Fall Fashion Picks for your Sign

If you are into horoscopes like I am, you know that there is an essential forecast every year, month, season, and day that shares new insights on your personal relationships, finances, travelling, and more. I am not one for reading my daily horoscope but I do think there is something to be said for how my own personality and those around me largely reflect the character traits that define each astrological sign. Like trends and seasons, situations change, and it is interesting to see how each horoscope deals with day-to-day happenings. What is missed in these seasonal forecasts is what trends are best suited for each sign. Novella has put together this season’s best fall trends and which sign should give them a go based off of their sign’s overall personality traits, and what Your Tango says is in store for them in Your Horoscope For The Last 4 Months Of 2017 For All Zodiac Signs!

Aries- March 21-April 19

Glitter Boots — Lately, things have not been as exciting as what a spontaneous Aries is used to! Whether your social life is lacking, you’re stuck in a rut at work, there has just not been enough adventure in your life. Adding a new signature item to your wardrobe is always a good way to shake things up. Glitter boots were huge on the runway this season. And this trend is making even the most basic fall looks sparkle on the street. Aries, add this to your wardrobe-must-haves for fall because you deserve to shine!

Taurus- April 20-May 21

’70s Plaid — For someone who is used to being relied on and known as the ‘practical’ friend, this kind of pressure can be too much for even a Taurus. Your fall forecast calls for a serious re-evaluation of what ties need to be cut in order to make you feel like your best self again. Fashion wise, the ’70s plaid look is practical and versatile enough for you, but still gives off a look of confidence that will give you the energy to get things back to normal this season.


Gemini- May 22- June 21

Sexy Power Suit — It’s sometimes difficult to dress the two-toned Gemini. The shift in personality change can often lead to not knowing how you want to dress. However, your ambition seems to be paying off this season as Geminis this fall are supposed to be at a peak in terms of work! To celebrate this success and to dress for it, a power suit is great for all occasions. At work, this look can be paired with a button up or graphic tee, and taking it into the evening, it is great with a silk camisole.

Cancer- June 22- July 22

Power Colour — Cancer is known to be the most family-friend oriented among all the signs. While this can be a great thing, sometimes this close focus takes away from you. This fall, Cancer is expected to take time for themselves. Take a class, go to dinner, and treat yourself to a new fashion look. Statement head-to-toe colours are huge this season. This trend is a great option for Cancers so that they can standout and have some attention to themselves!

Leo- July 23- August 22

Sweat Suit — In classic Leo form, keeping busy and staying on your heavy work schedule has been a priority this season. While this hard-work will surely pay off, taking time to relax is an important thing to keep in mind during all the hustle. Sweatsuits have been seen on all the major street-style looks and is great for you so that you can be comfortable taking on your daily goals while still looking cute/comfy.

Virgo- August 23- September 22

Vintage Tees and Jeans — The carefulness and kindness that a Virgo takes with them each day usually go hand in hand with their well-rounded talents and close-knit friend group. However, the analytical side of a Virgo can sometimes lead to too much worry. This season, it seems you are somewhat spiritually disconnected from things that are important. That’s why wearing something as classic as a favourite pair of jeans and digging up one of your favourite tee is the best fashion option this season for feeling like your old self again!

Libra September 23- October 22

Athleisure — Keeping up with a balanced lifestyle is always important to a Libra. This sign is well-known for their ability to juggle multiple things with grace! This fall, a huge focus for a Libra is on health and wellness. While you are getting your diet and workout routine on track, the most practical fashion trend for you is athleisure! Combine a cute running outfit with your favourite pair of sneakers for a look that is convenient for your daily routine and cute!

Scorpio- October 23- November 22

Body Con — The bravery and ambition that a Scorpio thrives on through every challenge is certainly the reason why things are going so well for them this season. It’s important to keep in mind this fall that you need to take time to enjoy your success. Body-con dresses are perfect for this weather as they can be easily layered with and they are equally perfect for a Scorpio: the empowering silhouette is a great way to celebrate your confidence!

Sagittarius- November 23- December 21

Western Front — Your natural curiosity and willingness to explore new things will not be missed this season. While everyday is a new adventure for a Sagittarius, this fall you will shine best taking strides with your artsy side. If there is a project you’ve been wanting to start, a song to write, or a new outfit idea to try, now is the time! Western inspired fashion has been a beloved trend this season that will be perfect for an artsy Sagittarius to rock!

