Runway Beauty Guru’s to Follow on Instagram (Who Aren’t Pat McGrath)

When fashion and beauty get together, the main name that comes up is Pat McGrath. McGrath is responsible for some of the most iconic looks to grace the runway. When it comes to putting together a memorable runway production, the combination of fashion and hair and makeup must work together like a well-oiled machine to portray the designers’ visions of their collections. While the work of beauty gurus (hair and makeup artists) is spotlighted in every show on the runway models, the credit of these artists is pushed into the corner as the focus is mainly on the fashion itself. Fortunately, many of these artists are making a name for themselves via Instagram! Here are some hairstylists and makeup artists to follow whose work you are probably more familiar with than their names.


Guido Palau is known for contributing to a designer’s overall theme of their show with his brave and creative looks. Some of this hair guru’s most notable works on runway have been with Marc Jacobs, Dior, and Versace. His Instagram page features his works in both runway shows and editorial pieces. This account is definitely one to follow if you want to stay informed on current hair trends and spice up your daily feed!


While Diane Kendal is the main beauty consultant for Marc Jacobs Beauty, she works with many fashion designers to create beautiful runway moments. Her most recent works this past season, aside from Marc Jacobs, include a fresh and sultry look for Alexander Wang, bold cat eyes for Roberto Cavalli, and classic red lips for Sonia Rykiel. While her looks are classic and never too wild, her techniques give the model a flawless finish. Kendal’s Instagram page features a range of old and new makeup looks done by her for editorials and runways. Her account is great to follow if you’re into the classic aesthetics.


Aside from being a monster fashion house for decades, Dior has carved its name prominently in the beauty world for years now. Behind this progress is Peter Philips, creative and image director of Christian Dior Makeup. Every season, when Dior makes a statement on the runway, Philips is behind the bold faced looks that accompany it. His Instagram account is great to follow for his current works and throwbacks, but he also posts “How To” videos that are sure to help you create your own runway moment at home.


When it comes to taking current hair trends and amping them up for the runway, Paul Hanlon is every designer’s dream artist for the job. This past season, Gucci, Julien Dossena, and Jeremy Scott for Moschino all featured chic and unique hair looks that will surely be seen off the runway. Follow his account for up-to-date photos on his current projects, which will surely give some indication of what’s hot in the hair world.


When thinking of Burberry, the word ‘classic’ comes to mind. While the brand keeps up with current trends, they never stray far from their initial statement of class that they have been known for throughout the years. This is why makeup artist Wendy Rowe is their artistic consultant. The guru has a great understanding of how best to represent a brand and maintain their signature influence. She showed off her skills this past season with her sexy look for Juilen Macdonald, in which she once again allowed the brands collection to perfectly inspire the look that she created. Follow her account to see her work on the runway, as well as the many classic looks that she does on celebrity cover stories.


Amy Farid is fairly new to the runway but made a definite statement with her work for Luar at SS.18 of NYFW. Her wild looks contributed to the intensity and playfulness of the fashion. Aside from the runway, Amy Farid creates looks that celebrate diversity and creativity, which can be seen on her Instagram page’s many current project posts.

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Dear… (A Comprehensive Look At The Most Questionable Moments in Fashion)

As a lover of fashion, I’m well aware the often times, many designers veer into the cringe-worthy territory of problematic life choices. Recently, the Novella team sat down for a brainstorming session on some new weekly pieces we could all bring to the boardroom table. Among the friendly banter and ideas being thrown around, we came up with an interesting concept. Why not call out those within the fashion industry that need a little slap on the wrist. In the end, we came up with the concept of Dear… Where I have the wonderful privilege of being able to discuss (and tear apart) some of fashion’s most epic nose dives for all of our reader’s gossip needs. So without further adieu, here’s fashion’s Hot Goss.

Dear Marc Jacobs…

The question we’re all asking after New York fashion week isn’t whether or not you’re one of the most talented and influential designers in the world, instead, we’re all asking why you seem to focus all of your design talents on making collections that are essentially culturally appropriative marching parades. Don’t get me wrong, you’ve made some jaw-dropping collections in the past. Louis Vuitton Spring 2012, Spring 2003, and Louis Vuitton fall 2011 all come to mind. So I know he has the potential of creating collections that are beyond beautiful, so why is that Mr Jacobs has been insistent on creating collections that take vital aspects of minorities cultures, specifically black traditions and culture. There really is something inappropriate about placing women who aren’t women of colour in dreadlock wigs or 70’s and 80’s Harlem inspired clothing. This subtle borrowing of black cultural without having black designers assist in the design process is just careless in the fact that a designer, no matter how experienced the designer may be, will never know the personal experience of the culture they’re borrowing from unless they were born into that culture or grew up in that culture.

