Kayla Short’s Favourite Things

Kayla Short is a fashion and beauty writer for Stylelist Canada, Localist Contributor to Flare Magazine, Style Consultant for Halifax Shopping Centre, Style Panelist for Fashion Magazine, Food and Recipe writer for Kitchen Daily Canada, and creator and founder of the life and style blog shortpresents.com. On her blog Short Presents, She writes about food, fashion, and everything fun and adventurous in between. We chatted with her and asked her to share some of her favourite things.

Shoes: Nine West Canada. I adore their colour pumps and mid-low heels. I’m in the upper percentile for height, so I like being able to wear a little heel, and still feel comfortable. I also have EXTREMELY narrow feet like freakishly small, and so I love that a lot of their shoes have ankle straps, so I can lock everything in.B4hOelnCMAAWmq8


Jewelry: I’m a major accessorizer. I think adding a statement piece to your look is the best way to elevate your look (even if it’s just a T-shirt and jeans). I always try to pick pieces that initiate a conversation a lot of time when you’re out at events you might not know a lot of people, but having a piece that is interesting can break the ice. The girls behind Beck and Boosh locates here in Atlantic Canada are really doing some great things to support woman, and their pieces are gorgeous so I’m totally on board.


Fragrances: Ohhhh fragrances have a special place in my heart. Scent is the strongest sense known to memory, and so I really think that the fragrance you choose can have a major impact. Right now I’m really loving the Juicy Couture fragrances, I keep going back and forth between the Gold Couture, and Viva La Juicy. The scent of the berries and creamy vanilla is so pretty and fresh that I can’t get enough.


Gadgets: Currently I am loving my new Samsung Galaxy Alpha, the photo quality on the Samsung phones really is impressive. The software took me a little bit to get used to because I was an Apple girl for so long, but now it’s like second nature. I’m also loving my eyefi card that sends photos from my Nikon to my cell phone. It’s a major cool world we live in these days.


Products: When I think of products I immediately think of beauty products, and so products I’m currently loving are Yonka and Gm Colin’s skincare line my skin has NEVER looked better, and acne has been a battle for me for years, so I’m happy to finally say something works. I’m also loving OPI’s 50 Shades of Gray collection; I’ve worn SO many colors already. The red in this collection is really rich and dark, and I love it for winter! And I also just got the Naked 2 palette at Christmas, so I’ve been having fun playing with that too!



Clothing: As a blogger and fashion writer I’m so blessed because I get to work with SO many different stores (big box and little), and so when it comes shopping I’m all over the place. I love the big guys and I love the little guys too. Stores that I always come back to are Banana Republic, Le Chateau (I love that some of their clothing is made in Canada), Forever 21 (of course), and locally I love shops like Envy, and Sweet Pea, The Hanger Boutique.

Shop All Weekend- Editor’s Picks

Starting from this week, we will share some of the hot picks from our Editors each Friday. So you can get out there during the weekend and shop till you’re fully satisfied. Not only the newest arrivals will be featured, some hot steals and great finds from local stores will also be showcased.

Oak+Fort bag

Oak + Fort Bag $198 CAD


Herschel Supply Novel Duffle $79.9 CAD


Arche Boots via Gravity Pope $408 CAD


Oak + Fort Boots on sale $174.40 CAD


Daniel Wellington Watch via WatchIt $210 CAD

naked & famous

Naked And Famous jeans via Gravity Pope $145 CAD



Style Profile – Meaghan Elizabeth

Working as a fashion blogger and social media consultant, Meaghan Elizabeth brings a unique blend of styling, reporting, and academic experience to her role as an influencer within the Toronto fashion community.  Established in 2012, FASHION SAVAGE became an outlet for founder Meaghan Elizabeth’s love of all things fashion.

How would you describe your personal style?
In no specific order: Globally Influenced. Adventurous. The antithesis of minimalism. Having said that, I am quite a fan of the minimalist aesthetic and the association of gender neutrality as an element of this.  I typically seem to go for more striking, unique pieces, though, when I am weighing my options for an event.

