Beauty Trends from Runway

After the excitement of SS18 fashion weeks, a reflection on current trends is a must. Designers’ new collections inspire and point to what we can expect to see off the runway. With much of the attention on common fashion trends, those in makeup and hair are often looked over, even though they are key aspects to fashion, on and off the runway. Like fashion, the collections from SS18 show’s definite beauty trends can be worked into our daily styles.


When hairstylists give every model in a designer’s collection the middle part, a classic and strong look is achieved. While the style is elegant, it is effective in being modest enough to let the clothes do most of the talking. Off the runway, some would find this face-framing look slightly too bold — modern hair parts are usually to the side and more lax. However, as these models have shown, it is the confidence you carry this hair-do with that makes it work. Give it a try the next time you want to shake things up!


Nothing makes a statement like a single color on the lips of every model on a runway. The red lips were used to give a sense of continuity between certain pieces as a collection moves from one look to the next. The trick must’ve been to find a hue of red that looks great on each model. However, for your own daily use, bandwagoning off this on-again-off-again trend, know this: the bolder the better!


Don’t let the effortless sensibility of the BoHo wave fool you into thinking that it’s easy: incorporating this hair into a runway show requires tremendous effort. Natural looking hair was a huge trend this season, which gave bold fashion pieces an everyday feel. While I’m sure much more attention and work went into making the perfectly tussled and messed look, at home, you can get the look by using a body spray or letting it dry naturally.


Cat-eye, winged, or just coated all around, there’s no denying that thick liner is the way to create an edgy or hard feel on the runway. It was seen throughout the runway this season and was used as a contrast to the darker collections. Makeup artists use this trend to add depth to classic and elegant looks that would normally be paired with more modest eye-makeup styles. Thick liners are for fashion lovers who prefer a classic approach with a twist for the colder season.


The short hair look always adds an air of confidence. Hair stylists this season used the short n’ chic look to pair with both feminine and masculine collections and intertwined a sense of strength to beauty. While it might seem daunting to cut off all of your hair in the name of fashion, there is no doubt that this trend is an absolute statement-maker on and off the runway.

Fall Fashion Picks for your Sign

If you are into horoscopes like I am, you know that there is an essential forecast every year, month, season, and day that shares new insights on your personal relationships, finances, travelling, and more. I am not one for reading my daily horoscope but I do think there is something to be said for how my own personality and those around me largely reflect the character traits that define each astrological sign. Like trends and seasons, situations change, and it is interesting to see how each horoscope deals with day-to-day happenings. What is missed in these seasonal forecasts is what trends are best suited for each sign. Novella has put together this season’s best fall trends and which sign should give them a go based off of their sign’s overall personality traits, and what Your Tango says is in store for them in Your Horoscope For The Last 4 Months Of 2017 For All Zodiac Signs!

Aries- March 21-April 19

Glitter Boots — Lately, things have not been as exciting as what a spontaneous Aries is used to! Whether your social life is lacking, you’re stuck in a rut at work, there has just not been enough adventure in your life. Adding a new signature item to your wardrobe is always a good way to shake things up. Glitter boots were huge on the runway this season. And this trend is making even the most basic fall looks sparkle on the street. Aries, add this to your wardrobe-must-haves for fall because you deserve to shine!

Taurus- April 20-May 21

’70s Plaid — For someone who is used to being relied on and known as the ‘practical’ friend, this kind of pressure can be too much for even a Taurus. Your fall forecast calls for a serious re-evaluation of what ties need to be cut in order to make you feel like your best self again. Fashion wise, the ’70s plaid look is practical and versatile enough for you, but still gives off a look of confidence that will give you the energy to get things back to normal this season.


Gemini- May 22- June 21

Sexy Power Suit — It’s sometimes difficult to dress the two-toned Gemini. The shift in personality change can often lead to not knowing how you want to dress. However, your ambition seems to be paying off this season as Geminis this fall are supposed to be at a peak in terms of work! To celebrate this success and to dress for it, a power suit is great for all occasions. At work, this look can be paired with a button up or graphic tee, and taking it into the evening, it is great with a silk camisole.

Cancer- June 22- July 22

Power Colour — Cancer is known to be the most family-friend oriented among all the signs. While this can be a great thing, sometimes this close focus takes away from you. This fall, Cancer is expected to take time for themselves. Take a class, go to dinner, and treat yourself to a new fashion look. Statement head-to-toe colours are huge this season. This trend is a great option for Cancers so that they can standout and have some attention to themselves!

Leo- July 23- August 22

Sweat Suit — In classic Leo form, keeping busy and staying on your heavy work schedule has been a priority this season. While this hard-work will surely pay off, taking time to relax is an important thing to keep in mind during all the hustle. Sweatsuits have been seen on all the major street-style looks and is great for you so that you can be comfortable taking on your daily goals while still looking cute/comfy.

