east of Scarborough lies the Port Union Park, a cobblestone shoreline that juts out into Lake Ontario, with a four kilometre multi-use trail, with access to both the east and west beaches.


Elora Quarry: In the centre of the Grand River Conservation Area is the breathtaking beach, which hosts the Elora Quarry. The two acre former limestone quarry boasts a tree-lined swimming hole with 40 foot cliff jumps, for the perfect mix of relaxation and adventure.

Algonquin Park: Yes, we know it is a bit of a drive. But if you leave at the same time you would be going to work, you can be at the park for a majority of the day. Whether it’s a day hike, overnight camping, cycling, canoeing, fishing, or even a quaint day picnic, Algonquin Park has essentially everything you need for the ideal escape.