A Day in the life of An Iron Warrior- By Jenn Bannon

6.30 First alarm “playtime” on my iphone goes off. I always have a first alarm, because the second one is the necessary backup one – I swear it raises its eyebrows at me “like, really?. Music is my connection to every occasion. 6.40 Few bites of the dreaded nutritional banana and a rushed chug of my pre-workout NLA for her Uplift and I’m out the door for my morning iron therapy. 7.15 Warm-up and mental rehearsal of the routine to follow. Today is Monday so its leg day, unlike the majority of the chest champs out there.7.30 Hitting the iron. Straining the cable. Conditioning the core. Sparkling like a diamond is what it’s all about! Lovin’ on my FitAffinity ‘drop it like a squat’ shirt this morning. 8.30 After I take my protein shake I jump in the shower still nodding my head to the fading beats of my reggaeton and dancehall mix. Fresh off workout-high I stare at my closet, check my phone for the weather, stare at my closet again. I tend to either extremes of minimalistic strokes or wildly patterned pieces. Excited for my fall season that’s basically here because I love love love scarves and caramel kissed fur. Fur of any kind really. 9.15 Racing out the door with snacks and shoes in hand. Snacks usually consist of tofu, greek yogurt, walnuts, granola bars or my homemade kamut dark chocolate energy bars. Apples! Yes, finally in season9.20 Pickup my oatmeal and coffee at Timmies greeting the best staff ever. 9.35 Glide into the office and put on my financial marketing hat that I’m still adjusting to, open up my Kate Spade golden polka dot planner and kick into business mode. 4.30 I’m checking out a new recipe that will be for dinner because I don’t like repeating the same meal twice. I may have to repeat the Shiitake mushrooms with healthy greek salad version sandwiched in between slices of sourdough though … that one’s a keeper. 5.00 Take off to grab groceries at Whole Foods at Square One while avoiding eye contact with the mall and its undying allure of Topshop, Zara and Mendocino pieces – among others. Have you seen Topshop’s new Longline Wool Gilet by Unique or their Sparrow Glitter slipper shoes? Modern day princess anyone? The scarves at Zara never cease to lift me up to absolute euphoria as the love-hate relationship between all things fashion and my wallet continues. 7.30 It’s either muay thai/kickboxing, Brazilian ji jitsu or barre classes if I have the evening to myself or a social engagement of some sorts. Tonight is mine however, so off to feel like a dancer I go. It also helps to keep my lower half lean as I have genetic tendencies to be quite curvy. 9.15Winding down for the night, catching up with my momma on her day or bugging whatever other family member I haven’t touched base with yet, then pumping up the radio to dance to the day’s hits or curl up on my bed with an episode of Hawaii Five-O or Suits. 11.30 I try and have lights out to get those essential beauty rest hours in. Ready for sweet sleep with my big cuddly gorilla Sir George and then it’s on to the next 24

Holiday Shopping with YO SOX

When Christmas is just around the corner, last minute holiday shopping can get quite stressful. But don’t worry, Toronto-based brand YO SOX got you covered. Their first-ever Pop-up shop, located at 567 Queen St. West in Toronto will open till December 22.

Giving socks as Christmas presents doesn’t have to be boring anymore. YO SOX offers a large selection of humorous novelty and bold graphic patterned designs for men, women and most recently, kids. So now you can for sure find a perfect pair for everyone in your family.

Founded in the summer of 2013, YO SOX has quickly become one of the fastest growing and most popular sock brands. Each sock is exceptionally crafted in Turkish compact cotton. So you are not only buying the comfort and the fashion, but also letting your feet to make statements.


FGI: Making Scents

(Photo Credit: JR Bernstein, Thalia Lazano)

November’s FGI Scent Event at the Thompson Hotel Highlights Thierry Mugler’s “Les Exceptions” Through a Fragrance Experience

The evening began with an olfactory pleasing presentation of Thierry Mugler’s “Les Exceptions”, a collection of five unique fragrances that delight the senses and entice the imagination. Novella had the opportunity to attend this FGI (Fashion Group International) event at the Thompson Hotel and had the pleasure of experiencing these fragrances through the mouth of a wine glass. The presentation method allowed the scent to slowly emanate up from the glass and allowed the depth of each fragrance to come to life.

Sponsored by Hudson’s Bay and moderated by Jim Hicks, retired Publisher of Cosmetics Magazine, the second part of the event provided an educational and informative look at the fragrance industry through a forum discussion.

Panel members included:

David Titheridge, General Manager, LVMH Fragrance Brands Canada Ltd.

Deborah Fulsang, Journalist, Founder of the Fulsang Company and Creator of The Whale and The Rose

Heather Josey, Prestige Fragrance Buyer, Hudson’s Bay

Sandy Silva, Canadian Fashion & Beauty Industry Analyst, The NPD Group

A note on FGI……

Founded in New York City in 1930 by former VOGUE Editor-in-Chief, Edna Woolman Chase with nine other influential women prominent in the fashion and beauty industry, FGI is an organization that strives to advance professionalism in fashion and related industries through monthly events. The Group is the pre-eminent authority on the business of fashion. FGI events offer networking opportunities and a platform for members and guests to discuss fashion business and fashion-related issues.