Virgo- August 23- September 22

Vintage Tees and Jeans — The carefulness and kindness that a Virgo takes with them each day usually go hand in hand with their well-rounded talents and close-knit friend group. However, the analytical side of a Virgo can sometimes lead to too much worry. This season, it seems you are somewhat spiritually disconnected from things that are important. That’s why wearing something as classic as a favourite pair of jeans and digging up one of your favourite tee is the best fashion option this season for feeling like your old self again!

Libra September 23- October 22

Athleisure — Keeping up with a balanced lifestyle is always important to a Libra. This sign is well-known for their ability to juggle multiple things with grace! This fall, a huge focus for a Libra is on health and wellness. While you are getting your diet and workout routine on track, the most practical fashion trend for you is athleisure! Combine a cute running outfit with your favourite pair of sneakers for a look that is convenient for your daily routine and cute!

Scorpio- October 23- November 22

Body Con — The bravery and ambition that a Scorpio thrives on through every challenge is certainly the reason why things are going so well for them this season. It’s important to keep in mind this fall that you need to take time to enjoy your success. Body-con dresses are perfect for this weather as they can be easily layered with and they are equally perfect for a Scorpio: the empowering silhouette is a great way to celebrate your confidence!

Sagittarius- November 23- December 21

Western Front — Your natural curiosity and willingness to explore new things will not be missed this season. While everyday is a new adventure for a Sagittarius, this fall you will shine best taking strides with your artsy side. If there is a project you’ve been wanting to start, a song to write, or a new outfit idea to try, now is the time! Western inspired fashion has been a beloved trend this season that will be perfect for an artsy Sagittarius to rock!

Capricorn- December 22- January 20

Crushed Velvet — It is a Capricorn’s claim to fame to be able to accomplish anything they set their mind on. This fall, your mind has been focused on your love-life whether its a new relationship or a long-term one — you’ve definitely been taking time to prioritize your heart. An outfit for date night is a must for a Capricorn this fall. Try a formal velvet piece to have a classic and romantic look.

Aquarius- January 21- February 18

Classic Long Coat — An Aquarius’s truthfulness is a quality that is cherished in all of their relationships. This fall calls for time with friends, especially new ones as your imagination leads to a want for new experiences. Of course with all of the outings you’ll be going on, it’s important to keep warm in style. That is why the classic long coat trend is perfect for a sociable Aquarius this season.

Pisces- February 19- March 20

Victorian Collar — Being selfless is always a good thing and when it comes to a Pisces it is extremely important for their caring nature to come through. While this is often recognized, a Pisces’s own needs will get lost in the mix of things. That’s why this season your focus is on simplicity — take a step away from all the craziness and work to better structure your own life. In terms of fashion, a trend that voices both simplicity and structure is the Victorian neckline blouse. Try this look to give off elegance.


Runway Beauty Guru’s to Follow on Instagram (Who Aren’t Pat McGrath)

When fashion and beauty get together, the main name that comes up is Pat McGrath. McGrath is responsible for some of the most iconic looks to grace the runway. When it comes to putting together a memorable runway production, the combination of fashion and hair and makeup must work together like a well-oiled machine to portray the designers’ visions of their collections. While the work of beauty gurus (hair and makeup artists) is spotlighted in every show on the runway models, the credit of these artists is pushed into the corner as the focus is mainly on the fashion itself. Fortunately, many of these artists are making a name for themselves via Instagram! Here are some hairstylists and makeup artists to follow whose work you are probably more familiar with than their names.


Guido Palau is known for contributing to a designer’s overall theme of their show with his brave and creative looks. Some of this hair guru’s most notable works on runway have been with Marc Jacobs, Dior, and Versace. His Instagram page features his works in both runway shows and editorial pieces. This account is definitely one to follow if you want to stay informed on current hair trends and spice up your daily feed!


While Diane Kendal is the main beauty consultant for Marc Jacobs Beauty, she works with many fashion designers to create beautiful runway moments. Her most recent works this past season, aside from Marc Jacobs, include a fresh and sultry look for Alexander Wang, bold cat eyes for Roberto Cavalli, and classic red lips for Sonia Rykiel. While her looks are classic and never too wild, her techniques give the model a flawless finish. Kendal’s Instagram page features a range of old and new makeup looks done by her for editorials and runways. Her account is great to follow if you’re into the classic aesthetics.


Aside from being a monster fashion house for decades, Dior has carved its name prominently in the beauty world for years now. Behind this progress is Peter Philips, creative and image director of Christian Dior Makeup. Every season, when Dior makes a statement on the runway, Philips is behind the bold faced looks that accompany it. His Instagram account is great to follow for his current works and throwbacks, but he also posts “How To” videos that are sure to help you create your own runway moment at home.


When it comes to taking current hair trends and amping them up for the runway, Paul Hanlon is every designer’s dream artist for the job. This past season, Gucci, Julien Dossena, and Jeremy Scott for Moschino all featured chic and unique hair looks that will surely be seen off the runway. Follow his account for up-to-date photos on his current projects, which will surely give some indication of what’s hot in the hair world.


