Must-Have Pieces Every Girl Needs for Fall

Fall is the time of year when the old meets new to create looks that incorporate pieces we’ve loved since Spring with elevated touches and weather appropriateness. While Summer is the time for fresh styles and lighter looks, I have to say that I love Fall fashion as it allows room for more complicated pieces to come together. Our fashion editor, Chris, put together a list of Must-Have Pieces Every Guy Needs For Fall. Now, here is one that will help guide the most stylish ladies this season!


The fitted bomber was a huge hit this past spring and fall. It adds a masculine edge to an outfit and can be extremely versatile. This fall, the bomber is coming back and in a big way (literally). Many fashion icons have been rocking this look four sizes up to add proportional depth to what they are wearing. Layering has always been a fall staple and the oversized bomber leaves ample room for this trend in many ways.


Your robe coat could be made of velvet, flannel, or silk. No matter the fabric, this is a great way to be comfortable this season while still maintaining a statement look. The silhouette that a robe gives allows the a wearer to remain feminine while staying cozy. This looks great over a body suit, a graphic tee, or whatever else you can fit under this flowing piece.


Bundling up doesn’t have to look frumpy. The turtleneck has been a chic and sophisticated staple for the past few colder seasons. The look gets a bit of a facelift this fall as fashion-lovers are wearing additional pieces overtop in order to allow the high-neck to subtly work together with a statement piece. This unification allows for an ultimate high-fashion look. Put your layering skills to work!


The fall season has been known as a time to pack up the lighter shades and bring out the blacks and navies. However, light-wash is staying strong this fall and is transitioning into in-season by being worn with long sleeve bodysuits, graphic tees, button ups, and more. The look of a light washed jean is classic and always brings a vintage feel to an outfit. This is why you can be a bit daring when dressing up in this timeless colour.


Being girly in cold weather can be a bit challenging — you battle whether to look glam or to freeze. The long skirt allows you to do both and is an option that works with many types of styles. Casually, the piece can be great with a simple t-shirt or sweater. If you want to dress it up or give it an edge, your favourite fall jacket will go perfectly with this standout fall staple!

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Bubble Up Theory: How Fashion is Screwing the Punks

Photo from Complex Mag

Cultural appropriation has been an ongoing topic in fashion. For some reason, it is still practiced in music videos, fashion shows, and street-style/festival looks today. It is no secret that designers and fashion lovers alike tend to borrow pieces from cultures that have historically been marginalized to give a look a sense of uniqueness or depth. The irony of this practice is that the practice only brings to the surface the designer/fashion lover’s ignorance. 

Whether we are just now starting to practice this ignorant fashion tactic today, there is no secret that we are seeing it more, as accessibility to favourite celebrities’ daring’ fashion moment their stylist put them in is at an all time high with social media. Subcultures that have typically been scrutinized are now also taking the hit in the fashion world. For example, brands like Thrasher and Supreme are taken from the skater community and worn stylishly with couture items for celebrities to look airport-chic in. This occurrence is called the bubble up theory — it explains why many subcultures, like Goth, Harajuku, and more are losing their unique sense of place, and becoming a gratuitous part of mainstream fashion. 

While many sub-groups have been significantly picked apart by this tactic, the one that has always felt personally damaging to me is the appropriation of Punk culture — this is funny because I am in fact, not in any way at all, a punk.

Photo from Elle

Last summer, modern style icon Kim Kardashian stepped out in a fully studded, painted, and patched punk-style leather jacket. While this DIY look has been a trademark of punk-rockers’ since the 1960’s, Kim K made this style statement for no less than an eleven-thousand dollar mock-up by Enfants Riches Déprimés. The Kardashians may express interest in a lot of things (makeup, hip-hop, basketball), but last time I checked, Iggy Pop was not at the top of their latest guest list. I realize that a Kardashian wearing a studded leather jacket isn’t truly the crux of the problem. Paying a large sum of money like that for a detailed jacket does in fact give credit to how much work is put into this kind of piece. The issue to focus on is how this trend trickles down into fast fashion stores such as H&M and Forever 21. This cheap alternative allows anyone to wear a jacket of similar style without knowing where the idea of this detailed jacket originates from. This leaves those who have put their time into understanding, learning from, and working hard to belong to the punk community left feeling stripped of their personal style, which has been a way they have identified themselves within a larger cultural spectrum.

Punk fashion derives from the history of the music itself. Those who spoke out against societal norms and values were looked down upon and punk music gave these rejects a voice, a way to celebrate their opinions. The fashion went along with this trend as UK designer Vivienne Westwood (she notably worked with The Sex Pistols) created t-shirt designs and patches reflecting the values of this outcasted culture. With them came the addition of safety pins, zippers, and, of course, studs. While Westwood made these designs and ideas infamous, punk fashion has a very DIY nature behind it. This meant that while many could not afford to buy key pieces brand new, with some creativity and dedication, they could make their own unique looks that fit within the punk world.