Members must be involved in the fashion industry for at least three years and be approved by the main chapter in New York. Membership offers valuable returns like access to business professionals who are influential in the world of fashion as a business.

Many thanks to FGI member, Anya Nordstrom of ANPR, for extending the invitation to the Novella team as we thoroughly enjoyed the evening!

To learn more about FGI and membership benefits, please contact anya@anyanordstrompr.com

Please visit FGI:

Instagram @FGItoronto

Twitter @FGItoronto


Designer Profile – Sebastian Guarin

Pastel images by Allysandra Cervantes
Marble background images by Tiffany Sin


What inspires you?

My inspiration has always come from an organic place, an emotional place, a reaction to something, or a place. I find that many things inspire my designs, and that I have a great reaction to being inspired when I travel, or remembering a time where I traveled somewhere in the world. It could be a colour, a crack on a wall, the way a palm tree moved, or the way the texture on a feather looks. There is inspiration everywhere you go, and I’m always taking pictures and letting my intuition tell me what I should do next. I also listen to R&B and Hip Hop a lot as my musical inspiration.

What are three words that best describe your design aesthetic?

I would say from the top of my head, design focused, Textile driven, and Fresh

Who is Atelier Guarin woman?

The brand is about the feeling you get when you first see it, its ultimately about the woman who feels a certain connection, or emotion when they see an Atelier Guarin look walk down the runway. Its about that sensation, and instant feeling towards a garment. any woman who feels a connection, a love, or attachment to my designs is an Atelier Guarin woman. She can be confident, daring, and fashion forward.

What is your first fashion memory?

My first fashion memory would have to derive from my mother, she is ultimately one of the reasons I am in Fashion, she always made sure that we were very well dressed when we had people coming over, or when we went out. She introduced me to the major brands, and I loved her Givenchy perfume! From that I watched every fashion show that I could on TV, and I loved watching music videos all day, for the styling and the clothes my favourite pop stars wore.

What is the biggest challenge you face as a emerging designer?

I see these challenges as goals, and opportunities to push yourself further, and really fight for what you want, with the resources you have. I am an independent company/designer and there are challenges everyday, I think one thing many young emerging designers face, is finding those opportunities to really show your brand, and present your point of view. We have to fight extra hard and really push through to get well known, but its very worthwhile, I am passionate about my brand, and my job, and its all about time, hard work, and effort.

What are you most proud?

Where do I begin, I am proud of so many things! I am so thankful for the opportunities I have been blessed with. I am very proud to have had a fantastic year as an emerging designer in Toronto, but most importantly for winning an award for the best collection presented by the inspiring David Dixon.

Designer Profile – Alanna Klatt

1. What inspires you?
Everything! I can never narrow in on anything in particular that inspires me because each season it is so different from the last! One commonality that I have found from each season though was that creation itself was the foundation. Whether a rare flower, a subtle landscape, or an abandoned building I have always found inspiration in God’s work!
2. What three words best describe your design aesthetic?
My design aesthetic could be described as elegant, transitional, and simple. I provide women with pieces that are sophisticated yet retain playfulness to easily transition from work to play!
3. Who is the KLATT customer?
The Klatt customer is one who values comfort as an essential part of their every day wardrobe. Our customer is not limited by age, rather we believe if you feel confident and beautiful inside and out in a Klatt piece, then it was made for you!
4. What is your first fashion related memory?
My first ‘stand out’ fashion related memory that gave me confidence in a fashion career would be when I was selected as one of twenty-five finalists, amongst 500 submissions, to participate in Telio’s National Design Competition in 2013. My design and concept board stood out against 500+ others to a professional panel of judges, I’d say that’s something to be proud of! My design was featured on the runway at Montreal Fashion Week in March of 2013 where I received such valuable feedback from industry professionals.
5. What have been some of the challenges you have faced as an emerging designer?
As an emerging designer you definitely face your fair share of challenges along the way in this beautiful journey. I’m constantly learning each day on how I can improve everything I do. To narrow in on one challenge I have dealt with since launching Klatt I would say creating awareness and exposure of my brand so that others notice me was always a hard one, being amongst hundreds of other brands! That challenge has faded over time – persistence has been so key in that instance and to continue working hard. The results have come with setting goals and taking action.
6. What are you most proud of?
I’m so proud of taking that initial step in the summer of 2013 to register and launch Klatt as a business. Now, I can’t imagine being anywhere else than where I am today! I have a list of goals that I am slowly crossing off and it is so rewarding to see. It’s affirmation that ‘NO’ was never an option and to those that told me it was, I just proved otherwise.
Klatt is a Canadian local brand that is smitten with knit fabrications, providing women with confidence through luxury comfort apparel without surrendering elegant chic style. For more information, visit http://www.alannaklatt.com/