Capricorn- December 22- January 20

Crushed Velvet — It is a Capricorn’s claim to fame to be able to accomplish anything they set their mind on. This fall, your mind has been focused on your love-life whether its a new relationship or a long-term one — you’ve definitely been taking time to prioritize your heart. An outfit for date night is a must for a Capricorn this fall. Try a formal velvet piece to have a classic and romantic look.

Aquarius- January 21- February 18

Classic Long Coat — An Aquarius’s truthfulness is a quality that is cherished in all of their relationships. This fall calls for time with friends, especially new ones as your imagination leads to a want for new experiences. Of course with all of the outings you’ll be going on, it’s important to keep warm in style. That is why the classic long coat trend is perfect for a sociable Aquarius this season.

Pisces- February 19- March 20

Victorian Collar — Being selfless is always a good thing and when it comes to a Pisces it is extremely important for their caring nature to come through. While this is often recognized, a Pisces’s own needs will get lost in the mix of things. That’s why this season your focus is on simplicity — take a step away from all the craziness and work to better structure your own life. In terms of fashion, a trend that voices both simplicity and structure is the Victorian neckline blouse. Try this look to give off elegance.


Why power dressing is more in style than ever

Model: Lucía Hernández Peris | Credit: Claudia Peris

Empowering women has been one of the main concepts behind the collections of renowned brands like Dior and Prada that aim to reflect today’s women’s lives. Over the past few seasons (even years, I would say) fashion has been reflecting on the new wave of feminism. This industry, often and unfairly deemed frivolous and superficial, has proved once again that it is connected to the world and its concerns.

Model: Lucía Hernández Peris | Credit: Claudia Peris

Clean lines, vibrant colours, and the return of the iconic women’s suit, which was especially popular in the ’90s, are the dress code for women who are ready to stand out and conquer the world. However, fashion reinterprets the traditional power dressing and shifts focus toward fresh directions and areas.

Model: Lucía Hernández Peris | Credit: Claudia Peris

If in the past tailoring and structured designs were reserved for the office environment and were a byword for boring and serious attire, the situation has reverted today. We love playing with pieces and we are finding ourselves styling those traditional garments with more extravagant options. Ripped jeans, leather pencil skirts, and sexy crop tops are becoming the norm in and out of the office.

Model: Lucía Hernández Peris | Credit: Claudia Peris

For the past few weeks, with the excuse that a new season is coming up, I have been trying out this new concept of power dressing and tailoring, and I’ve found that every store  — luxury and high street — is imbued with this spirit. The best way to wear it? With a feminine touch that makes it appropriate for almost every job situation, like trench-coat-style dresses, and with a sexy twist like crop tops underneath blazers for a more casual occasions.

Model: Lucía Hernández Peris | Credit: Claudia Peris

One Month, One Style: Statement Feathers

This season we found a new way to build up an outstanding look and to add flair to your wardrobe: feathers is our choice for October. From the fashionable cities like New York, London, Milan, and Paris to the catwalks, these fluffy 1920’s details have been seen everywhere and it’s crystal clear that this trend is making a major comeback. You can add some drama to your outfit by wrapping yourself in fluffy feathers, as seen in Balenciaga’s fall 2017 RTW, or treat your little plumes as fashion accessories with feather trims as seen in PradaAlexander McQueen, or J.W. Anderson, that added a glamorous laid-back vibe to the modern collection.

We are totally agree that wearing feathers can be tricky, the key is balancing it with more relaxed styles, so you can make a fashion statement without looking over the top. Below, five creative ways to add feathers in a fresh, new way to your fall wardrobe :

Alexander Mcqueen, Balenciaga , Prada

Like a bird

If the idea of wearing feathers intimidates you, there is a subtlety option: Feather details that appear on the sleeves. It’s lighter than fur and adds a texture that can upgrade a simple top. A cotton shirt with a little plume is a classic take on the trend and also the easiest to wear. You can pair it with jeans for a casual day look or team it with a fancier skirt for a night out.

Credit: Style Du Monde

Move it move it

Another way to take the classy piece to a whole new level is by adding feather to the bottons of your pants. The fluffy embellishment would totally evoke a uniqueness in a fresh way. It’s a new mix that brings some movement and playful elements to your outfit, but it’s also appropriate enough to function as a day wear, as long as the feathers are delicate and come in a solid colour.

