Why power dressing is more in style than ever

Model: Lucía Hernández Peris | Credit: Claudia Peris

Empowering women has been one of the main concepts behind the collections of renowned brands like Dior and Prada that aim to reflect today’s women’s lives. Over the past few seasons (even years, I would say) fashion has been reflecting on the new wave of feminism. This industry, often and unfairly deemed frivolous and superficial, has proved once again that it is connected to the world and its concerns.

Model: Lucía Hernández Peris | Credit: Claudia Peris

Clean lines, vibrant colours, and the return of the iconic women’s suit, which was especially popular in the ’90s, are the dress code for women who are ready to stand out and conquer the world. However, fashion reinterprets the traditional power dressing and shifts focus toward fresh directions and areas.

Model: Lucía Hernández Peris | Credit: Claudia Peris

If in the past tailoring and structured designs were reserved for the office environment and were a byword for boring and serious attire, the situation has reverted today. We love playing with pieces and we are finding ourselves styling those traditional garments with more extravagant options. Ripped jeans, leather pencil skirts, and sexy crop tops are becoming the norm in and out of the office.

Model: Lucía Hernández Peris | Credit: Claudia Peris

For the past few weeks, with the excuse that a new season is coming up, I have been trying out this new concept of power dressing and tailoring, and I’ve found that every store  — luxury and high street — is imbued with this spirit. The best way to wear it? With a feminine touch that makes it appropriate for almost every job situation, like trench-coat-style dresses, and with a sexy twist like crop tops underneath blazers for a more casual occasions.

Model: Lucía Hernández Peris | Credit: Claudia Peris

Magical landscapes and fashion in the Canary Islands

Volcanic sceneries, sunsets in the desert, black sand… They are beautiful gifts from nature that’s not always easy to capture in a single shot. However, this Canary Islands blogger excels in the art of fusing fashion and nature in a creative way that will take your breath away.

Marta Purriños from Addict Be Iconic

Marta Purriños, the talent behind the site Addict Be Iconic, is not the average blogger. Of an enigmatic beauty herself, she constantly surprises her followers by playing with different styles — from boyish and super casual boyfriend looks to the most feminine dresses you could imagine —, which makes her and her blog difficult to categorize. Is it about fashion? Or maybe about travels? What comes first?

Marta Purriños from Addict Be Iconic

To answer these questions, it is necessary to get to know Marta a bit more. Online, she found the tool to channel her curiosity about the world and her interest in investigation. Marta soon realized that the web fostered her creativity in an unexpected way, and that’s why she decided to embark on her very own adventure.

“I created my blog with the objective of inspiring people. At first, it was all about fashion, one of my greatest passions, but as time went by and I was finishing my university studies in tourism, I felt the need [to focus] more on experiences, since my real passion is travelling and learning from new cultures, worlds and different perspectives,” Marta explains.

Marta Purriños from Addict Be Iconic

Living in the Canary Islands — where you can enjoy a full-on summer all year round — has also contributed to her concept. “I am convinced that everything that surrounds us influences our minds in an almost unconscious way. We are determined by our climate and our circumstances,” she says. In fact, what surrounded her became so important in her work and her creative concept of Addict Be Iconic that those magical landscapes, her experiences, and new cultures are now completely integrated into her fashion.

The explosion of color and contrasts in her pictures is a reflection of that great interest in nature and travel and of her understanding of fashion. “[It] has a very important role for me in the sense of the functionality of the product and in helping making a destination more attractive; talking about why I am wearing one piece or another, and linking it to utility, sensations, and moments,” Marta says.

Indeed, when you scroll down both Addict Be Iconic and her Instagram account @addictbeiconic, you immediately find yourself captivated by the magic of her pictures — breathtaking sceneries that do more than complement the pieces she is wearing act as the main force of the shot. They not only make you want to wear what she is wearing, but also be where she is.

Marta Purriños from Addict Be Iconic

These passions are also areas that have experienced huge changes in the past few decades. Social Media has reshaped both the fashion and the travel industry and our social media accounts became almost, as Marta puts it, “our second skin.” And that’s why we want to “always present ourselves to the world the best we can.” It is a powerful tool but it is also a super competitive world and it is not easy to break into the industry.

Marta also works as a freelancer for other clients and digital media companies. “It is hard to be a full-time blogger. I compete with a lot of people, not only regionally but internationally,” she explains. “Sometimes companies don’t understand that sometimes quality is better than the number of followers,” Marta adds.

However, her blog is succeeding — she is attending numerous events and is followed by important fashion companies and influencers in Spain. Step by step, and with hard work and dedication, Addict Be Iconic, which advocates for high quality photos and a thought-out creative concept behind them, will continue to inspire and make us dream with its every beautiful picture.

