Trend Report: New York and Paris Men’s Fashion Weeks

New York Men’s Fashion Week and Paris Men’s Fashion Week have had contrast for quite some time. While Paris is known to host some of the most infamous designers such as Louis Vuitton, Dior and Balmain, New York is more likely to showcase designers that are breaking out into the fashion world. However, Paris and New York, European and American— there are still some common grounds on what is on trend for Spring 2018. Here are some trends that rocked both the Paris and New York Men’s Fashion Weeks


Forget about shedding the layers this spring as designers show how to add texture and depth to a style by use of drapery. Whether it’s a sweater, t-shirt, or jacket, layering is what is on trend this season! Designers, Raf Simons, Louis Vuitton, and Juun. J, and more place beautiful pieces on top of one another to create alternative ways of seeing symmetry and proportions in fashion.

 Patterned Button-Ups

A definite statement look is achieved when wearing a patterned button-up t-shirt on top of a solid piece. Lucien Pellat-Finet, Descendant of Thieves, and Louis Vuitton play homage to the 90’s while emphasising the care-free nature of this look! The patterned button-up is not only for vacations as when worn with attention to detail,  it can emphasize the unique and playful nature of one’s style.


If only athlete’s actually looked this good! Sports uniform designers should take notes as the world of athletics is evolving into a place where not everyone needs to be athletic, but we can all enjoy the perks of looking like we are! Gustav Von Aschenbach, Valentino, and Wood House celebrate athleisure by pairing comfortable looking, and matching pieces together to create a sense of uniformity and also individualism as these looks are certainly made for the accessibility needed on the street.


A great scarf is always a good way to add drama to an outfit. However, there is no denying that this accessory goes through periods of being strictly on trend and not. Descendant of Thieves, Valentino, and Dior Homme not only exemplify this look as being on trend for the upcoming season but also show that there is really no way to go wrong when adding this accessory to your look. As a bandana, a hidden piece worn under your outfit, or as a statement thin scarf, there are endless opportunities when thinking of how to wear this accessory!

High-waisted Pants

It seems like every season there is a gratifying nod to past centuries as looks such as shoulder pads, fringe, and bell-bottoms grace the runway. This year, the 80’s were definitely celebrated, which was evident when seeing the designers who showed a statement, high-waisted pant. The look has been a statement in most women’s wardrobes for years now, but designers Issey Miyake, Bode, and Raun Larose feature this piece in menswear. The look adds a masculine-chic layer to your outfit when paired with a solid button-up or t-shirt!


Models of the moment 2017


Photo: Vogue Mexico

It’s come as no surprise that Dilone has been on every fashion industry insiders radar. Originally from New York, Dilone has captivated everyone in the industry. Allowing her top spots in magazine editorials, covers, runway shows, and ads. And as all fashion lovers know, campaigns and editorials are where the real money is. With campaigns for Stella McCartney, covers for Allure, and countless runway shows under her belt. Dilone star is absolutely on the right path to model stardom.

Achok Majak

Photo: CR Fashion Book

How does one become an easily recognizable face in the world of fashion? Book a campaign for one of the hottest brands in the world. After having debuted last year, the South Sudanese model has been hot on every magazine’s presses with editorial after editorial. But her big break came when Gucci booked her for multiple runways shows. From there, Achok has had the privilege of being a Gucci muse. Starring in the house’s stunning Pre-fall 2017 campaign.

Yoon Young Bae

Photo: I-D Magazine

South Korea has had a plethora of top models come up through the ranks to solidify their careers in recent years. However, it’s the new faces coming from the Korean peninsula that has everyone revisiting the Asian model explosion that happened a few years back. One young lady creating a lot of buzz these days is Yoon Young Bae. Having walked in everything from Chanel and  Dior to Fenty and Loewe. Yoon is quickly becoming a staple on the runways for the world.

Manuela Sanchez

Photo: On The Rocks Magazine

Coming in off of the back end of the Carribean and Afro-Latinx model hype that took the fashion world by storm a few seasons ago. Manuela Sanchez has quickly become a Latinx industry favourite like her Dominican sister Lineisy Montero and Ysuanny Brito. Her gorgeous face brings and interesting, yet strikingly familiar look to the runway that has captivated brands like Dior, Giambattista Valli, Fendi and Prada; who even gave her a coveted spot in their f/w 2017 campaign.

He Cong

Photo: T Magazine

China seems to be a powerhouse for models these days. With handfuls of new faces being sent into the fashion world season after season, and with good reason. Why not convince the largest luxury market in the world to buy products by showcasing it on one of your own. One of the fastest growing stars to come from China is Cong He. The angelic doll faced model has nabbed almost every important magazine cover in China and is slowly doing the same around the world. With a solid booking during couture week, as well as blue chip campaigns for Prada resort, Coach fall 2017, and MAC Cosmetics. Cong can definitely move over to the list of most in demand models of the year.