When thinking of Burberry, the word ‘classic’ comes to mind. While the brand keeps up with current trends, they never stray far from their initial statement of class that they have been known for throughout the years. This is why makeup artist Wendy Rowe is their artistic consultant. The guru has a great understanding of how best to represent a brand and maintain their signature influence. She showed off her skills this past season with her sexy look for Juilen Macdonald, in which she once again allowed the brands collection to perfectly inspire the look that she created. Follow her account to see her work on the runway, as well as the many classic looks that she does on celebrity cover stories.


Amy Farid is fairly new to the runway but made a definite statement with her work for Luar at SS.18 of NYFW. Her wild looks contributed to the intensity and playfulness of the fashion. Aside from the runway, Amy Farid creates looks that celebrate diversity and creativity, which can be seen on her Instagram page’s many current project posts.

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Style Slays and Nays: Celebrity Street Style Edition

Interest in celebrity street style is becoming increasingly more popular than the traditional buzz on celebrity red carpet styles or even runway fashion. Perhaps this is because we can relate more to their ‘off duty’ trends and can find similar items for ourselves. While some of these outfits might look just casually thrown together, the majority of the time, each outfit is thoughtfully put together by a stylist, whether the celebrity is out for coffee, gas, a casual stroll, or just looking regular. While even the most casual look takes effort, there is no denying that even a celebrity can miss the boat on a current trend. Here are some ‘off duty’ celebrities and their styles — the good, the not-so-good, and the wrong.

Statement Denim

Slay: Gigi Hadid & Nay:Diane Kruger When it comes to an all denim look, it is almost unfair to be compared to Gigi Hadid — the Tommy Hilfiger girls rocks this look frequently and flawlessly. The baggy fit of both the jacket and pants could have appeared drowning, but her tight red tank and matching boots give this look a fun and sexy feel. Diane Kruger’s take on this look is definitely more casual but could have been made better with a sleeker hairstyle and a pair of heels.

Styled Sweats

Slay: Kourtney Kardashian & Nay: Kendall Jenner  Sweats are trending everywhere right now and the Kardashian clan has been seen embodying the trend this past year. Both Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner went for a dressed up version of the sweats trend. However, Kourtney’s all white look with a pop of black heels and bag feels trendier than Kendall’s sloppy fur approach.

Vertical Stripe Pant

Slay: Rihanna & Nay: Vanessa Hudgens — Striped pants are a huge statement piece this season. Rihanna gave this trend a warmer feel while still keeping her classic flair with her pointed heels. Vanessa Hudgens took a lighter approach to the striped pants, but the contrast between her mustard yellow sweater, black and white pants, and tan wedges made the outfit look like a hodgepodge of colors and textures.

Mini Skirt

Slay: Blake Lively & Nay: Bella Hadid — The mini skirt is a fluctuating trend that is currently a much coveted item in any girl’s wardrobe. The trick with this look is to make it look trendy and not trashy. Blake Lively looked absolutely flawless in this polished outfit. Bella Hadid took a similar approach by matching her skirt to the jacket and pairing them with a pair of pointy boots. The rips and the length of the skirt are a definite nay as the model’s street style look does not reflect her usual elevated and classy style.

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Must-Have Pieces Every Girl Needs for Fall

Fall is the time of year when the old meets new to create looks that incorporate pieces we’ve loved since Spring with elevated touches and weather appropriateness. While Summer is the time for fresh styles and lighter looks, I have to say that I love Fall fashion as it allows room for more complicated pieces to come together. Our fashion editor, Chris, put together a list of Must-Have Pieces Every Guy Needs For Fall. Now, here is one that will help guide the most stylish ladies this season!


The fitted bomber was a huge hit this past spring and fall. It adds a masculine edge to an outfit and can be extremely versatile. This fall, the bomber is coming back and in a big way (literally). Many fashion icons have been rocking this look four sizes up to add proportional depth to what they are wearing. Layering has always been a fall staple and the oversized bomber leaves ample room for this trend in many ways.


Your robe coat could be made of velvet, flannel, or silk. No matter the fabric, this is a great way to be comfortable this season while still maintaining a statement look. The silhouette that a robe gives allows the a wearer to remain feminine while staying cozy. This looks great over a body suit, a graphic tee, or whatever else you can fit under this flowing piece.


Bundling up doesn’t have to look frumpy. The turtleneck has been a chic and sophisticated staple for the past few colder seasons. The look gets a bit of a facelift this fall as fashion-lovers are wearing additional pieces overtop in order to allow the high-neck to subtly work together with a statement piece. This unification allows for an ultimate high-fashion look. Put your layering skills to work!


The fall season has been known as a time to pack up the lighter shades and bring out the blacks and navies. However, light-wash is staying strong this fall and is transitioning into in-season by being worn with long sleeve bodysuits, graphic tees, button ups, and more. The look of a light washed jean is classic and always brings a vintage feel to an outfit. This is why you can be a bit daring when dressing up in this timeless colour.


Being girly in cold weather can be a bit challenging — you battle whether to look glam or to freeze. The long skirt allows you to do both and is an option that works with many types of styles. Casually, the piece can be great with a simple t-shirt or sweater. If you want to dress it up or give it an edge, your favourite fall jacket will go perfectly with this standout fall staple!

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