OUTCLASS Spring/Summer ’15 LookBook

Designer Matteo Sgaramella is proud to present the Outclass Spring/Summer 2015 collection, inspired by Canada’s coastal regions. Using earth tones, blues and corals, the collection’s colour palette takes cues from typical sunsets along Canada’s coasts. The introduction of rainwear and expanded knitwear provides great layering options for unpredictable climates.

The release of the Spring/Summer collection also marks the launch of the newly upgraded Outclass website. This new platform allows for a much more interactive experience, with responsive imagery, informative content and seamless navigation.

David C. Wigley’s Fairytale Inspired Collection

Article by Heather Hood

Playing on fairytale and folklore, David C. Wigley took us to another world, another time during the presentation of his Fall/Winter 2015 collection, WORTH at the second annual Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, known as TOM*.

I had the opportunity to attend Wigley’s show at TOM* as a guest of Anya Nordström of ANPR. Nordström and her business partner, Dani Matte of MOI Artist Management, have partnered over the last year and began taking on clients together in a smart move that creates “a new and blooming PR partnership” in and for “the city of Toronto,” says Nordström. From the evocative press release issued by Nordström and Matte and the media attention, Wigley has been garnering a relationship that promises to be strong and dynamic, just like Wigley’s collection.

The vision for the WORTH collection was based on Wigley’s childhood imagination, his Scottish heritage and a Norwegian fairytale, East of the Sun and West of the Moon. The story is about a girl and a polar bear who by night, transforms into a beautiful prince.

The mood for the show was set with strong passionate music playing before the show began as well as a picture of a European castle shown as a backdrop for the runway. Both the music and the visual evoked a feeling of virility, raw emotion and the sense that you were transported back to the early ages.

The powerful music was a playlist compiled by David C. Wigley himself and featured songs by The Black Angels and The XX. The music set the tone for the runway show and helped the audience transport back to another world.

Wigley showed great depth, innate creativity and extraordinary knowledge of a man’s man in this collection. Elements of strength and masculinity were apparent as models walked the runway in plaid kilts paired with leather jackets, velvet pajama pants with an Aladdin-like sash and other materials shown such as wool, denim, and fur. Models sported fanciful top hats with feathers, curled moustaches and beards. The collection merged ideas of the “tuxedo styled elements with vintage inspired pajamas,” hence the idea of the polar bear transforming into a prince at night.

In addition to the WORTH by David C. Wigley collection, this season Wigley has introduced an “essentials” collection entitled EASE that is a basics uni-sex collection of high-end cotton tee’s and stunning metallic leathers. Each season the EASE collection will feature new and existing styles in black white and gray colorways with a seasonal color to coincide with each season’s WORTH collection.

Both collections are available online HERE.

For additional information or press inquiries, please contact anya@anyanordstrompr.com or dani@moiam.com.

Photographer Profile: Chris Smart

From Bay Street to Union Station, from sunrise to sunset, Toronto-based Photographer Christ Smart is always on the go. Through Smart’s lens, we’ve seen many Torontonians braving through the snowstorm with their own styles. Because of Smart’s unique eyes photographing Toronto’s urban streets, our city continues to surprise us with stylish ‘fashionistas’ and ‘fashionistos’.




Novella: How did you get into photography? Was there an instant moment for you to realize this is something you love or it was a passion developed gradually?

CS: My love for photography started about 15 years ago when I was given a simple 2mp Sony Cybershot camera. 2mp was huge back then. I started off shooting abandoned houses and old barns and eventually vacant industrial sites.

Novella: You also work as a game developer. How do you balance these two different jobs?

CS: I’ve been working in Video Games as an artist for over a decade now and the camera has always been a valuable tool in what I do at work. Everything from reference gathering of a certain subject or taking a photo of a texture and using it in game. I have my camera with me wherever I go. The balance of what I shoot and when I shoot depends on how busy I am at work but I try to shoot Street Style in the morning before work, at lunch and sometimes after work…so basically as much I can.