What is your favourite item in your closet and why?
Currently: A pair of boyfriend jeans which I purchased a size too big at Joe Fresh.  I’m loving the fact that this fit is trendy again and have been taking full advantage of it. Of All Time: A ring that my mother passed on to me from my grandmother.  It’s a favourite piece of mine because it is one of the few things I have of hers.  I also have two shawls which were brought back from Pakistan for me,  I’ve had them for a few years now and would be devastated if anything happened to them – they’re gorgeous!

Have you ever had a “What was I thinking” moment about something you have worn?
I like to be adventurous with my style and select unique pieces that others may be much more skeptical about wearing, so that opens me up to several potential opportunities to ponder “what was I thinking.”  However, trying out new and unusual looks sort of requires a no-regrets attitude and I think the confidence that goes along with this allows you to carry off just about anything.

What is your favourite fashion era and why?
I love the 1920s.  One of my favourite films is Midnight in Paris and after seeing it, I fell in love with everything from the decade – authors from and historical fiction about the time period, music from the era, and of course, the fashions. I am also really into the 1990s grunge revival that has been hanging around over the past few seasons – it is great for quick and easy street style inspiration.

Where do you shop?
Everywhere.  Like most of us, I have my go-to chain stores which include Forever 21, Joe Fresh, Topshop, and Zara, but I have really gotten into shopping local lately.  I love discovering new boutiques around the city which stock Canadian designers and limited edition finds… In fact, I covered the topic on Fashion Savage for two weeks in December!

What are you currently coveting?
A Chanel bag.  For years, I have said that if I won the lottery, the first thing I would do is buy one… even before paying off my student loans!

Whose closet would you want to raid?
The Vogue Closet.

What fashion trend would you like to see go away?
Designers and trends constantly focusing on previous decades for inspiration – the 1960s and 1970s, in particular.  In the past few seasons, we have seen these two decades have an overwhelming influence on what comes down the runways in every major fashion city.  While I enjoy revisiting the best styles of decades past, I’m growing tired of the old and want to see new and innovative pieces, which really showcase the creativity and individualism of a designer.

Who are a few of your fashion icons?
Cara Delevingne. Grace Kelly. Karl Lagerfeld.

What would be your theme song and why?
Gossip Folks, Missy Elliot.

Fill in the Blank: I could not live without _________________
Chocolate. My phone. My mom.

What is your secret obsession?
Hello Kitty.  But that is an obsession which is not even remotely a secret to anyone who knows me!

What is your fashion mantra?
I think Iris Apfel sums it up best: “I say, dress to please yourself. Listen to your inner muse and take a chance. Wear something that says ‘Here I am today!'”

Who are a few of your favorite designers?
Locally, [accessories designers] Blanc de Noir, Narces, Som Kong, ZOFF.
Internationally, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Manish Arora, Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta.

How would you describe Toronto style?
On the brink… Toronto has so many great designers and style influencers to offer.  WMCFW is a perfect example of this.  Labels like Christopher Bates are continuing to grow and expand beyond our borders and new faces like Sid Neigum and Som Kong are reminding us of the importance of innovation in the industry.

Check out her blog FASHION SAVAGE to find out the latest trends, designer stories and much more.

Bench Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Finding the new you in the new year! Whether your new year resolution is being more active or wearing more comfortable yet stylish outfits, Bench Spring/Summer 2015 collection will definitely meet you needs. Continuing with what they are best at- Sports wear, Bench is also brining more colours, prints and styles to its SS’ 15 collection.

Pink Tartan Pre – Fall 2015 Collection


Images by Thomas Iannaccone

Kimberley Newport-Mimran continued the Seventies vibe from her stellar F/W 2015 Collection for Pre-fall for Pink Tartan. The line-up included wide-leg pants, boho blouses, jumpsuits, all  helped bring the designers vision to life. Newport-Mimran continues to create clothes that women of all ages will want to add to their wardrobes.