Bands Spotted: January Edition

Good music can make gray slush, such as the road situation today, seem okay. Even sort of nice in a picturesque way. At least while the song lasts, which is to say, we need a lot of music. So when we wanted new music and have already exhausted — or have become exhausted with — Spotify’s clingy know-it-all algorithm, we turned to our contributor Tatyana to hold us down like a good old mixtape used to. Lo and behold, with mathematic precision unbeknownst to apps, she gave us music we didn’t know we needed.

Ace Tee

Rising songstress, Ace Tee’s, new video for her track, Bist Du Down? is giving people a serious case of nostalgia. Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, the singer looks and sounds like she walked right off of a R&B video from the 90’s. Bist Du Down? translates to ‘are you down?’ Yes. Yes, we are.

Marie Davidson

Marie Davidson’s live performances are really something special. With tables full of machines, spoken poetry in English and French, and expressive features, she has no problem captivating an entire room. As one half of the Montreal’s Essaie Pas, Davidson’s heavy synths and drum beats make for some very moody dance music. Her latest solo effort, Adieux Au Dancefloor (Farewell to the Dance floor), is a testament to her morbid fascination with club culture.

Le Couleur

Quebecois trio, Le Couleur, recently released their album, P.O.P. Band members, Laurence Giroux-Do, Patrick Gosselin, and Steeven Chouinard, make 80’s informed disco for you to get down to and their single off the album, L’Amour le Jour, is no exception. French lyrics have a way of making songs a million times better than their English counterparts.


Saint-Laurent made Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s “This is What You Came For” listenable. This ‘80s power ballad is amazing.

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