However, Mr Jacobs seems to look past the complaints of those around him and continues to push the boundary on what is acceptable as inspiration and what is full blown appropriation. Recently, for his last show in New York, Jacobs focused all of his design talents on creating a collection fit an elegant woman of colour. Sadly, the collection had only a handful of black women walk the show. Which wouldn’t seem out of the norm in the fashion industry, but it’s extremely unsettling to see so little black women walk a show where the models are dressed in African inspired prints and head wraps that resemble those worn by African and African-American women. Now to some, it may not seem like such a big deal, however, when a show includes models like Kendal Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Taylor Hill wearing traditionally styled Gele and Ankara headdresses worn by women from countries like Ghana and Nigeria, it becomes extremely problematic because those specific headdresses are seen as foreign and are often gawked at by westerners. But when white models sport them it then becomes fashionable and trendy. The same can be said for his collections that featured heavy hip-hop inspirations and dreadlocks. On one hand, “urban” clothing and dreadlocks are worn by black men and women every day and it’s seen as ghetto and lower class, but when people outside of a traditional black environment decide to grow their hair into dreadlocks or wear clothing heavily inspired by black culture. It then becomes extremely forward thinking and ambitious.

What the moral of this entire gong show is, is that Marc Jacobs should look into the social consequences caused by the appropriation of culture, especially that of black culture in the United States. And then look into the global repercussions of appropriating the cultures of minorities around the world are before creating collections that are culturally and socially insensitive.Remember Mr Jacobs,

Remember Mr Jacobs, black women were laughed at and made the butt of the joke for taking pride and wearing their Gele’s and headwraps in public for decades now. Making them feel as if they shouldn’t be wearing their traditional cultural dress outside of their own country and making them feel shame and embarrassment for doing so. So why make it harder for black women (and all POC who takes pride in dressing in their homeland’s traditional garb) by making them feel as if the one thing they have to take pride on, isn’t even their own anymore. Because someone else can buy and be praised for it, while they get shunned and mocked for it.


Chris Zaghi


Tried and Tested: Paige Denim

Denim jeans are by far the most widely used and appreciated articles of clothing that people have in their closests. It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular Joe or a self proclaimed foshionista, chances are you own a pair of jeans, and among them the perfect pair of jeans. Now finding the perfect pair of jeans can sometimes be tricky – everything from fit to dye has to be absolutely perfect for denim lovers to fall in love with the denim they’re about to purchase. Which is bound to cause some frustration for those who can never seem to find the perfect pair. Luckily, Paige has a wonderfully unique and perfectly wearable collection of denim that’ll have even the most discerning of denim connoisseurs falling in love over and over again. Here are just a few example of how versatile Paige’s collection of amazing jeans are!

Drew Brown, Editor-in-Chief

The idea of spending a lot of money on a pair jeans never appealed to me, so I had very little expectations when given the chance to try and test a pair of Paige denim. I selected the men’s Croft-Langdon super skinny jeans and had a change of heart as soon as I put them on. The super soft and comfortable fit gave me everything that I ever wanted in a pair of jeans. Being somewhat vertically challenged, skinny jeans have always been my go-to when wanting to appear taller. But after wearing them a few times, they often don’t fit the same. I packed the Paige for my trip to New York for fashion week and wore them a couple times and each time the jeans fit perfectly; its as if they made were made for me.

What I love the most is the ability to dress them up or down. I can pair them with a studded moto-jacket for a night on the town or I can wear them with a white button-down and a blazer for work. Either way, these jeans are now my new favourite.

Meg Summers, Contributor

I have to admit, the straight leg pant has been a little intimidating for me for a while since I’m used to living in/styling my clothes with either super tight skinny jeans or over-the-top baggy men jeans. There hasn’t been an in-between. Until now! I went with the Julia Straight because I loved the slits at the bottom and wanted something unique to shake up my wardrobe. These jeans feel like the softest denim I’ve ever worn but still give me the satisfaction that I look stylish and put-together. The jeans’ claim to fame is that they do not lose their shape (we all know the rush to throw your jeans in the dryer last minute so that they snap back to their original fit). After wearing these out to run errands and, a few days later, to go dancing, I can say that the jeans have kept their promise to stay the way I found them! An absolute favorite that I will continue to try new looks with, no other pair could’ve cured my fear of the straight leg pants like these.

