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An Insider’s Guide to NYC Mixology Scene

Text: Peter Minkoff

The mixology scene has seen a real boom in recent years. Gone are the days of bartenders pouring beer and using a cocktail chart on those rare occasions when a guest dares to order a funny sounding drink. Mixologists are taking over. People with a passion for mixing drinks and making the perfect cocktail for every person they serve have changed the game for everyone. Using classic recipes, high-quality ingredients, fresh juices, and having a knack for experimenting is what makes a good mixologist. The NYC mixology scene is one of the finest out there and here is a list of its best renditions.

Bar Moga

Bar Moga is a little place in NYC that celebrates women and does so in great style with amazing cocktails. The name of the bar comes from the Japanese word moga. Mogas were modern Japanese girls from the 1920s characterized by their modern and independent spirit. Pictures of them hang on the walls of the bar and their style resonates in every part of this business. Drinks are devised by experienced female mixologist Becky McFalls-Schwartz, and the bar also serves female-produced wine. Their signature cocktail “the Moga” is a damn strong drink, just like the gals are, and a percentage of the money earned by selling this cocktail is donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the A.C.L.U..


Alchemiq Catering

Alchemiq is a catering service known for the stellar mixology experience they offer. The founder, Igor Zukowiec is a master of flavor pairing and he envisioned Alchemiq catering as an exclusive and artistic expression of his passion. They have true artists creating magic behind the bar and in the kitchen. Classic cocktails, bespoke cocktails, and amazing dishes are all served in unique ways at every party they cater. They have new menus every season, the cocktails are mixed with the best quality drinks, and the dishes are prepared with fresh and locally grown ingredients. The mixologists and artists from Alchemiq, with dedication for their craft and an eye for detail, make every party they cater a magical event.


This is a place that offers more than cocktails; it offers cures for every ailment you have. Apothéke is inspired by European apothecaries of the 19th century and their mixologists take their duties as seriously as an apothecary takes its. You can find cocktails that can help with health and beauty, that have aphrodisiac properties, that help with pain, and so much more. Here you will find what you need and the best part is that you can also learn the old craft of mixing. At Apothéke Academy, you can learn all about mixing cocktails and the history of this great trade, so you can fix yourself a cocktail when you need a fix for your daily woes.

Death and Company

Death & Company

This bar opened in 2006 and for more than ten years it has been serving excellent cocktails and inspiring the mixology scene. It had an important role in growing the public interest in cocktails during the early days of the mixology revival movement. The mixologists at Death & Co. have a knack for recreating classic cocktails and mixing exciting new ones. Their skillfully mixed creations have been stirring the imaginations of other mixologists and satisfying the thirst of customers from day one. The unique thing about Death & Co. is that it gives control over the drinks to the bartenders, turning them into real mixologists. Employing talented and passionate people and giving them the opportunity to develop their skills, while elevating the cocktail experience at the bar is what continues to bring customers and fresh talent to this place.

Fort Defiance

Located in the heart of Brooklyn, Fort Defiance was founded by a mixologist St. John Frizell, whose love for cocktails is on full view on the menu. This restaurant has an array of American dishes on the menu, which you can pair with the best cocktails you can hope for. They buy the best quality locally grown meat, dairy, fruit, and vegetables, but the cocktails are what you should go there for. Also, the Irish coffee they serve is the best in the city and you can’t miss it.

Correction: An earlier version of the article stated that Natasha Torres is part of Bar Moga. She is no longer involved with Bar Moga. 

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5 Lessons to Learn from New York Street Style

There’s no question about it, New York is the epicentre of fashion in the United States. But unlike other fashion capitals around the world, New York doesn’t get its fashion inspirations from the select few at the very top of the fashion industry. Instead, the very lifeblood of the City’s fashion comes from the people, from the everyday fashion lovers that walk the streets of the bustling city. Which is exactly why the fashion community should look towards not only the City itself but the people within it to mould and create their own personal styles. Because when it comes to style, New York’s got it going on!

A little bit of Rock & Roll

New York has always been a rebel city at heart. And the same goes for its citizens. Here, fashion blogger Sirin adds the perfect amount of punk rock to an everyday look by adding a simple black motorcycle jacket and a pair of black ankle boots to a pinstripe blue dress. It’s a look that balances rock glam and everyday wearability into one easy to digest package.

Be As Eccentric As You’d Like

The beauty of New York is that you can be whoever you want to be and no one will love you any less for it. Unlike other places in the United States, New York is a dizzying melting pot of sights, sounds, lights, and people. Where everyone can come together and share a little bit about themselves without fear of prejudice. And Farfetch style and creative VP Yasmin Sewell understands just that. Pair prints, colours, and wild accessories together to create a cacophonic fashion moment. You just might inspire someone else to come out of their fashion shell!

Hip Hop Never Dies

To say that New York lives and breathes Hip Hop would be an understatement. Hip Hop has been part of the cultural fibre that makes up New York City since rhymes were first spit back in the early days of the genre. So it comes as no surprise to see that same influence walking the streets of the Big Apple during fashion week. Now Hip Hop based fashion has evolved from the days of wearing Karl Kani jeans and Baby Phat hoodies, and Rapper Dej Loaf is showcasing just that by adding elements of old school Hip Hop and R & B (the elastic waistband sweats and subtle nod to Queen Mary J. Blige) and pairing them with modern fashion staples like the metallic puffer and sneaker boot.

The Wolf of 5th Avenue

If there’s one thing New York has taught business world well (apart from good business itself) is how to pick and wear the perfect suit. It comes as no surprise that those who live in the arguably the largest business trading centre in the world are going to pick up a little something here and there about dressing in dapper duds. Here, author Aimee Song takes the regular everyday suit and injects a whole lot of New York attitude in it by opting for a velvet jewel tone blazer and high waisted short — making the suit look less like Goldman Sachs and more like a Vogue after party ensemble.