Novella: When did you start taking street style photos outside different fashion weeks and why did you decide to do so?

CS: I know exactly when I started shooting Street Style. It was May 2013. It all started with one particular photo that sparked everything for me. I had been shooting street photography and architecture when I moved back to Toronto from the US. Before that I was primarily shooting abandoned locations and Urban Decay. This one particular street style photo that I took sparked a chain of events and it was only then I learned about The Satorialist and Adam Katz Sinding. I had heard about Bill Cunningham but I never really looked into his story. So it all began for me in May 2013.

Novella: What’s the most enjoyable and miserable part of being a street Photographer?

CS: Most enjoyable would have to be the chase In catching a good shot, followed closely by the positive reaction from the people I photograph when they get tagged and see it on Instagram. The most miserable would have to be when its snowing and cold, or it’s a Monday. No one is in a positive mood on a Monday and I want my subjects to be happy and full of confidence.

Novella: What’s your favourite time of the year to shoot?

CS: Definitely Summer. Spring is also great because everyone smiles a little bit more because winter is over.

Novella:  What would you say your signature style is?

CS: Someone once said my style can be described as Utilitarian, Classic, Casual. You can always catch me with a button up in the summer with the sleeves rolled up.


Novella: What would trigger your decision to snap a picture when you see someone on the street?

CS: Hats are one of my biggest weaknesses, but the thing that always catches my eye is when someone exudes confidence.

Novella: Besides street style photography, what other kinds of photography also interests you?

CS: I still really enjoy shooting urban decay and architecture. I like to experiment with the mundane and create a cinematic mood giving people a different perspective on our environment.

Novella: Do you have a theme song when you’re taking photos?

CS: The Benny Hill theme song….

For more, visit Chris Smart’s website at www.csmartfx.com.

Shop All Weekend: Red, The New Black

Valentine’s Day may be over and Chinese New Year may have already passed but red continues to be a favourable trend. A classic shade that can make anyone look sexy yet sophisticated. We’ve rounded up five items for any style and budget for you to shop red this weekend.


Mid-length Trench Coat, Coach $575
Herschel Supply Backpack, $99
Nixon Corporal Watch, available at WatchIt $200
Mid Leather Sneakers, Sully Wong $250
Red Dress, Zara $79.90

Shop local, shop all weekend!

Trends Recap From TOM*FW

Article by Anthony O’Dell

Last week’s second annual edition of Toronto Men’s Fashion Week had 20 Canadian designers showcase a wide variety of collections. From Garrison Bespoke’s playful take on classic menswear to Pedram Karimi’s androgynous looks, a wide variety of talent and designs hit the runway. Here is our recap of 5 trends that will be popular for the next fall season.

1) Marsala

Christopher Bates - Marsala
Christopher Bates

Whether you call it burgundy, maroon or Marsala, this colour was definitely a favourite on the runway. Whether it’s a pair of trousers or a topcoat, Marsala is a great way to add a rich colour to your ensemble.

2) Androgynous Styles

Pedram Karimi - Andro
Pedram Karimi

As men, and in turn menswear, have become more open to exploring the notions of sexuality in dressing, androgynous looks have become more common. Popping up on the runways of designers such as Pedram Karimi, Luca Galardo & David Wigley, it seems like a new “norm” is here to stay.

3) Fedoras

HD Homme - Fedora
HD Homme

Although it’s an accessory typically associated with the Spring/Summer season, the Fedora made a strong statement piece for fall. Seen on everything from a double-breasted suit to a 70’s inspired pantsuit and even paired with a biker jacket, the fedora is proving to be a versatile accessory for the fall season. Typically associated with pop culture icons such as Michael Jackson and Pharrell, this season’s fedora is for all.

4) Belted Jacket

Christopher Bates - Belted
Christopher Bates

One of the most consistent trends we saw this week was belted outerwear. Whether on a cream trench from Christopher Bates’ line or a slouchy overcoat by Andrew Coimbra, the belt polishes the overall outfit.