Chris Zaghi, Fashion Editor

Jeans, above all else, should be comfortable. If you’re squeezing into a pair that makes you feel like your lower half might just necrotize, or you might be wearing one that makes you look like you have a wet diaper hanging out from your backside. Luckily, Paige denim is the complete opposite of that. The fit of the jeans I chose, the Lennox, is arguably one of the most comfortable pair of denims I’ve ever worn. From what I can deduce, the extremely comfortable fit must come from the soft material, which has an amazing amount of stretch, making it feel as if you’re wearing a pair of soft sweats rather than a pair of heavy and thick jeans. Another great aspect of Paige jeans is their dye and wash. A simple pair of black jeans are all well and good, but it’s always fun to have a super interesting pair of ‘off-black’ jeans that add a little bit of oomph to your everyday look.

Michelle Cheung, Social Media Coordinator 

I selected the Hoxton Ankle Black Fog Coating from Paige Jeans. At first, I was hesitant to get a pair of wax jeans, thinking the coating would feel tacky and wouldn’t last over time. I chose the pair because it was unlike other items in my wardrobe. When I tried them on, they were very comfortable and yet form fitting. Although it is just a wax coating, the jeans look like leather without feeling tacky or uncomfortable like pleather. I’ve worn them a couple of times and even washed them, yet these jeans fit and feel the same. I’ve been wearing them non-stop, and I can say with confidence that these Paige Jeans definitely replaced my usual black skinny jeans. They are very versatile and I can wear them from day to night, pairing them with a basic white tee or a blazer for an effortless look. I especially love wearing them with my black-heeled boots. These jeans are my newest and most versatile fashion favourite. Try them and you’ll be wearing them all year round!

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Style Slays and Nays: Celebrity Street Style Edition

Interest in celebrity street style is becoming increasingly more popular than the traditional buzz on celebrity red carpet styles or even runway fashion. Perhaps this is because we can relate more to their ‘off duty’ trends and can find similar items for ourselves. While some of these outfits might look just casually thrown together, the majority of the time, each outfit is thoughtfully put together by a stylist, whether the celebrity is out for coffee, gas, a casual stroll, or just looking regular. While even the most casual look takes effort, there is no denying that even a celebrity can miss the boat on a current trend. Here are some ‘off duty’ celebrities and their styles — the good, the not-so-good, and the wrong.

Statement Denim

Slay: Gigi Hadid & Nay:Diane Kruger When it comes to an all denim look, it is almost unfair to be compared to Gigi Hadid — the Tommy Hilfiger girls rocks this look frequently and flawlessly. The baggy fit of both the jacket and pants could have appeared drowning, but her tight red tank and matching boots give this look a fun and sexy feel. Diane Kruger’s take on this look is definitely more casual but could have been made better with a sleeker hairstyle and a pair of heels.

Styled Sweats

Slay: Kourtney Kardashian & Nay: Kendall Jenner  Sweats are trending everywhere right now and the Kardashian clan has been seen embodying the trend this past year. Both Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner went for a dressed up version of the sweats trend. However, Kourtney’s all white look with a pop of black heels and bag feels trendier than Kendall’s sloppy fur approach.

Vertical Stripe Pant

Slay: Rihanna & Nay: Vanessa Hudgens — Striped pants are a huge statement piece this season. Rihanna gave this trend a warmer feel while still keeping her classic flair with her pointed heels. Vanessa Hudgens took a lighter approach to the striped pants, but the contrast between her mustard yellow sweater, black and white pants, and tan wedges made the outfit look like a hodgepodge of colors and textures.

Mini Skirt

Slay: Blake Lively & Nay: Bella Hadid — The mini skirt is a fluctuating trend that is currently a much coveted item in any girl’s wardrobe. The trick with this look is to make it look trendy and not trashy. Blake Lively looked absolutely flawless in this polished outfit. Bella Hadid took a similar approach by matching her skirt to the jacket and pairing them with a pair of pointy boots. The rips and the length of the skirt are a definite nay as the model’s street style look does not reflect her usual elevated and classy style.

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The Best of Milan Fashion Week Spring 2018

Milan seemed up in its spirits this season. Of all the major fashion cities around the world, Milan has has a harder time with reinventing itself and finding its signature aesthetics. While the city’s designers are still looking for their voices, it seems that the soul-searching has led to a signature Milan-look. The Spring collections were filled with pretty things. Frilly white frocks were cut and sewn into delicate silhouettes, while pops of color and pattern introduced a light dusting of excitement throughout the week. In the end, it’s good to see that Milan is moving in this direction. Here’s hoping Milano sticks to the pristine angelic ensembles that graced the runway this season. Pretty suits the city.