Photo from Marie Claire UK

As punk fashion developed, the acceptance towards this unorthodox sub-group did not. Many punk rockers have been subjected to exclusion in the workforce and other public sectors due to the appearance of their hair, their piercings, and their clothing. Because of this, creating unique looks is even more reputable as low funds force punk rockers to search for unique pieces in cheap second hand stores, dumpsters, and more. I have personally watched someone very close to me, who has appreciated the punk genre since a young age, tirelessly put hundreds of studs into a jacket, sew together old gloves to make a cooler version, and hand paint patches and jackets with punk symbols and logos from their favourite bands. When the industry mass produces pieces very similar to this, we are not only devaluing the time and creativity behind these pieces, but also their historical value.

Like I said, I do not in any way identify as a punk. I do, however, hold near and dear the things that define me and feel protective over the importance of unique and defiant style. When stepping out in an item of clothing that is related to a sub-group that one knows nothing about, you are discrediting those who actually celebrate the background from which their clothes come. One of my favourite bands is Guns N’ Roses. When wearing one of the band’s shirts, I have been asked several times whether I actually like the band. This is the result of bubble up theory at its finest as fashion looks begin to completely lose their meaning when someone borrows a key item only to elevate their unrelated style. This is not to exclude fashion lovers from exploring their personal appearance. Be brave, be unique, but most importantly, be aware of where your fashion comes from.

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Fall Music Preview

Just as every spring we all can’t wait for warm weather and the freedom of summer, there is no doubt that all changes bring with them things to look forward to. It could be the excitement of new weather, a new job or a program, switching up your wardrobe. And it can also be the excitement of being introduced to new music that will be there with us through all of these experiences.

By the end of August, the idea of something new after hearing the same summer jams on repeat is an absolute necessity. ‘Songs of the Summer’ get locked away in my ‘save for later’ playlist, not to be let out until the next time I am feeling sentimental about Summer 2017. Artists have been working hard all summer to send out teasers and singles that announce their upcoming albums. Here is a preview of what can be expected to come through the speakers of your car radio, your favourite bar, or your headphones this fall!

Fergie- “Double Dutchess”

Fergie’s leaked single featuring Nicki Minaj is proof that 11 years out of the album game will not slow down this diva. Her latest ‘Double Dutchess‘ is the part 2 to her 2006 album, ‘The Dutchess’ — a continuation of hit singles and powerful dance songs! Fergie has been sending out multiple teasers in video form, creating a huge hype, Fergie’s album comes out September 22, but is available for pre-order now.

Jack Johnson- “All the Light Above it Too”

September 8th is the announced date for Jack Johnson’s new album ‘All the Light Above it Too‘. His single, ‘Sunsets For Somebody Else’ is out now and shows that the artist is still going strong with easy-listening love songs that are perfect for cold weather and indoor hangouts. While the overall musical tone of the album will be pretty standard of Johnson’s usual niche, the subjects are quite different in his latest — it is more exploratory and reflective of his time spent travelling and on current world issues.

Foo Fighters- “Concrete and Gold”

The latest single from the Foo Fighters gives a glimpse at an exceptional new collection of rock songs to be heard in the band’s 9th LP, ‘Concrete and Gold‘. The single itself goes in and out of different tempos and leaves you on the edge of your seat, waiting for what singer and producer Dave Grohl will do next. When talking about the LP, Grohl’s said that his inspiration for the collection came from one of his favourite bands, Motorhead. Because of this comparison, it is safe to assume that the rest of the songs will play up a heavier side of the band. You can expect to hear the entire LP on September 15th.

The Killers- “Wonderful Wonderful”

The Killers’s first album in 5 years will be released on September 22nd. The band has been known to appeal to dance music lovers and rock fans alike, and the recent single secures the joint admiration from a wide range of fans, New single, ‘The Man’, is an ’80s inspired hit that will definitely be on your fall playlist. Promos for the album tease expectations for the band’s experimental — while some songs scream ‘hit’, others are “psychological thrillers” according to Corbin Reif of Uproxx.

Weaves- “Wide Open”

It is no secret that Novella loves the Canadian band Weaves. While previous songs and videos by the band have been featured on these pages, we are so excited to listen to their newest LP ‘Wide Open‘, which is set for release on on October 6th. The recently released single ‘Walkaway’ is THE rock song you want to hear at a bar this fall and dance with your friends to. The vocals are on point as usual and the guitar weaving effect creates depth and a unique flare to the sound! Stay tuned for more from the band here.

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Onstage Festival Fashion Highlights

At this point in the post-festival summer, we have seen the street-style posts on blogs, Instagram, and numerous other places. While attendees of Wayhome and Osheaga definitely brought it this year with their unique looks and fabulous festival attires, the onstage acts certainly did not ignore the call to action from both a musical and fashion standpoint. Of course the music the the initial draw at a live show. But at a festival — or any live-music atmosphere in general — the performance is equally important in attracting attention. Here is a list of artists who performed in festivals over the past month who completely got the importance of onstage visual-fashion appeal.

Tove Lo (Osheaga)

Tove Lo always has a tomboy flare to her onstage and off stage looks. She emphasizes both comfort and edginess with her cool graphics and loose vintage pieces. This year at Osheaga, the singer was clearly geared up to work the stage and keep her audience dancing. Her graphic sweat combo allowed for comfortable movement and just generally looked really cool. The best thing about this combo is how the two pieces work harmoniously together in their colour story without appearing too put-together or ‘matchy.’ This is an all around fun look for the stage!