Marta Purriños from Addict Be Iconic

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5 Spring Trends We Are In Love With In Spain

One of the greatest perks of living in Spain is that you get to enjoy sunny weather almost all year round. When April arrives, spring has sprung and the city is an explosion of color and joy. The temperature is warm enough to even wear full-on summer clothes, but in cities like Madrid, where it gets chilly in the first and last hours of the day, throwing on a jacket is a must — plus, it adds an extra fashion touch to our look. Here are my 5 favorite spring items that we are already styling here in Spain.


Transitioning from cold and dark winter to warm and sunny spring might not be easy for one reason: we are not yet ready to show some flesh. If you feel like you need more time to get rid of the winter layers, there is no hurry to wear mini dresses this season. Maxi lengths, inspired by Coachella’s festive spirit, are flattering and elegant and at the same time allow you to gradually adapt to higher temperatures. If you want to add an extra sexy vibe to the look, slits that go up your leg are a good choice.

Model: Claudia Peris | Credit: Lucía Peris


Denim never goes out of style, and it is a must-have in every wardrobe. For the past seasons, we’ve witnessed an evolution in classical denim pieces — playing with hems, cutouts, and lengths that surprise both the wearer and the viewer. This spring, embroidery has blossomed as the favourite trend, and it takes form as beautiful flowers that recreate a magical garden in denim pieces from jeans to jackets.

Model: Claudia Peris | Credit: Lucía Peris


When we think about our spring looks, florals come to mind. Although this always will be the print of the season (we’ll talk about it later), stars are actually the ones that are going to brighten up our spring and summer looks. They mostly come in gold, as on this bomber jacket, and grey, and some of them even have an extra sparkly touch with glitter. The perfect print to shine with this season!

Model: Claudia Peris | Credit: Lucía Peris


This is one of favourite items for the season. The classic aviator style comes back this spring but with an unexpected shift: see-through lenses in bright yellow. It automatically upgrades any look, giving an extra cool vibe to the overall outfit. It matches with everything — colors, textures, and styles — but the winning combo is a total white look like this one.

Model: Claudia Peris | Credit: Lucía Peris


As Miranda Priestly would say, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” However, there is no other print that has conquered everyone’s wardrobe and that keeps coming back every spring — from small and colorful flowers against bright backgrounds such as yellow or green, to big ones that dramatically blossom in every piece you can imagine.

Model: Claudia Peris | Credit: Lucía Peris

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María Magdalena; Subversive Fashion With Spanish Flavor

Designer Alejandra Jaime Mendoza | Credit: María Magdalena

“Symbolic, metaphoric, surrealistic, and subversive” — that’s how Alejandra Jaime Mendoza the Spanish designer behind María Magdalena of the controversial name describes the essence of her brand. Only two seasons into hitting the catwalk of the main events for emerging fashion designers in Spain, Mendoza’s understanding of fashion is already making headlines.

Mendoza has recently showed her second collection for Samsung EGO, the platform dedicated exclusively to emerging talents during Madrid Fashion Week. María Magdalena added that Spanish flavor to the event with ruffles and silhouettes that resemble those of the traditional ‘Sevillana.’ Baroque-inspired pieces like silky dolly dresses with puffed sleeves, shiny fabrics, and metallic sets contrasted with hoodies and fishnet tights, exhibiting the clash of cultures that inspired her collection Integration.

Credit: María Magdalena

The concept goes back to the 2000s in Seville when two social groups with different styles were in opposition. Mendoza wanted to highlight the importance of integration in today’s society, so she took details of both styles and fused them to create a single and unique collection. “I love to make an impact on my audience, to make people have fun, but also to make them think about the issue I’m talking about,” she explains.

Mendoza says that she always works from an idea that she wants to transmit — something that she has the need to share with other people. That’s why there is always a powerful symbolic meaning behind her collection. Even the name of her brand, María Magdalena, which doesn’t go unnoticed, has a connotation.

María Magdalena represents to me the role that unfortunately has been attributed to women over the years in the sense that she has always been in inequality in relation to men,” Mendoza explains. The designer wanted to shed some light on the figure of the woman, letting her have the position she deserves: equal to men.

Credit: María Magdalena

Fashion acts for Mendoza as a platform to channel her inner world and discuss social issues along with psychological and philosophical matters. “My goal is to create useful things for society as well,” the designer explains.

When she has the concept in mind, Mendoza develops it and tries to find a way to translate it aesthetically into draws and fabrics. In fact, materializing the idea is her favourite part of the whole design process. The worst bit? Promotion. But that’s just because, contrary to what you may think, Alejandra Jaime Mendoza is a very shy person. However, she is slowly coming to terms with being in the spotlight from time to time.