Versace is an Italian powerhouse and has been for more than two decades. Celebrities and the elite have tripped over their own two feet to wear the iconic Medusa head on their bodies. But it seems that the world craves Versace now more than ever. Which seems like the perfect timing since this year commemorates Gianni Versace, who died in 1997. Donatella created a collection that took the spotlight away from the horrific murder and once again focused on her brother’s designs. The collection celebrated Gianni’s affinity for sexy mini dresses, cropped bolero jackets, gold chains, and seashell motifs. Versace’s designs were never intended to feel serious and uptight; they always felt fun and celebratory, like joy in printed fabric form, which is exactly the kind of carefree joy the world needs right now.


Missoni is one of those brands that have become synonymous with Italian fashion. Since its humble beginnings back in 1953, brand has never ceased to surprise with its signature zigzag knits. Now some may think that keeping alive house codes created back in the ’50s is a recipe for disaster, but that isn’t always the case. With so many designers abandoning the things that made their brand famous back in the day, it’s refreshing to see brands like Missoni reinvent itself without throwing away its foundations. This season, Angela Missoni presented a collection with a bohemian flare. But the collection didn’t rely soley on boho-chic to get by — many contemporary trends came into play. Sheer gowns and oversized cardigans looked right at home beside completely on-trend oversized sunhats, giving the collection a vintage yet contemporary feeling.

Elisabetta Franchi

Kudos to Maria Grazia for attempting to pull off a modern western vibe at Dior a few months ago (better luck next time!), but it looks like Elisabetta Franchi has the entire look covered. Franchi, who’s mostly known for dressing Italy’s well-to-do in elegant and refined clothing, often opted for traditional glamour than take the route of over the top fashion designer or high fashion extremes. However, this collection marks a very interesting moment for the designer. Diverging from her usuals, Franchi chose to create a whimsical and very mature take on vintage western clothing. Large black straw hats were paired alongside flirty rompers and micro mini dresses. Long billowing gowns had pretty historic touches sewn throughout — they’re versatile and can be worn as they were seen on the runway or on their own. The accessories used throughout the show also emphasized the old world decorative dressing. The belts had a particular beauty about them, with their strung pearls and gold dangling delicately at the waist.


Arguably the most important designer in Italy (maybe even the world) Miuccia Prada lives and breathes fashion. Look at the last decade and try to find a collection that wasn’t in one way or another infleuntial, artistic, innovative, and beautiful. It’s likely that you won’t. And that’s what sets Miuccia and Prada apart from the pack. Prada has always been known as the brand that’s years ahead of its time. Elements from collections that Miuccia created years ago continue to pop up in other designers’ collections season after season. Luckily, Madame Prada commands enough respect to never have her designs completely ‘borrowed’. This season’s collection follows suit. Classic, the Prada-ism that put the brand at the top of the fashion game, with touches of forward-thinking design makes for a modern collection fit for fashion’s most progressive dressers. The collection itself was a crossroads of interesting designs, mixing beatnik vests and shirting with flirty in-your-face Prada patterns that the brand is known for. The bright pops of tomato red fit in perfectly with the season’s biggest color trend. And the accessories, as per usual, are simply to die for, with the brand’s signature graphic handbags once again on center stage.

Luisa Beccaria

Ethereal beauty reigned supreme at Luisa Beccaria this season. Everything seemed to be touched by a fairy godmother’s wand. Sheer gowns were strewn in embroidered flowers, eyelet lace, pastels, and fancy little polka dots. The show felt very surreal with models walking through a courtyard dotted with petals to the sound of classical music. The color scheme was very soft and delicate, mirroring the overall feeling of the show. Yet the delicate colors didn’t feel fragile but inviting and warm. Even the cool baby blues somehow managed to come across far more sumptuous and warm than cold and icy. Another major factor that made this collection stand out from the crowd of soft and pretty runway shows was its effortless sexiness. Many of the collection’s looks featured barely-there shorts and almost all of the gowns and dresses that walked the runway displayed various levels of transparency. But the collection never felt like it was trying to look sexy — Beccaria managed to infuse grown-up sexiness into the collection by manipulating the levels of sheerness throughout. It wasn’t about provoking by exposing the models’ breasts through gauzy fabric or by revealing a panty underneath a long gown. It was about dressing a woman in a natural, carefree, and self-loving way.

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