Street Style By Chris Smart – WMCFW #Day5


Yesterday the doors of World MasterCard Fashion Week closed till next season. It’s been a crazy yet exciting week for everyone in the fashion industry in Toronto, and now it’s time to say good bye. We all had to leave David Pecaut Square which has been almost our home for a whole week.

These are our favourite looks captured by Chris Smart on Day 5 when the sun was shining as bright as all the people attending the shows. Some of the staple pieces we spotted were hats, sunglasses, and different printings and patterns that embellished the exterior of the tents.

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Street Style By Chris Smart – WMCFW #Day4


World MasterCard Fashion Week is almost over and, after six months of preparations, all the fashion designers showcasing their Spring/Summer 2016 collections at David Pecaut Square have started to wrap everything up.

On day 4 of WMCFW Chris Smart captured how all the attendees were projecting the party mood as all the big after parties were happening after the last show.  It almost seemed like the rebel spirit of the Rolling Stones was around. Biker jackets, leather pants, chains, gold details and black colour all over the place.

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Street Style by Chris Smart – WMCFW #day1


Yesterday, October the nineteenth, was the first day of World MasterCard Fashion Week SS16 in Toronto. Some of the most talented designers in Canada will be showcasing their SS16 collections this week and an entire array of editors, writers, photographers, bloggers, and fashion lovers will stop by the tents at David Pecaut Square to attend their shows.

Chris Smart, our one-and-only street style photographer, will be capturing all the details of the street style. With his camera, he will reveal what pieces and accessories are crucial for a fashion week dress code.

At day 1 most of the attendees made a safe choice by wearing black shoes and women who didn’t want to struggle with the wind left their dresses and skirts at home. Accessories such as oversized black hats and original clutches added the glamorous touch that everyone needs to get into the fashionable mood, and smartphones and sunglasses were the secret weapon that gave the interesting vibe while being shot by street style photographers.








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One Month – One Colour: Pink For The Month Of October


October seems like the most ideal and perfect month. As soon as October 1st rolled around, a swarm of social media users flooded timelines with memes, to welcome the month. Not only that, but it is the time of the Libra babies, as many birthdays are recognized and celebrated. We also get the opportunity to sit around with family for a warm Thanksgiving dinner, and scare little kids with gruesome costumes on Halloween.

And with many fun filled adventures that October brings, through birthdays, fall weddings, and relaxing with a Starbucks drink in hand, we tend to forget about one of the most important aspects of the month, Breast Cancer Awareness. Breast Cancer is the most common form of cancer in women, but with avid awareness of the disease, women are able to find early detection and take part in improving treatments. So in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness, and the month of October, we will be breaking the fall rules and rocking the prettiest colour of all, pink.

With the weather getting chilly and the sun barely being out, what perfect way to spend your evening than watching a fantastic movie? One of my favourites that I almost know word for word, is Mean Girls (1) . If you have not seen this movie, you need to go on Netflix right now and tune in. Mean Girls, is downright hilarious and I definitely believe it will never get old. But, why this movie specifically? Well because, in the famous words of Karen Smith, “On Wednesday’s we wear pink!”

Since outside has been looking quite dull, try adding a little colour in your life. I mentioned before about breaking the fall rules, so do just that by painting your nails a pretty shade of pink. It can be bright, a darker hue, or more subtle, but whatever you choose will be perfect. My recommendation is the Vernis Gel Shine and Long Wear Nail Lacquer by Dior (2) available in Sephora.

I don’t see many people wearing these nowadays, but because October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, get a pink ribbon (3)  at the Canadian Cancer Society website and wear it as part of your outfits. Whether you know someone with breast cancer or not, it is always a nice little reminder for people that may forget the importance of these 31 days. It is a beautiful representation of strong women that are constantly battling and never giving up the fight. You can also never give or show too much support for someone, as they hurdle through a tough obstacle in their life.

Now that we have traded in our flip-flops for runners or combat boots, maybe now it’s time to invest in some cozy socks. With a company named PINK by Victoria Secret, you would think that all apparel items would have pink in it! Well, unfortunately not. But they do have cute PINK and pink socks (4)  in store. They will definitely keep you warm while you’re painting your nails and watching Mean Girls.

