If you miss some of the classic English and American rock bands like Stone Roses, Beach Boys and The Byrds then you need to start listening to Monomyth. Formed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the band’s lineup consists of Seamus Dalton, Andrew Mazerolle, Josh Salter, Matt Peters and Scott Grundy. Monomyth’s styles combine pop rock and psychedelic music that takes you through a hypnotic trance while blasting their debut album Saturnalia Regalia!, which released this past summer.

After watching their setup at the Junction Music Festival, we couldn’t wait to learn more about the band and take a musical journey through the 1960s to present day. Monomyth answered some questions exclusively for Novella revealing some of the band’s legendary music influences, the process behind Saturnalia Regalia! and what tunes can be found recently played on their iPod.

Tell me a little bit about Monomyth and how the band came together. 

Monomyth was formed when Seamus and I [Josh] were living together three years ago.  His band had just come to an end and he needed a new project.  I was looking to start something a little more subtle than my previous bands.  We played our first show in an empty lot across from the library.  We started off with some sort of idea that we were making music in the tradition of My Bloody Valentine and the Jesus and Mary Chain even going as far as having a drummer who only played standup drums like Bobby Gillespie.  Since then we’ve changed the lineup around a handful of times and our guitar sound has gotten significantly cleaner.

Tell me the process you went through making your latest album Saturnalia Regalia!

We had many of these songs written for a long while.  We’d toured a lot of the songs so when Mint offered to put a record out for us we hastily laid down what became our record.  We recorded the bass and drums together to tape along with scratch guitar and then overdubbed guitar parts at the Echo Chamber in Halifax with Dave Ewenson and Charles Austin.  Some of the scratch guitars made it onto the record, others we reduced to get a little more exact.  The vocals were all recorded at my home using a Neuman we borrowed from our friends in Heaven For Real.

Who inspires your music? I get the UK music scene vibe from the 80s/90s (like Stone Roses). Are these the type of bands you listen to?

I [Josh] definitely dig the Stone Roses (I’ve been listening to “Don’t Stop” a lot lately).  We basically studied the Creation Records back catalogue.  The Byrds, Big Star, Beach Boys and that other B-band. All A+ to us.  Then the lo-fi and general tossed off of bands like Guided By Voices, BJM, early Shoes and the Television Personalities.

For each band member, what music is always iPod ready?

Josh : Chris Stamey “The Summer Sun”.  Alex Chilton helmed production job pre-dBs.  Very twee with a strange lyrics about the eiffel tower falling down.

Seamus – Jeremih “Don’t Tell Em'”.  Don’t need to explain this one.

Andrew : Brown Acid Reflux “Peppermint Woman”.  Halifax band from the early 70s.  A slice of trashy Zeppelin worship.  You can almost hear the blacklight.

Scott Grundy : V/A – Buzzer Beaters and Bonus Eaters: Nigerian Quiz Show Themes 1974-1984. A strange tape a friend gave me.  On a label called “Analog Gulag” that I can’t find anything about.  Really interesting, pre-dominantly synth pieces.

What was your most memorable concert experience when you performed? 

Our last show touring with Dog Day a few years ago.  They were dipping into the US and we didn’t have VISAs so we had to part ways.  We were playing the Waldorf and there was a considerable crowd because locals Apollo Ghosts were playing.  Dog Day invited Seamus and I [Josh] to play walls of feedback over the last half of their closing song.  Great way to end our cross-Canada trip with them.

Who would you love to collaborate with?

David Cronenberg.

Where in Toronto and Halifax do you go to scope out the music scene?

When we are in Toronto we usually end up at the Smiling Buddah.  Basically if Mark Pesci is putting it on, we are there.  We really dig the noisier stuff coming out of there like New Fries, HSY,and Soupcans.  On the poppier side, The Taste who are partially Halifax ex-pats are really great.

What would be your theme song? 

That is easy.  “Theme from Monomyth” from our last record.

Fill in the blank: I can’t live without _____. 

Josh: A Cloud in the Trousers.

Seamus: Swamps.

Andrew: A heartbeat.

Scott: Mark.

What’s next for Monomyth? 

We’ve been saying it forever but we have a less band-oriented record Seamus and I made called “Psychedelic Laundromat”.  It was all done on a little four-track.  Besides that we have another record we are recording with Mike Wright from Each Other at Drone’s in Montreal.  We recorded four tracks with him during our last tour and it was a great vibe plus we have always worked with Mike since our first bands so it seems pretty natural to go that path.