Trading Places: Leather Jackets and Floral Dresses

As much as I hate to say it, I shop at Zara and I wear all black. I’m basic. Nothing against Zara, I think it’s one of the trendiest places to shop without having to shell out all your savings. The all black may have stemmed from character- or just plain laziness. It doesn’t require much effort and it’s safe. When I pick something off the rack, there’s a guaranteed eye roll coming from whomever I went shopping with that day. I don’t have what they call a “summer wardrobe”.

My clothing choices are predictable and almost always funeral appropriate. Needless to say, it’s now a lifestyle. So when I was paired up with Adina, who comes into the office wearing floral prints and coloured blazers, I knew I was going to have to get out of my comfort zone. I had the peace of knowing it wouldn’t be too crazy with mixing prints and all that, but it would still be difficult. Who knows, I might take something from this. Baby steps people.


Adina: I don’t think I’ve ever worn a sheer top before, so this was a new adventure for me. I liked the floral detailing on it a lot, but sheer plus the camisole is not my usual cup of tea. That being said, I think I’d be open to trying sheer things now that I know I can kind of pull it off. The pants were pretty comfortable actually, and I would wear them everywhere. I could have slept in those pants. I wasn’t totally sure if I put the shoes on correctly, to be honest. They were cute but confusing and squished my toes a bit.

Helen: Ok. Because we shop at some of the same stores, I didn’t think our styles would be a total contrast. I knew Adina would put me in patterns and colour, both of which are foreign for me, but I thought I would be fine.  I was entirely wrong, and a little, (a lot) uncomfortable not being in head to toe black. Jeans and a button up top shouldn’t make someone feel this strange but as simple as it is, this was not an outfit I’d ever pick out myself. For one, I don’t own an actual pair of jeans. However, I might go pick up a pair now that I’ve been reintroduced. The top was really comfortable but I still don’t see myself standing at checkout with it. And the wretched yellow bag- sorry Adina but that was painful.


Adina: You can’t tell in the picture, but those were some seriously high heels. I felt like a baby giraffe trying to walk for the first time. The highest heels I own are not even two inches tall. They made the whole outfit feel pretty fancy, but I can’t imagine walking anywhere in those shoes. The dress was more low cut than I usually wear, but since it was loose it didn’t feel super exposing. The leather jacket was my favourite thing out of both outfits. It looked badass and gave this whole outfit a bit of spunkier edge.

Helen: I’m in a dress. I’m wearing pink flowers. I also think my hair got even bigger from being stressed out about all the colour. Ok, that might’ve been a tad dramatic. It’s just that the handful of dresses I own are all the same, a black number with clean lines. This was not that.  I feel like this ensemble makes me look younger, and honestly, I probably would’ve bought this whole outfit if I was past me, before I found myself. I also don’t usually wear denim but this jacket I didn’t mind. You can’t see it in this photo but there was also a dainty rose gold necklace that tied this whole look together, which I would totally wear outside of this little experiment

Final Thoughts:

Adina: I think the only time before this that I’ve ever worn so much black at once was to a funeral. I guess I’ve always thought of black as being boring or for those who are more on the punk or goth side than I. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised to find that both outfits had more personality than I expected and that all those black pieces look good together. Both outfits were also much fancier than I normally wear, but it’s opened me up to more fashion possibilities. I’m also gonna go back to Zara when it gets colder so I can buy that jacket.

Helen: Adina’s style is approachable and not too crazy so I didn’t think I would have a hard time leaving the all black uniform for a few minutes. But I still felt a bit self-conscious stepping out of the shadows with that lemon yellow shoulder bag (because people could def see me now). Other than that, I didn’t mind the denim and could probably do with some jean additions in my closet. That being said,  I’ll leave the girl-next-door look to Adina and stick to my Addams Family attire.

Style Icons: Ain’t no party like a bad girl party

Over the course of history, there have been countless women who’ve been given the title of style icon. Which is no easy achievement. However, for those who didn’t fit the general mold of what a stylist woman should be, there was little room to shine. Sure, there has always been an abundance of Audrey Hepburns, Grace Kellys, and Beyoncés when it comes to style icons. But what about the women who didn’t and don’t fit the mold? What about those who built their entire careers on being everything society said they shouldn’t be? It’s time that the world acknowledges the impact these women had on the fashion world and how their contributions to style have remained as staples until this very day.

Courtney Love

Babydoll dresses, lace, knee-highs, tiaras, and Mary Janes were once associated with an ultra-feminine way of dressing. It was soft, delicate, and carried an almost unbearable childish fragility that made each piece look completely inappropriate and comedic on a grown woman. However, something happened in the early ’90s. Women began to adopt hyper-feminine clothing and injecting a shot of feminist bad-assery by taking something traditionally feminine and accessorizing the look with pure punk edge. Hole front woman Courtney Love may not have invented the kinderwhore trend, but she sure as hell made it the go-to uniform for every riot girl whose voice wouldn’t be silenced because she was a frontwoman and not a frontman.