“Integration”; the latest collection of María Magdalena | Credit: María Magdalena

Before tapping into fashion design, she studied at a law school for two years to later realize that it wasn’t for her. She decided to change the course of her life and enrolled in Design and Fashion Management at CEADE. It was there that Mendoza found her powerful creative side and focused more on design.

Today, at only 26 years old with a lot of stories, experiences, and anecdotes, Alejandra Jaime Menzoda has her feet on the ground and loves to share her achievements with her team and friends who always support her and make her fight for her dreams as the talent behind María Magdalena.

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Ones to Watch: Madrid Fashion Week Emerging Designers

When we think about Spanish fashion, we can’t help but think about the golden times with Balenciaga. But time has passed and fashion in Spain reinvents itself every year. Familiar names such as Custo Barcelona hit the runway every season, but there is a new crew of emerging designers that are bringing fresh ideas to the table.

Breaking into the fashion industry is quite hard, and that’s what Samsung EGO was created for. The event showcases the work of new Spanish designers during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, giving them the opportunity to present their collections to the media, clients, and influencers. Here are 10 designers to watch for this season.


Designer Juan Carlos Pajares | Credit: Jorge Monges

What better way to start this list than with the winner of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent Award for his True Cost collection. Cutouts, layers, and puffed sleeves and flares combined with simple lines and even some tailoring created a magnificent collection that has a symbolic meaning. Pajares denounces the irrational use of natural resources and calls for a responsible behaviour that supports a more ethical fashion. A wake-up call that in the form of beautiful designs merges tradition with innovation.

Juan Carlos Pajares | Credit: Jorge Monges


The designs are the stars of the brands — that’s the motto of this fashion firm that prefers to not reveal the name of the creative minds behind its concepts. Inspired by NASA and special missions programs, Existence Research Program merges natural fabrics with the latest technology to create pieces that emulate the uniforms of the astronauts while, at the same time, incorporating a more romantic touch with dramatic volumes and classic silhouettes.


Amai Rodríguez | Credit: Kristen Wicce

Following this curiosity for the world beyond, Amai Rodríguez also makes the astronaut the main character of her collection, just with an unexpected shift. The designer talks about the complicated relationship between a spaceman and a sad woman who longs for him to come back after a mission. Rodríguez portrays the astronaut as a lonely man who gets lost in far and mysterious worlds full of vegetation and enigmatic colours. All of these are imprinted in the designs of her collection, creating a mix of romanticism and an enigmatic explosion of colours.


Photo Credit: Good2Be

Marca Blanca, Marlina Pradsot’s fall/winter 2017 collection, pivots on the human obsession with reaching perfection. Her designs, all in different whites, play with pattern designing to create from superposed pieces and cuts that distort the human shape a beautiful and harmonic discourse far away from conventional beauty standards.


María Magdalena | Credit: Sheila Palacios

Inspired by Seville of the 2000s, Alejandra Jaime Mendoza, the talent behind this brand, adds a Spanish flavour to this Samsung EGO edition with puffed sleeves and flares that echo the traditional “Sevillana.” Her collection highlights the importance of integration by mixing different styles from different social groups in one single and unified collection.


Photo Credit: Good2Be

Forever Fantasy, designer David Méndez’s collection, took the audience to a magical and fun world. Vibrant colours, eye-catching prints, a lot of denim, and Converse sneakers brought a bit of our childhood and teenager memories back, making the wearer experiment with the freedom of those golden and sometimes naïve but very exciting times.


Threeones | Credit: Ignacio Zori

Under the creative direction of Adriana Cagigas, Threeones has been captivated by the Asian cultures and specifically by the Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi, which finds beauty to be incomplete, imperfect, and impermanent. Stemming from this, simple lines and neutral colours inspired by those of Japanese ceramic works made the show full of symbolisms.

Threoones | Credit: Ignacio Zori


Photo Credit: Nacho Costa

Straight lines and cuts, and neutral colours that range from off white to grey reinterpret fashion in an architectural way. Big shoulder pads and layering add the dramatic element to what may seem like a very simple collection at first hand. It is full of small artisanal details that recreate geometrical shapes that enhance a woman’s silhouette in a beautiful way.


Photo Credit: Good2Be

Rocío Laseca made her debut at this edition of Samsung EGO during MBFWM. For her first huge fashion show, the designer wanted to take a step forward and embarked on the not-very-easy but rewarding adventure of working with new materials such as methacrylate and silk. The motif of her fall/winter 2017 collection, Who are you?, was inspired by the iconic British music band The Who.


Photo Credit: Good2Be

Fashion and music walk together in this show thanks to the partnership between Wellness and Spanish musician El Guincho. The result? HiperAsia, a collection that questions the relationship between fashion and technology, and its consequences. The designs, in a neutral palette with touches of vibrant blues and yellows, are made of both synthetics and natural fabrics adorned with gadgets.