Style Profile: Dorian Rahimzadeh

If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing Dorian Rahimzadeh on your Instagram feed, it should come as no surprise that we wanted to take a closer look at the 29 year old stylist’s personal style.

1. How would you describe your personal style?

I would describe my personal style as bold, self expressional, culture oriented and edgy.

2. What is your favorite item in your closet and why?

I have to fall in love with an item in order to purchase it, therefore I love almost all the items I have in my closet. However, there is one item in my closet which could be considered as my favorite because it means a lot to me: It is an army green leather/suede asymmetric skirt I have made a year ago. It was featured in a photo on my Instagram which lead me into ElleCanada’s Style Search Contest. I ended up in the top three Stylish Instagrammers in Canada by people’s votes and I was featured in ElleCanada’s December 2016 Issue.

3. Have you ever had a “What was I thinking” moment about something you have worn?

Not really. I think I always feel confident about what I choose to wear. I sometimes put on some casual clothes when in hurry which I might not love, but I feel good about anything I wear. I think the key is that I try to buy items I love individually as well as having a clear image of how I am going to style it, therefore when I do so I feel good with it.

4. What is your first fashion memory?

I remember when I was about 7, my father used to go on business trips to Europe, and he would bring back with him lots of souvenirs, specially goods that were not to be found in Iran due to economical sanctions and isolations. Among those souvenirs there were almost always many Vogue and Burda magazines for my mother to extract patterns from in order to make clothes for me. I remember I used to love browsing through those magazines. It was really interesting for me to see different looking women with various ethnicities wearing different kind of clothes to the ones in Hijab I used to see back then. It was only around 12 years after the Islamic revolution in Iran then and there were so many strict restrictions like having a satellite TV being prohibited, so seeing those colorful editorials was a window for me to a whole different world.

5. What is your favorite fashion era and why?

My favorite fashion era is definitely the 80s. There were so many trends throughout the 80s that is very similar to my taste and personal style. 80s is the era of colors, bold style and oversized everything, which to a great extent, I can relate to. If I want to be more specific I could point out big shoulder pads, masculine tailoring, chunky jewelry and baggy cropped trousers, along many other distinctive characteristics.

6. Where do you shop?

I shop Online for the most part. My favorite Online Shopping websites are SSENE, Excelsior Milano, ASOS, and Karl Lagerfeld online store since we don’t have one here in Toronto. I don’t have favorite shops when it comes to in-store shopping, but if I want to name some I could mention: The Bay on Queen Street, TNT, Urban Outfitters and some local boutiques. I must add that I shop a lot of Menswear, so I browse the mens section in all of these shops too.

7. What would be your theme song and why?

It’s difficult for me to pick theme song to be honest since I’m a music lover in general, but I would say Madonna’s songs are the ones I could most relate to.

8. What are you currently coveting?

Balenciaga sneakers I would say. I would love to have all the styles.

9. Whose closet would you want to raid?

Anna Delo Russo, period. I love her taste and style, and I can’t think of a single item she has that I would dislike.

10. What fashion trend would you like to see go away?

Bodycon, lampshading and corsets. Basically the trend the Kardashian family have made popular.

11. Who are a few of your fashion icons?

My all time favorite icon is and will forever be Karl Lagerfeld. His work and personality have inspired and motivated me in so many different ways.

12. Fill in the Blank: I could not live without __

SNEAKERS. I love their comfiness and coolness.

13. What is your secret obsession?

Bluntly speaking, practicing and digging into the Asian (more specifically Japanese) culture and lifestyle.

14. What is your fashion mantra?

Close your eyes and ears to what others like, and be yourself.

15. Who are a few of your favorite designers?

Karl Lagerfeld on top of the list, followed by Thom Browne, Craig Green and Demna Gvasalia. All four are among the best in what they do, and all four are big inspirational figures to me in the industry.

16. What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

“When following your dream, never listen to people who don’t deserve you sharing it with them in the first place.”