Upper East Side Classic

Model Irene Kim perfectly encompasses what it’s like to dress like New York’s most affluent half in this all-black private school number. However, preppy Upper East Side dressing can sometimes be tricky, and teetering into the realm of comical school girl costume may be something that most people fall into. But Kim pulls it off beautifully. When aiming for a preppier look, try to think less “Lunch on the steps of the Met” à la Gossip Girl and more squeaky clean and pristine debutant with an edge.

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Must-Have Pieces Every Girl Needs for Fall

Fall is the time of year when the old meets new to create looks that incorporate pieces we’ve loved since Spring with elevated touches and weather appropriateness. While Summer is the time for fresh styles and lighter looks, I have to say that I love Fall fashion as it allows room for more complicated pieces to come together. Our fashion editor, Chris, put together a list of Must-Have Pieces Every Guy Needs For Fall. Now, here is one that will help guide the most stylish ladies this season!


The fitted bomber was a huge hit this past spring and fall. It adds a masculine edge to an outfit and can be extremely versatile. This fall, the bomber is coming back and in a big way (literally). Many fashion icons have been rocking this look four sizes up to add proportional depth to what they are wearing. Layering has always been a fall staple and the oversized bomber leaves ample room for this trend in many ways.


Your robe coat could be made of velvet, flannel, or silk. No matter the fabric, this is a great way to be comfortable this season while still maintaining a statement look. The silhouette that a robe gives allows the a wearer to remain feminine while staying cozy. This looks great over a body suit, a graphic tee, or whatever else you can fit under this flowing piece.


Bundling up doesn’t have to look frumpy. The turtleneck has been a chic and sophisticated staple for the past few colder seasons. The look gets a bit of a facelift this fall as fashion-lovers are wearing additional pieces overtop in order to allow the high-neck to subtly work together with a statement piece. This unification allows for an ultimate high-fashion look. Put your layering skills to work!


The fall season has been known as a time to pack up the lighter shades and bring out the blacks and navies. However, light-wash is staying strong this fall and is transitioning into in-season by being worn with long sleeve bodysuits, graphic tees, button ups, and more. The look of a light washed jean is classic and always brings a vintage feel to an outfit. This is why you can be a bit daring when dressing up in this timeless colour.


Being girly in cold weather can be a bit challenging — you battle whether to look glam or to freeze. The long skirt allows you to do both and is an option that works with many types of styles. Casually, the piece can be great with a simple t-shirt or sweater. If you want to dress it up or give it an edge, your favourite fall jacket will go perfectly with this standout fall staple!

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Natural Beauty with Elly Mayday

Source: Forever Yours Lingere

Two years ago, model and social media personality Elly Mayday moved from her hometown of Aylesbury, Saskatchewan, to pursue dreams of traveling the world. She was on the verge of a successful modeling career when a diagnosis of stage-three ovarian cancer and subsequent treatments changed everything.

Mayday experienced many physical and emotional challenges, but she was able to use her illness as a platform to speak about the power of natural beauty and self-acceptance all over the world.

I wanted to show you can be beautiful when you are going through hell…” Mayday says on her website, “I worked really hard on all my shoots because I knew I was doing something that would help others facing cancer as well.”  

Mayday’s determination to embody self-confidence and body-positivity even during the throes of chemotherapy catapulted her into international fame. Since then, she has been featured on Good Morning America, in Women’s Weekly Australia, in documentary-film “A Perfect 14,” and has modeled for Lane Bryant’s “I’m no Angel” campaign.

One unexpected thing that had to change during her treatment, says Mayday, was her beauty routine.

Source: Elly Mayday Official Website

I had liked to do my hair,” she says, ”but when I lost it, I had my wigs… I stopped getting my nails done, [because] I would get sick from all the fumes involved in the process and couldn’t keep them on if I had an operation.”

Mayday’s heightened sensitivity to smells and chemicals found in everyday cosmetics led her to seek out natural alternatives for her favourite beauty products. “I started to do a bit of research and realized there were so many unpronounceable ingredients in something as simple as makeup remover,” she says, “I have some close friends in the all-natural, clean-eating world and knew going that route would be better for me.”

According to a research survey conducted by the David Suzuki Association, 80% of beauty products possessed by participants contained at least one of twelve “dirty dozen” ingredients shown to have potentially harmful effects on the body. For some individuals, exposure to these ingredients can cause very serious health problems.

Consumers are advised by health experts to read cosmetic labels and steer clear of toxic ingredients (such as BHA, PEGs, parabens, parfum, petrolatum, sulfates and triclosan) that can be found lurking in many common cosmetic  and beauty products.

For those wishing to try natural alternatives, Elly recommends her following top five favourite all-natural beauty items:

1. Coconut Oil.

I use this for my makeup remover and moisturizer. I like it because it’s available everywhere, travels easily and you can pre-soak cotton swabs for when you’re  on-the-go.”

2. Aluminum-free Deodorant.

“I use Green Beaver Natural Deodorant.”

3. Lia Reese Lipsticks. 

“These are allergy-tested, hypoallergenic, not tested on animals and fragrance free. They have great pigment and last all day, plus have a subtle scent of vanilla. There are a ton of options for colors and I like to support Canadian-owned companies.”

4. Taproot Organics Cocoa Face Bar. 

“I use this as my face wash. If I’ve forgotten my coconut oil, I have no problem getting my makeup off just using this. It lathers well and gets the job done, and it’s mainly made out of oils that don’t dry my skin out afterwards like a regular bar soap. “

5. Activated Charcoal.

“I use this for a face mask as well as teeth whitener.”

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