Will you be coming back to Toronto any time soon?

We should be coming through at the end of January/beginning of February if we can get it together.

Saturnalia Regalia! is available for purchase on iTunes.

(Photo credit: Photo 1 (cover photo), 2, 3, 4 by Laura Lynn Petrick – Photo 5 by Curtis Rothney)

OTHERWORLD: Karen Silver’s Debut Exhibit

It was a wet and foggy night; the perfect atmosphere to check out Karen Silver’s debut photography exhibit hosted at the Urban Gallery, which is located on Queen St. East and Parliament.

Silver’s photography exhibit OTHERWORLD is exactly that, another world.  At first glance, you think you’ve seen the photograph in all its entirety, until you take another look and notice something new that makes the image that much more breathtaking. Each photograph comes to life and reveals an alternate reality that is mesmerizingly majestic.

My experience when first observing the exhibit had me explore my fear of the unknown, an unnerving realm to tackle. Then I discovered that there are many layers of imagery and each photograph contains its own magic. After talking to Silver about her photos, the underlying message resonates to all of us about ‘finding our own artistry and the magic that is within us all’.

OTHERWORLD can be seen from now until November 29, 2014 at Urban Gallery, 400 Queen Street East, Toronto.

Urban Gallery Website


Analogue Gallery Celebrates 5 Years

It was a night of some old time rock & roll at the Analogue Gallery this past Friday.

Located at Queen and Bathurst, the gallery celebrated its 5th year anniversary by hosting a birthday soirée showcasing some of the most iconic moments in music history. Novella had the honour of attending the birthday bash and got to check out some of the coolest most intimate photographs taken of our cultural icons. Since the owner and Creative Director, Lucia Graca, founded the gallery in 2009, it has become Toronto’s premiere Rock & Roll gallery.

Guests were greeted with some wine and good old-fashioned jazz beats while browsing through the iconic photographs taken by the industry’s most noted photographers such as Ethan Russell, Danny Clinch, among several others including the gallery’s owner Lucia Graca. Whether it was Keith Richards walking out of his Rolling Stones private jet with a drink in hand, or David Bowie’s passport inspired photo, or even Jay-Z smoking a cigar, every photograph had us wondering how amazing it must have been to be there at that moment when the image was captured.

Overall, the birthday party soirée was a great success and showcased what the Analogue Gallery has to offer. Visit the gallery for some exclusive photographs that were taken behind the scenes of some of you favourite cultural figures taken by some of the most talented photographers in the industry. Cheers to another 5 years!

Analogue Gallery Website

(Photo Credit: Cover Photo – Ray Stephenson, Photo 1, 2, 7, 8, 10 – Analogue Gallery, Photo 3, 4 – Ethan Russell, Photo 5 – Danny Clinch, Photo 6, 9  – Lucia Graca)

ARTATTACK! An Auction In Support of Buddies In Bad Times Theatre

On November 6th, Buddies at Bad Times Theatre most outrageous fundraising event ARTATTACK is back with a remarkable line-up of Canadian artist curated by Chris Ironside to help the support of the largest and longest-running LGBT theatre in the world. This years list of amazing artists includes Charles Pachter, Stephen Andrews, Brendan Fernandes, Tristram Lansdowne, Sonja Scharf, Francisco-Fernando Granados, Kirsten McCrea, and Brian Rideout.

The silent auction features an amazing array of design treasures and cultural excursions from The Gladstone Hotel, The Canadian Opera Company, Hard Candy Fitness, and more.

The Rock Hudson Memorial Tuck Shop will be selling on of a kind art objects and limited edition prints.

This years fabulous event also includes a for one night only Andy Warhol’s Factory pre-party. Experience interactive art installations and view the auction collection while enjoying great food by Parts & Labour, tasty treats by Frostituion, and cocktails by Corby and Steamwhistle.

For tickets and more information, visit here

Profile – Georgia Esporalas

Five Questions With Photographer Georgia Esporalas.


What would be your theme song and why?

My theme song would be “Wild One,” by Flo Rida and Sia. I have travelled all over the world meeting different people from different walks of life. It was an honour and privilage to have photographed them and the landscapes they lived in.

What is your secret obsession?

Day dreaming with a dark chocolate crushed almond raisin. An escape a from daily routine.

If you could “Eat, Pray, Love” your life, where would you go?


What makes you smile?

Eating, photography, travelling and climbing… in this order!

Fill in the Blank: I could not live without ___________.

My camera.


For more information on photographer Georgia Esporlas and her amazing work, visit her website here.