Iran-born Dorian Rahimzadeh  currently lives in Toronto and has been featured in various magazines all over the globe such as ElleCanada, BoF, iWomenSense, HuberTurk, etc. The 29 year-old is working relentlessly on a collection that would embrace all her knowledge and experience. Be sure to follow Dorian’s journey on instagram @dorian.who

Designer Spotlight: Get With The X(IAN)

Social media might have you believe that the best part about of working in fashion is dressing up and attending events. For us, it’s being apart someone’s journey. We have had the pleasure of working  with Montreal-based designer Xian Wang for several seasons and we are so proud of all of his accomplishments.

We caught up with Xian to learn more about his ss18 collection, what keeps him motivated, and what we can expect from his fashion-forward menswear label.

Photographer: Che Rosales

What was the inspiration behind the ss18 collection?

As XIAN’s goal was to achieve a comfortable ready to wear collection, which is simplistic for the modern man just to pick up and go with other elements in his closet, suitable for our urban city lifestyle. Behind this SS18 Collection [RUSH], my own life is always in flux and states, “with our current environment lives busier, and with such a fast pace, we have to relate our clothes to real life.

When I made this collection, I related this collection to my personal life. I needed my clothes to be functional and keep up with me with coordinating pieces that can work together or separately with other items you own, so there is always functionality in the garments.”

Can you take us through your design process?

I normally start with sketching the silhouettes, just being myself and feeling the mood. One thing I find interesting is that my subconsciousness always plays a big role in my initial designing stage, because so many things happen during each season and I like to see how they transform into clothing. Then from there, I cross check with the current trend to add or eliminate some ideas for the target market, and make sure that they are appealing to my ideal costumers and still have the XIAN’s look.

At this stage, I would finalize a few key items for the collection and come back to make more modifications to create a strong concept and cohesion.

Who is the Xian customer?

XIAN’s customers are the guys and/or girls who have passion for fashion in a metropolitan environment, but at the same time they know well what they are looking for to express their own identity. They want to wear something subtle but luxurious, and dress effortlessly stylish. They are wild at heart, even though some are not working in the creative industries.

XIAN’s products have the characteristics to offer the costumers a day-to-night transition.’”A banker takes off his/her suits and put on XIAN to rock & roll at the underground punk party in Berlin.”

How do you like unwind after each collection and runway show?

Nothing special to be honest. Just take everything as easy as possible, catch up some sleep, watch videos on youtube, play my favourite radio station, and most importantly, enjoy tons delicious food with my loved team and friends.

Fill in the Blank: I cannot live without___________

XIAN (my line, not myself lol)

Photographer: Gabriel Di Sante

As a young Canadian designer, how does it feel to get recognized by international publications like GQ?

It felt like a dream comes true. I always buy British GQ and check that they have in every issue, and finally I see my designs are featured, printed and sold world-wild in 3 monthly issues. I never imaged it, but hey here they are. It also motivates me so much to create more and delivery better and better products in the future. Pressure is on, and I am ready to take it.

Fashion is a tough business, What keeps you motivated?

One is the passion. I remember reading this article, basically it says nothing big comes easy, and we will suffer. If that’s something we love doing truly, we can’t and won’t stop at the suffering stage. To a point we get use to it and it becomes a daily routine. Despite the complains we need to vent once awhile, we will still come back and continue doing the same thing. I love what I am doing, to a point even in my personal life, 90% of the things I do serves a purpose for the brand. I think I am possessed by what I created.

Another one is the people, as the team is growing, more people are putting more effort and time into the brand. I also feel the responsibilities to my team, family, friends, supporters, and fans. They are hoping more from the brand and always here to support. They are happy for me for what XIAN has become, but I know there’s still a big distance to what I wanted it to be. As long as I am capable of designing, I won’t stop no matter how tough it is.

What can we expect for Xian in 2018?

