On Our Radar: Jayscale, Appalledq & Visionelie

Jayscale, Appalledq, Visionelie
Photo Credit: VISIONELIE

If you’ve ever spent time aimlessly swiping, poking, and tapping when going through yours Instagram feed, there is a good chance that you have probably come across some stunning photos of Toronto. We’re not talking about blurry, unfocused and ammetuer photos of the CN Tower and Rogers Centre, we are talking about views of the six from sixty stories up. These daring and stunning photos are not photoshopped, they are the works of Jamal Burger, Quincy Williams and Elie Kimbembe, or better known as their Instagram handles @Jayscale, @appalledq and  @visionelie.

Jayscale, Appalledq, Visionelie (4)
Photo Credit: Found Missing

As the internet becomes more and more of a powerful tool, there are those who simply are in awe of it’s power and reach, and those who are using it to it’s full potential like Burger, Williams and Kimbembe. All three photographers simply started out with an Instagram account and the camera on their iPhone. The trio met each other through the ever popular photo sharing platform and began to roam the streets of Toronto together shooting the city. By leveraging the internet, the three simply honed their photography through the likes of youtube videos and online research on how to be better photographers. When it was time to arm themselves with better equipment, they simply sold sneakers from their personal collection in return for some DSLR’s.

Jayscale, Appalledq, Visionelie (2)
Photo Credit: Complex

Today, Burger, Williams and Kimbembe are leaders in Toronto for street photography, a booming art form that see like minded individuals capture city landscapes from many different angles by any means necessary. Whether that means roaming the streets in the early hours of morning, or dangling on the rooftops of some of the city’s highest skyscrapers, there are no limits to capture the perfect shot. The trio of street shooters have amassed a loyal following that reaches well beyond the city of Toronto, but still keep it local by capturing stunning photo’s of the city’s skyline either by showcasing the city directly or using Toronto as a backdrop while showcasing some of streetwear most coveted sneakers and apparel.

Jayscale, Appalledq, Visionelie (3)
Photo Credit: Nomad

This is just the beginning for this group of talented self-taught photographers. Judging from their Instagram accounts all three continue  to up the ante on the lengths they are willing to go through to capture the perfect frame.

To see more of their stunning photography please follow the three on their respected Instagram accounts @Jayscale, @Appalledq, @Visionelie

Shop All Weekend – ‘Feeling Natural’

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Is there anything more elegant than natural beauty? I’ve always been a fan of the simple and natural look because, in my opinion, it’s the best way to highlight your true essence and project an authentic vibe.

The nice weather that we have during spring and summer gives us the opportunity to show the most natural version of ourselves by incorporating naked textures to our looks. For this ‘Shop All Weekend’ I wanted to make a tribute to the natural beauty with five versatile yet unique pieces that I found in some of my favourite stores in Toronto.

 Vegetable-tanned leather glasses case from Sashion


Functional and stylish key chain is made out of the finest vegetable-tanned leather from Sashion


Arabesque hat from Aritzia, a femininized interpretation of the baseball cap in pure straw.


‘Hat Attack’ chic slouchy backpack from Club Monaco



Perforated slingback ‘Wtyatt’ sandals by Rag & Bone from The Narwhal boutique at 8 Price Street.



On Our Radar: Ela By Ela Handbags

Photo Credit: ‘Ela By Ela’ Website

After coming across Ela By Ela‘s website, I automatically knew that they would become a reference to look at in the Canadian fashion landscape. I haven’t yet had the pleasure to meet its co-founders Ela and Martin Aldorsson in person, but given how much I admire their vision and brand philosophy, I wanted to include them in our list of influential people that we’ve been featuring throughout the month of May for ‘On Our Radar’ series.

Both coming from very entrepreneurial families, husband-and-wife duo Ela and Martin embarked on a fashion adventure and founded ela. This is a Canadian, Toronto-based handbag and accessories brand, which is positioned and defined as humble luxury by its own co-founders and creative directors.

M.I.L.C.K. CLUTCH – BLACK STUD: 11”x7” – 100% Lambskin Leather

The asymmetrical flap and custom closure are their main design signatures. Plus, all of the products are exclusively handcrafted in Spain with premium leathers.


Once again, the ‘less is more’ becomes a crucial fashion rule to follow.  They have captured a simple yet sophisticated silhouettes that make their timeless designs a staple statement piece for those who look for labels that care about small details on every product, yet don’t project a pretentious vibe.


As expected, the strong and coherent brand identity of ela has already got deserved recognition in the fashion industry. Now, we can find these handbags and accessories in specialty stores and retailers across North America and Asia including Saks Fifth Avenue, Harvey Nichols, and Holt Renfrew. Even some celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Taylor Swift and Keira Knightly are added to ela‘s fan base.

D/N BAG CLASSIC – GREY MICRO PERFORATED: 11.25”x7” – 100% Lambskin Leather


Canadian Designers Discuss Inland’s Impact

Article by Anthony O’Dell


While Capsule, Market Week & Magic are household names in the fashion industry, Canada has been missing out on a huge opportunity to promote and sell Canadian designers. Inland, which held it’s second season a couple weeks ago, is looking to fill this gap by offering a diverse mix of Canadian brands featuring more established brands such as Travis Taddeo & 18 Waits as well as up & coming brands including Mary Young and Opelle. “My goal is to build a community that focuses on the business and buying aspect of fashion and design, including both shoppers and retail buyers”, Sarah Power (Founder of Inland) says.