Credit: Style Du Monde

 Bohemian soul

If you still need some time to get used to this new feather trend, there are some subtle ways to welcome them into your wardrobe. Feather embellished jewelry in a variety of colours and lengths, as earrings or necklaces, will give a bohemian-cool vibe to the overall outfit. It is also a great way to refresh your daily office outfit.

Credit: Free People

 Fluffy feet

Another big trend this season is feathered shoes. Fluff embellished stilettos were very popular on the fall/winter catwalks and among celebrities and fashionistas like Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, and Leandra Medine. The extraordinary details are fun alternatives to an evening wear and also unique enough to get noticed. You can balance it with a polished suit or pair it with a fluffy coat for a full impact.

Credit: Harpers Bazaar uk


Feather trimmings,  added to the hem of a skirt or all over the garment, are a bolder way to add a youthful charm to your appearance. The flirty skirt allows you to channel your inner fashionista and embrace the playfulness of loud textures. To maintain a sophisticated feminine look, stick to black, but keep in mind that vibrant colours like pink can be also a great choice, since they evoke glamour with a pinch of sex appeal, especially for a fashion-forward girl.

Credit: Neiman Marcus – LFW


It Takes A Village to Hide Sexual Misconduct

In case you missed it, Hollywood bigwig executive Harvey Weinstein has been hit with some major allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault by over 30 women. These allegations have been ongoing for decades, but were only recently unearthed thanks to two major investigative reports, one from Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey at The New York Times and the other from Ronan Farrow at The New Yorker.

One pervasive theme throughout all this is that it was apparently an “open secret” in Hollywood for years. Members of his company told Farrow there was a “culture of complicity” in his company to help hide the allegations. In 2004, The New York Times reporter Sharon Waxman had a story in the works about Weinstein’s sexual harassment before it was gutted, after Weinstein reportedly visited the Times office, and after actors Russel Crowe and Matt Damon called Waxman to vouch that Fabrizio Lombardo, an Italian film executive whose actual job, according to several sources, was to secure sex workers and escorts for Weinsten, was really a film executive and nothing more.

Many actors who reacted to the news admitted to having heard rumors about him for years but they never publicly discussed them. Kate Winslet, for one, wrote in a statement that she had heard of such rumours but “had hoped that these kind of stories were just made up rumours, maybe we have all been naïve.”

Actress Rose McGowan, one of the many who have accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct

There’s a bitter irony in hearing Winslet say that Weinstein’s behavior is “reprehensible and disgusting”, considering that she had this to say about Woody Allen and Roman Polanski, an alleged child molester and a convicted child rapist respectively: “I didn’t know Woody and I don’t know anything about that family. As the actor in the film, you just have to step away and say, I don’t know anything, really, and whether any of it is true or false. Having thought it all through, you put it to one side and just work with the person. Woody Allen is an incredible director. So is Roman Polanski. I had an extraordinary working experience with both of those men, and that’s the truth.” Hey, I bet lots of people could say the same about Weinstein! What’s all the fuss about? He’s an incredible executive producer (he’s had a hand in classics like Good Will Hunting and Pulp Fiction). Why can’t we all just push these pesky rape rumors aside and work with these men! (Oh, and here’s a fun fact: back in 2009 Weinstein wrote an article in defense of Polanski and called his rape conviction a “so-called crime”. I guess sexual abusers stick together?)

Winslet isn’t alone in this utter hypocrisy. Ben Affleck released a statement on Twitter condemning Weinstein, but has neglected to say much about the allegations of sexual harassment against his younger brother Casey Affleck, and has some harassment allegations of his own.

Actress Ashley Judd has also accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct

Weinstein got away with these kinds of bahavior for so long because an army of fellow executives, PR managers, lawyers, and famous Hollwood types kept it from getting out. Because of willful silence on the part of other powerful players in Hollywood, and because of the deliberate intimidation of anyone who would be open about this, especially the victims of harassment and assault.