We are planning to get into more retail relocations with more available styles for the current seasons, and to be ready for getting into the bigger market, as well as some extremely exciting collaborations already at the finalizing stage. There are also some potential celebrities wearing XIAN on stage, and so much more. 2018 will be a another great year!

What I Wear To Work: Brodie Lawson, CFL Host

Wardrobe Essentials 

For the most part my style is pretty laid back, tomboy with a little something girly. My essentials are J.Crew white v-necks, GAP or Paige jeans, Adidas sneakers, cute espadrilles in the summer, booties in the fall, a big pair of sunglasses, a CFL ball cap, pink lipstick, and a feminine jacket or an oversized sweater (I love Zara jackets and Aritzia sweaters). My go-to handbag is an oversized tote — I am six feet tall so the scale works and they fit all the stuff. All of it.

Favourite Item in your closet

  • Preppy — a soft pink Cupcakes and Cashmere knee-length topper coat
  • Sporty — adidas leggings

The Purge Rule

At this point it’s the most cliché, but it’s the honest truth — I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo two summers ago and it changed my whole perspective on purging. Her philosophy is to categorically dump everything you own onto the floor (shirts, then pants, then dresses etc..), go through it item by item and only keep the stuff that brings you joy. Sounds out there, I know, but it actually worked for me and I was left with a tidy closet with the things I enjoyed wearing most. Since that huge purge, I try to only buy and keep stuff I truly love. If I try it on and take it off more than once a season, or there’s something I’m holding onto only “incase I need it,” I donate it. I still use her method at least once a year because things accumulate. I know this method doesn’t appeal to everyone, but if you’re struggling in this area I would highly recommend giving it a try!

Describe your work uniform

I would describe my work uniform as preppy/sporty! I tend to pair preppy styles and colour combinations with something sporty to keep it casual (and practical) for the football field and our show, CFL This Week. I gravitate towards feminine prints and styles which can look a little too precious on camera, so I try and contrast that with clean lines and athletic details. Adding a cute sneaker to basically any outfit has been my favourite way to achieve this feel. My favourites: a colourful pair of Stella McCartney’s for an athletic look and a textured black pair of Gazelle’s that are a little trendier and sleeker.

From interviewing the league’s top players and coaches to sharing behind-the-scenes moments with fans, Brodie Lawson holds the job that many dream of. The host of Canadian Football League’s digital properties, including and all other CFL Channels, Brodie shares the lessons she’s learned on and off camera in her career to help encourage young people to find their strength, set goals, and follow their dreams. In addition, Brodie is a dynamic and energetic host of events, who brings her enthusiasm to every stage.

What I Wear To Work: Liem Vu, Global News’ The Morning Show

Photo Credit: Nick Pimenoff

Wardrobe Essentials

My wardrobe essentials are black shoes, black joggers, and a black t-shirt. See a theme there? No, I’m not trying to be your friendly neighbourhood fashion blogger with minimalist and monochromatic fashion. I’m the complete opposite, actually. I love loud patterns, bright shirts, and architectural jackets, but the only way to pull those off is to have a solid fashion anchor. By wearing black shoes and black pants, you can go super loud and outlandish on top without being too distracting or workplace inappropriate.

Favourite Item in Your Closet

Definitely my black and white Saturdays NYC button up (seen in the picture). The shirt is inspired by the glaze brush pattern often seen in ceramic work. It’s bold and brash yet minimalist at the same time. It’s easy to dress up (with a blazer) or down (with jeans) and that versatility is what I look for in all my shirts.

The Purge Rule

One for one. If you buy something new, get rid of something old. It’s a rule that I’m still trying to commit to. Everyone has a bad habit of holding on to things they don’t need. Unless it’s a staple like a blazer or jacket, it’s always best to consider whether or not an old item in your closet is worth holding on to.

Describe Your Work Uniform

Thankfully, The Morning Show really supports my outlandish fashion choices. Heck, I wore overalls on the show once. My daily work outfit usually starts with a pair of black golf joggers and then I pair them with a bold and bright short-sleeved button up shirt.