Yvonne Whelan Design




With an innate love for design, Yvonne Whelan follows her instinct to deliver all of her projects. She knows that our home speaks about ourselves much like the way we dress. Therefore, even that sometimes it isn’t an easy task, the ultimate intention of this talented interior designer is to create a place that projects and embraces the individuality if who lives in there.

How did your passion for design started? Is this something you’ve always wanted to end up doing?

Y.W: My passion for design has been there for as long as I can remember. Even as a young child, I had an unusual fascination with furniture, style and colours. I would want to be part of any décor decision being made at home… so much so that my parents would sometimes ask for my advice on things like exterior colours. I would also move my furniture around. I wasn’t exactly a neat child, but I was full of ideas.

You were in the fashion industry for a while and then you changed to interior design. What do you find more interesting about interior design vs. fashion?  

Y.W: I actually love both and I feel like both fields go hand in hand. You express yourself by the way that you dress and you also express yourself by how you live. I would say these two worlds are more alike than people think. It’s all about having a good base: you can accessorize your outfit and also your home. When designing a room, I tend to think: ‘will this room have longevity?’ That is important because unlike clothes, we can’t change our furniture and interior decorations daily. You have to plan for a space to work for years. I still love throwing in a bit of trend, but in small doses. That way when the fad fades, you can easily switch it out.

Do you remember your first project as an interior designer?

Y.W: I absolutely do! It was for a lovely couple who lived in Leaside. They wanted some help revamping their entire house. I volunteered my time and transformed the home. From there the phone started ringing. In this business, it is all about the referral so your work better shine. I was paid for every gig following, so it paid off.


What is the most exciting project you’ve ever worked?

Y.W: That is a hard question to answer, as honestly they are all exciting to me. The most unique project I worked on was the Q Studio in CBC. A new host, Shad, was coming in, and they wanted a new look that matched his personality. It was a little nerve-wracking, as we were up against some very large companies to win the bid, but we did. It was a new and unique experience for us.

What is the philosophy behind your brand?

 Y.W: The philosophy behind my brand is to let us Inspire Your Home. A job of a good designer is to listen to customers and give them a space that is reflective of them and more. You are hiring YWDesign to make your house a home. It is crucial to me that we do what we say and we make your space spectacular.

When a client contacts you, how does the whole process work?

 Y.W: When contacted by a client, we usually set up an initial consultation. That is meeting with the client and seeing the space or spaces that they are interested in changing. We talk about the job, take measurements etc., and usually provide them with a report on what we’ve discussed in the meeting. From there, the client decides if it’s a good fit. Then, we sign a contract to move forward and the work starts. Pretty easy breezy!


The most rewarding part of your job?

 Y.W: That would be making people feel happy, as cliché is that might sound. I truly want all my clients to love their spaces we have created for them. It is so rewarding to feel like you’ve done a great job and that people agree with your ideas.

And what would you say the most challenging aspect of it is?

Y.W: There are a few things that are challenging, like in every job out there. One of the biggest challenges is to have to rely on third parties. Things take longer than they always tell you, whether things are on backorder, flaws in products, trades not showing up, etc. It is also challenging when clients don’t let you do what they’ve hired you to do. The best spaces I have ever created are for the people who truly trusted me to deliver a room perfect for them. But I get it is sometimes hard for people to give over the creative reins but when they do, magic happens.

Someone you’d like to work for?

Y.W: I would love to do one of those makeovers you see on TV for a family who needs help but can’t afford it and it would really change their life. I just feel it would be so rewarding.

If you had to pick just one colour to decorate an entire house, what would be the colour?

Y.W: OMG, that is tough! I’d have to say blue. There are so many variations of it, that I think I would be able to pull it off.

If the White House weren’t white, it would be…

Y.W: Purple…No, I’m just kidding. It would be grey.

What’s next for you?

Y.W: Who knows? I like to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. I love a good challenge so, really, I’m up for anything.