Hot List: Artist Osheen Harruthoonyan

Osheen Harruthoonyan is an experimental photography-based artist working out of Montréal, Canada. He photographs using B+W film and prints on fibre based gelatin silver paper. Drawing upon his rich experiences growing up in Iran, Greece and Canada, he employs a multi-faceted approach towards his artistic practice; investigating the complex relationships between memory, history and time. Osheen’s work has been featured on the CBC, Vice, Bravo! Arts Channel, Space Channel’s InnerSPACE, and numerous national and international exhibitions and

Hot List: Maison Christian Faure


At Maison Christian Faure, pastry is without a doubt the beating heart of the house. Renowned pastry chef Christian Faure Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, and his team are constantly coming up with new angles on desserts and innovative versions of “petit gâteau” to classic desserts, ice cream, mixing tradition and innovation. Now with 3 locations in Montéal, Old Port, Downtown and Eaton Centre, each one offers a different specialty of Chef Christian Faure for you to enjoy. A genuine showcase of everything good and beautiful. Our Boutiques are the ideal place for discovering traditional original pastry with flavours and scents of the season.

Hot List: Artist Nicole Moss

Lost In Reverie, Handmade collage on wooden panel
A Complimentary Life, Handmade collage – matte print mounted on omega bond with white floater frame


Nicole’s surreal and thought provoking collages are created through traditional cut and paste methods using vintage magazines. Within each collage a unique narrative is presented, exploring themes such as relationships, family dynamics, feminism, and Western cultural precepts. The arrangement of images is a romantic process based on what Nicole believes to be objective chance, which produces meaningful and mystical insight.  


Tonic Blooms

Tonic Blooms is a Toronto-based online flower delivery service offering a curated selection of seasonal and affordable bouquets, delivered on-demand in as little as two hours. Tonic Blooms sources its flowers from local growers, ensuring they are of the highest quality and freshness to maximize longevity. Bouquets start at $39 and come packaged in Tonic Blooms’ signature denim wrapping, which includes a built-in hydration pack allowing the bouquet to stay fresh before making its way into a vase (great for sending to an office). The focused, online-only selection keeps both waste and expenses low, passing on savings to the customer.

Tonic Blooms Website

Hot List: Club D’Elite Spa


We found our own private oasis just outside Toronto and it’s called Club D’Elite Spa. It sincerely feels like you’re on vacation – not too shabby for a 30 min drive outside the Toronto core. They proudly boast that they’re the biggest spa of its kind in Ontario, so you’re going to have to put aside a few hours to fully enjoy everything they’ve got to offer. They’ve got a massive co-ed whirlpool beside a freezing cold dip pool that refreshes you to near enlightenment. This place isn’t your typical spa either – they’re open until 2am and offer an awesome all-you-can-eat buffet with their treatment packages. Pro-tip: Snack on fruit plates, while getting your feet rubbed all while watching your favourite Netflix show on their big screen in the lounge area.