I’m not surprised to hear about Weinstein, but I am surprised that he seems to be facing actual consequences. He’s apparently been fired from his company, his wife Georgina Chapman is leaving him, and police in London and New York are looking into investigating him. While it’s good that something is happening to Weinstein, I can’t help but think about the women who had to watch his enormous success, all too aware of what he did to them in private. I can’t help but think about how it took this long for us to talk about this. Or to think about the fact that if comedian Hannibal Buress didn’t bring up the Bill Cosby allegations back in 2014 during a comedy routine, Cosby’d probably still enjoy the same reputation he had before, even as the rape allegations were of public record for years. And I also can’t help but consider how many other Hollywood bigwigs aren’t facing such scrutiny. Polanski is still a free man. Allen is still making movies with top actors. Casey Affleck got an Oscar for Best Picture. Christian Slater was convicted of assaulting his former girlfriend Michelle Jonas back in 1997 and currently stars in the critically acclaimed TV series Mr. Robot. Johnny Depp “allegedly” verbally and physically abused his now ex-wife Amber Heard and is still set to be a major part of the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them franchise, among other upcoming projects. And despite the fact that there is literally a section of director/producer Bryan Singer’s Wikipedia page entitled “sexual abuse allegations”, almost nobody discusses this about him and he has multiple upcoming film projects, including many in the X-Men franchise.

Actress Rosanna Arquette also accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct

None of these powerful men, or any others who we don’t know about (including an unnamed film executive who sexually assaulted actor Terry Crews, as Crews bravely revealed over Twitter recently), could possibly keep their abuse under wraps for years without some help. It takes a village to keep sexual abuse, assault, and harassment allegations from getting around.

So what do we do? I’ll tell you what: look this stuff up. Most of the allegations are public information. Next time you hear a rumor about a beloved actor or director, google them. And if it checks out, talk about it. I know, it’s easier to say nothing. But we owe it to the survivors of abuse, assault, and harassment to not let their stories fall through the cracks.

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Milan & Paris Spring 2018 Trends

As good as New York and London are, nothing compares to the powerhouse duo that is Milan and Paris during fashion month. For decades now, the final stops during the whirlwind that is fashion month seemed to have always been the cherry on top. The trends came through at an astounding rate this season, with countless brands taking a stab at the contemporary trend game. There were sequins galore, pops of colour, tones of duality, and a hint of modern cool that rarely falls within the walls of the European cities. The 4 trends picked for this article are sure to hit mainstream stores immediately for the holiday season and next year’s warm weather, so watch out for them and start planning your dream wardrobe right away!

Glitter In The Air

Sequins seem to have made a comeback during Paris and Milan fashion weeks in a very big way this season! The shiny little buggers were everywhere on the runway in the last two weeks, ranging from demure to daring in a slew of different colours. Most prominent of all were silver and soft champagne sequins. However, colourful jewel tone sequins seemed to pop up in a few shows as well, breaking the sea of singular shine here and there. Yet sequins weren’t the only eye-catching sparklers seen in Paris and Milan. Chainmail and high-shine beading also took the runway by storm, giving fashionistas a different take on glitz and glamour.

Two Tone/enoT owT

Duality seemed to be a big trend in Paris and Milan this season. Designers sent multiple looks that played with stark contrasts in colours down the runway. Sometimes black was offset with florals or jewel tones, while other times a simple pairing of black and white did just the trick to create a visual contrast on the models’ bodies. This may have very well been an evolution of the colour-blocking trend that swept the fashion industry a few years back. However, this time around, it seemed as if designers really wanted to showcase a harsh vertical split with their designs, leaving one half of the body plain and the other lively and colourful.

Icing Pastels

What’s a spring collection without pastels right? The runway of Paris and Milan seemed to be caked in ice cream coloured hues this season. But these weren’t your aunt’s pastels from the ’80s. No, this time around the pastels took on a far more mature and refined look, leaving behind the traditional notion that pastels are juvenile or overly frilly. Sharply tailored suits and streamlined silhouettes complemented this season’s more grown-up aesthetics by pairing powdery pinks and yellows with modern office daywear and adult eveningwear.

Plastique Fantastique

Very rarely does such a kitschy material take hold of the big European fashion capitals the way PVC did this season. For two cities extremely concerned with tradition and glamour, it was a surprise to see so much plastic on the runway. Countless designers seemed to have evolved the sheer trend of summer into outright translucency. Gone are the days of soft laces and meshes creating alluring see-through silhouettes and here are the days of complete and honest transparency! The trend was seen in every way conceivable: Dresses, trench coats, boots, stiletto pumps, and hats all had their shining moment of PVC wrapped goodness in Europe. This is a trend you’ll be sure to see on the global catwalk in the months to come.

*All photos courtesy of Vogue Paris Runway*