Debbie Harry

During the late ’70s and early ’80s, women’s fashion was defined by big hair, palazzo pants, sequins, platforms, and anything that brought a glitzy amount of excess to the stage. Yet, some women skipped all of the glitz and glamour and sought out clothing that expressed notions of rock and roll rebellion. Debbie Harry’s career as the frontwoman of Blondie embodied just that. She opted to skip out on the bell bottoms and sequined jumpsuits and carved out a niche for herself and many other women by wearing clothing that carried simplicity but a hard rock edge that helped break the homogeneous style trends of the time.

Grace Jones

During the ’80s, before Lady Gaga and Britney Spears could even walk, Grace Jones defined what it was to be a larger-than-life pop icon. Her looks were daring, avant-garde, and always had an air of raw feminine sexuality. In an era when women either had the choice to branch off into Sunset Boulevard, glam metal chic, Dynasty power suit moments, or Madonna inspired pop princess outfits. Grace came in and redefined what it was to be a fashionable woman in ’80s — especially what it meant to be a black woman  in the ’80s. Instead of integrating into the molds created by white pop stars, Grace made it desirable for women of colour to branch out and define their own style in a way that hadn’t been entirely acceptable before.

Paris Hilton

The mid-2000s was a defining time in any millennial’s life. It was the era of super low-rise jeans, t-shirts with witty sayings on them, handkerchief cut skirts, and dresses — the list goes on and on. There were many celebrities who managed to embody the mid-2000s queen bee look. But no one else perfected the look quite like reality tv queen bee Paris Hilton. The heiress turned her familial fame into an empire that allowed her to sell everything from shoes to makeup. But not before distilling the perfect formula for it girl dressing: multi strap sandals, glittery chain mail dresses, jarring colours and pleated mini skirts, and halter tops were all fair game (and basically required) for any woman who wanted to be fashion forward.

Siouxsie Sioux

What most people imagine a goth to look like has changed drastically over the years. Nowadays, goth kids generally wear huge platform boots, long black hair, leather, and Victorian-esque clothing that would resemble something out of an Anne Rice novel. However, many millennials have no idea where the real goth aesthetics comes from. Rather than channelling the wardrobe from The Matrix, ’80s goth kids had Siouxsie Sioux to get style tips from. With her signature black eyeshadow, razor cut hair, and ruby red lips, Siouxsie became the blueprint for every woman who wanted to delve into the world of goth. Goth back then wasn’t about vampires and shock value. It was about ambience, mood, and a distinctive knack for wanting your exterior to mirror interior. Siouxsie Sioux paved the way for goth women around the world to create their own persona bathed in black.

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Highlights from New York Fashion Week Men’s

New York Men’s Fashion Week has come and gone and gave us the fashion forecast for Spring 2018. New York has a reputation to uphold as North America’s fashion center and, fortunately, they did not miss a beat this season. The designers brought boldness, extravagance, and style to the stage by layering soft pieces that created standout looks. This seemingly effortless layering will surely be seen off the runway in 2018. Here are some highlights from this season’s New York Men’s Fashion Week.


Cool tone colours were continuous throughout the Krammer & Stoudt show. The simple tones layered on top of one another make for a complete and stylish finished product. They also play up the very popular matching-set style, which can be seen in the matching navy set as well as in the white and black striped suit. What stands out above the casual nature of this brand is their attention to detail — whether it be in a delicate embellishment on a jacket or a scarf that emphasizes the ‘California Cool’ feel, which the brand is known for.


Comfortable and baggy has never looked so good! This season Gustav Von Aschenbach blends our modern era with the past in order to create pieces that are wearable and completely interchangeable. The models look casual yet completely put together in their layered and striped looks! While many runway looks tend to be over the top and intimidating (don’t get me wrong, we love those), this brand makes fashion accessible and suggests ways to be fabulous yet elegant and understated; a perfect balance!


Descendent of Thieves was all about pristine tailoring this year, and their cropped and low hung pants were a highlight that allowed the brand to play with proportions. Each look individualized the model yet still brought together a sense of unity, of care-free layering and matching patterns. Their pops of colours in each look also emphasized the playful nature of the collection!


The Raf Simons show was a definite highlight this season. Following the Robert Mapplethorpe Collection last spring, there was some pressure on the brand to continue to meet exceptional expectations. The edgy, dark, and almost ominous tone of the show did not disappoint! Simons took a literal approach to Spring 2018 by adding umbrellas and rain hats, but the layered and detailed pieces are what make collection truly inspiring! Every piece brought a new opportunity for drapery. The pieces are all unique and expose a fun and fashion forward side of the brand.


Sophistication in the newest Raun Larose collection is more than apparent. The brand plays up the New York business side but with a twist of ’80s and modern fashion styles. The collection takes advantage of the beauty that occurs when layering different textures and sizes together. However, unlike others, Raun Larose’s approach looked toward structure rather than a carefree sensibility. From cropped and proportionate looks to oversized and wide-legged, the brand explored multiple styles.

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