Liem Vu is a Toronto-based journalist and television personality. He can be seen weekdays on The Morning Show. Vu’s sense of curiosity and passion for storytelling bring him to the front lines of breaking news. Liem has written for both local and national publications including The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, and The National Post. In 2011, he produced and hosted a series of investigative features for MTV News, focusing on hot-button sociopolitical issues aimed at Canadian youth. 

Liem is an avid music fan, insatiable foodie, and all-around nerd. Prior to his career as a journalist, he moonlighted as the lead singer of a barbershop quartet called ‘The TemptAsians’ and has seen every episode of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer at least twice.

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10 Standout Looks From NYFW:Men’s

Back in July, I had the chance to attend and cover shows during New York Fashion Week Men’s, and, even though the heat and humidity sometimes made me regret it, the many talented designers I got to witness firsthand was worth the trip.

To switch things up, I  gave talented local artist Fredsonn Silva Aguda images of ten of my favourite looks from the week and asked him to illustrate them for this article. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Ever since Raf Simons was appointed the creative director of Calvin Klein, New Yorkers have been able to witness his genius at home. The designer took his spring/summer 2018 collection to the streets underneath a bridge in the heart of Chinatown. The location hinted at Blade Runner’s influence on the collection. Chinese lanterns hung from the ceiling emblazoned with the art of Peter Saville, who famously did album art for Joy Division and New Order. Raf continued to play with proportions as seen in previous collections, but maybe due to the location and its atmosphere, this collection seemed new but nevertheless still undoubtedly Raf.

Robert Geller’s newly launched Gustav von Aschenbach was a bit pared down from his namesake collection and offered oversized coats, jackets, and pants of varying widths and lengths made from high-grade Japanese textiles. I have been a HUGE fan of Geller’s for some time now and was excited to see his new endeavor up close. This look illustrated by Fredsonn was one of my favourites shown in the collection.

Another highlight from the week was designer Raul Lopez’s gender-bending and boundary pushing Spring/Summer 2018 collection for Luar. The collection took me back to my ’90s club kid days, but, styled differently, its pieces could be completely wearable (for some at least) today.

Although when I first saw this look at Palmiers du Mal’s presentation at the Gramercy Park Hotel it was hard to imagine being able to wear this look in spring and summer, as we all know mother nature often likes to toy with our emotions. It can be feel like Hades one day and the next it could snow. Either way this look could be worn whenever necessary and will keep you cozy and looking good.

I fell in love with the way designer Emily Bode mixed different patterns and textures for her debut Spring/Summer 2018 collection. The collection’s vintage feel still felt modern and you won’t have to dig through a bunch of clothes at your local vintage shop to look this good.

Raun LaRose ’80s inspired Spring/Summer 2018 collection felt more today than dated. The oversized shapes of jackets and pants or, in this case, shorts paired with sheer knee-high socks and sneakers could have easily been seen on the attendees packed into the designer’s presentation or on the streets of New York.

During designers Vincent Oshin and William Watson of label Death To Tennis Spring/Summer 2018 presentation, male models posed on pedestals and took selfies with camera phones, selfie sticks, and a polaroid camera. The collection offered great menswear staples including trench coats, tracksuits, sweats, T-shirts, and shorts.

Designer Barbara Sanchez Kane was inspired by her Mexican heritage and drew inspiration from life experiences for her Spring/Summer 2018 collection. This was definitely one of my many favourite looks from the collection.

Drawing inspiration from President John F. Kennedy and from travels during the presidential election in November of last year, designer Daisuke Obana offered everything from suits to preppy pieces perfect for summers on Martha’s Vineyard for his N.Hoolywood Spring 2018 collection.

’90s nostalgia was on full display for Patrick Ervell for his Spring 2018 collection. The collection included leather pants and shorts, trenchcoats and wind-breakers. At times the collection felt like it was missing something but true fans of the designer would be able to find pieces they have grown to love.

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