Lorde (Osheaga)

It’s no surprise given our current rain-filled summer that it poured during the acts at Osheaga. Lorde was one of the performers who had to work it out in the rain. However, the attire that she chose gave off the impression that she is an angel in the mist. The singer always keeps her fans guessing and this crisp white period-like dress certainly did not let them down. A perfect look to wear with a rainy backdrop, Lorde belted out everyone’s favourite songs while her dress, which allowed great movement, stood at attention for all to enjoy.

Cage the Elephant (Wayhome)

Sometimes, after hearing recorded and produced tracks by well known bands, an audience starts to make assumptions about a band before ever actually seeing them live. After seeing Cage the Elephant live, I was in awe as to how I had never watched them before, and how the onstage energy and presence completely changed my overall image of the band. Singer Matt Shultz performs like a modern Mick Jagger and has the style to back it up. Each member of the band had their own unique look but still allowed room for some sense of unity. Shultz stood proud in a red loose button up and tailored pants, which gave room for him to work the entire stage, whether he was dancing across it or running around. A high energy band with high energy style, Cage the Elephant was definitely a fashion highlight at Wayhome.

Solange (Wayhome)

Solange’s look reigns supreme among festival attires. Her performance at Wayhome was stunning and her attention to aesthetics was half of it. Solange, her beautiful background singers, and her huge accompanying band were all unified in perfectly tailored red. Red is the color of celebration in many cultures. This look and the overall show definitely screamed celebration to so many people who were gratified by her performance. Working with designer Telfar Clemens, Solange made sure that her costumes be made with built in mic packs, which allows her to throw herself on the stage, roll around, or do whatever her heart desires. Corners were not cut in this performance or its costumes.

Danny Brown (Osheaga)

Known for his mix of busy pieces with classic street-style flare, Danny Brown had the perfect blend for his Osheaga stage. His matching colorful pants and top combination could have looked too busy onstage, but the use of his Nike rain coat broke up the details in a way that created a more fashion-forward, athleisure look.

Charles Bradley (Wayhome)

Charles Bradley stepped onto the WAyhome stage and made an absolute statement in his crisp and flashy matching suit and spectacular belt. The look celebrated his musical roots and also separated him from many acts on a fashion level. If there was ever any doubt whether fashion is an important component of live music, Bradley stomped it out as his look triumphed in delivering his overall musical vibe.

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Frank and Oak’s New Collection Brings Pyjama’s from Night to Day

As someone who spends more time, money, and attention on the perfect outfit for going out than one would like to admit, I have certainly not viewed what I wear at home as top priority. Even when I try to buy a cute pyjama set, most of it goes missing or gets ruined by a coffee stain. This is why when I think of pyjamas, I feel that, unless you are a very put together, chic, 30 year-old lady, or a four year old in a flannel princess onesie, a giant t shirt and sweats will do for most. However, there is no denying that owning a cute pyjama set can make one feel as stylish as a chic jumpsuit. It’s just that when you are wearing this cute item in your own home, some might ask, “What’s the point?”

Fashion brands are responding to that questions with beautifully designed pyjamas that can be worn out of the house. The Canadian brand Frank and Oak has released a new line of pyjamas that can be worn during the day, night, and at bedtime, and basically anywhere one would like to be comfortable and stylish all at once. Fortunately, Novella got our hands on some of these pieces and can show you different ways of wearing night wear as day wear! A review and description of these pieces below!

THE NIGHTIE (Pyjama Dress)

What is normally thought of as a popular item in your grandmother’s wardrobe is actually being recognized now as a statement piece. The fabric used by Frank and Oak for the collection is extremely breathable and leaves room for endless layering opportunities. I am loving how they styled this as a set to accomplish an entire look, and I can also see this being a great evening piece, paired with the right heels and belt. However, summer over-pieces have been a huge staple of mine recently, which is why I went for a more relaxed look when wearing this over a classic denim and crop-top outfit. It was 34 degrees in New York on this day and the dress was pleasantly light and added an added detail to an otherwise simple outfit. When fall comes, I’m definitely excited to try this piece out over a turtle neck!


I have to admit that before wearing this look out on the street, I definitely wore the set to bed a few times. Not only is the shirt-shorts combo extremely breathable and light, it also brings a sense of togetherness when waking up and looking at myself in the fanciest outfit my bed has ever seen! I ditched the shorts for a mix and match look, wearing the button-up with a pair of navy denim shorts. I have been loving the pyjama shirt look lately, and this piece was no exception. The cut of the shirt is still fitted enough to look put-together during the day but the pyjama-esque detailing gives the look the relaxed feel. To dress this look up a little more, I think I will pair it with some black wide-legged dress pants!
Final Thoughts: The Frank and Oak pyjama collection embodies versatility and embraces a fashion forward lifestyle. The three pieces that I have tried can be worn in multiple ways for multiple weather conditions. The pyjama day trend is going strong and to check out some of these pieces and more visit Frank and Oak Pyjama Collection here.

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