I got a chance to chat with some of the brands that attended and asked them about the impact Inland has had on their business and what needs to be done to take the next step.

How does Inland stand out from other trade shows?

Mary (Mary Young): As a Canadian designer I want to reach the Canadian audience and demographic as much as possible, it’s hard to penetrate the Canadian market without being involved in pop ups and events. The location [Toronto] was very reassuring to me. Having a close location gave me the freedom and reassurance to design the space, I was able to bring/create most of the fixtures at a minimal cost.

Mary Young

Beth (Opelle Creative): We are committed to supporting local talent and we enjoy the collective spirit amongst fellow Canadian designers. It is also more accessible financially than most U.S. trade shows. And certainly more conveniently located!

What Impact did the event have on your business?

Raphael (Travis Taddeo): It brought us new clients and helped us reconnect with older ones. It helps us promote our e-shop, connect with other designers and meet new potential buyers.

Brittany (Brittany Watcher): It was helpful in making connections to further the development and expansion of our up & coming brand in Canada.

What does Inland need to do to take the next step?

Daniel (18 Waits): More vendors, a location with more walk-by traffic, more menswear, more established brands (Krane, Jenny Bird, etc.) and more sponsors.

Mary (Mary Young): My personal opinion on how to improve would be to encourage designers and companies participating to bring more of a brand and aesthetic to their booth. I know it’s only a two-day event but stepping up the overall look and aesthetic of the venue, specifically with the booths would be great. I think having a more professional and cohesive look would encourage more consumers and media/buyers to attend.

Only in their second season, Inland managed to double foot traffic as well as bring in buyers from retailers such as Shopgirls and Indigo. With a potential international pop-up shop in the works, Inland is laying the foundation to have a lasting affect on the Canadian market. Overall, Inland seems to be well on its way to establishing itself as a household name in Canada, which is just what the industry needs.

Shop All Weekend (Menswear Edition): Light Weight Bomber Jackets

Bomber Jacket Main Picture
Photo found on Pinterest

When it comes to menswear, nothing beats solid outerwear options that can be worn on multiple occasions and paired with various pieces in your wardrobe. Whether you’re a menswear enthusiast who always looks to keep up with the latest and greatest style trend, or a menswear novice who rather not spend too much time thinking about what they wear – but still care enough – a lightweight bomber jacket is one piece for spring/summer outerwear that caters to all men, no matter where you lean on the sartorial scale. The jacket which is deeply rooted in the military, first made it’s debut on the fighter pilots of men in the American Air Force, in World War I. These days you definitely don’t have to be a conscripted to the army or learn how to fly a fighter jet to wear a bomber. Finding a well cut bomber is easy in 2015, with a  plethora of options in a wide variety of price points and styles that will please no matter what you’re style is. Here is a breakdown of some of this season’s best bomber jackets.

A Bomber Jacket for a Man on the Corporate Grind  

Golden Bear X Club Monaco
Photo Credit: Mr. Porter

If you’re working in the concrete jungle, you probably have to wear a suit jacket most days, but if your job allows to dress down on certain days of the week, it’s time to ditch the suit jacket and opt for a bomber jacket instead. This Golden Bear X Club Monaco Twill Bomber Jacket  keeps things simple, cut slim, made from twill and finished with black leather trims. Pairing this clean bomber with a clean white dress shirt, and a knit tie will definitely help you stand out (in a good way) at the office. While the jacket is office appropriate, it can definitely be worn with your casual attire on the weekends.

Where to Buy: Club Monaco 157 Bloor Street West

A Bomber Jacket for Streetwear Enthusiasts

CMMN SWDN bomber jacket
Photo found on Pinterest

Long before bomber jackets became a trend, streetwear enthusiasts have been rocking the military inspired jacket with graphic tees and sneakers. It has become a wardrobe staple for many who are into this genre of menswear. The beauty of bomber jackets is to see how much they’ve evolved from their first bomber in WWI to 2015. No longer just offered in traditional olives and blacks, bomber’s today are given new life by brands using different fabrics and colours on traditional bomber. The CMMN SWDN bomber jacket keeps the traditional bomber silhouette but flips everything else upside down using neoprene fabric, and making the bomber in a monochromatic white. If you’re looking to turn heads wherever you go this summer, or just need a jacket that goes great with your classic white sneaker, this is the bomber for you.

Where to Buy: Nomad 819 Queen St. West

A Bomber Jacket for High Fashion

Alexander Wang
Photo Credit: Jonathan+Olivia

Everywhere you look, the bomber jacket is everywhere. If you have any high fashion taste and aspirations, The T By Alexander Wang Bomber Jacket  is for you.The bomber features black and navy tech nylon, ribbed trims and a bright orange lining.

Where To Buy: Jonathan Oliva 49 Ossington Ave.

 A Bomber Jacket for Style Rookies

Marshall Artist
Photo Credit: Marshall Artist

There are plenty of men out there who really don’t want to be bothered with keeping up with the latest trends in menswear, but they still care enough about their appearance that they just want a few investment pieces that will last, can be worn without much thought and can last multiple seasons. If you’re that guy, The Marshall Artist Bomber Jacket is for you. This classic bomber features a ribbed mini shawl collar, and is constructed with premium cotton/nylon blend. The plain black bomber makes it easy to wear and it’s compatible with almost everything in your wardrobe. Plus this bomber is sharp enough that you get a easy style upgrade whenever you have it on.

Where To Buy: Uncle Otis 26 Bellair