Valentine’s Day Outfits

Are you one of those who think that Valentine’s Day is overrated? Indeed, society makes us feel pressured about the day, especially if you are a  man. You have to concentrate all your efforts to make your sweetheart feel loved more than on any other day, find the best place (usually a super fancy restaurant you can’t afford), and get the best gift. But, fortunately, things are changing and, when it comes to finding the best V-Day gift, more people are looking for gifts for their friends more than for a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

Whether you are in a relationship or not, you should do something that night, something special that will make you feel good. If you are in a relationship, you probably already have plans. But if not, just get together with your friends and go grab drinks. Or stay home. Whatever you do, just have fun.

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a day where couples celebrate their love. It should be one where we get to celebrate love in general. Self-love included!

Because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and because every occasion is a good excuse to go shopping, it’s time to think about your outfit. Here is a selection of pieces you could wear depending on your plans for the day.

A date with your new boyfriend

Let’s say you just met someone and you really like the person but it’s so brand new that you don’t want to be too “natural” for that occasion. Having a date for Valentine’s Day after only few days/weeks ointo a relationship is not easy to handle. At least with this outfit you will be confident enough to seduce him/her properly. It will be more like a game than a real serious date. Find this dress on Missguided website.

No date at all

If you are in the opposite situation and you don’t have any date at all well, at least this super sweet jumpsuit will make you feel less desperate. At home, yes, but like a sexy housewife. Find this cute piece at H&M.

A date with your long-relationship boyfriend

You have been dating this guy for years, you know everything about him, his mom… and you even live with him. Maybe that night will be the one he is going to propose… Valentine’s Day is actually a good occasion for a proposal because no need to be extra romantic, the situation is doing the job for you. Well, because you never know, don’t go too “sexy” that night. You want to remember that day as the one he proposed and don’t want to show the pictures of the moment at your wedding, wearing the Missguided red dress we were just talking about. Get this beautiful dress at H&M.

A night out with your girls

Who cares about having a date for Valentine’s Day when you have a bunch of best friends ready to go party with you. As Charlotte from Sex & the City said, why can’t we be soulmates with our girlfriends? Don’t you think it’s a healthier way of thinking? Get this cosmo dress at H&M.

A date with your best friend

This item is one of our favorites for several reasons. First, both the shape and the color of the jumpsuit make us think about the ’70s — a really good decade in terms of fashion. Also, we really like the ribbed knit pull-on effect on the kinds of items that makes it even cozier and perfect for a lunch or dinner with a friend. We finally like the fact that you can style it up the way you want, for example with a belt and a moto jacket like on the picture. Find this jumpsuit at Urban Outfitters.

A date with your mom

For those who don’t care about Valentine’s Day and just plan on grabbing a dinner with their moms as usual, this super cute outfit can be an option. This pale pink is perfect for the occasion and the frills on the crop top makes the look really fashionable. It could also be a good way to send the subliminal message to your mom that she doesn’t have to worry about your single life: It’s a choice and not something you put up with. Like really… Look how gorgeous you are in this outfit! Find it at Urban Outfitters.

10 must-have items for Spring

With Christmas dinner barely digested, we are already thinking about spring.

This is not our fault, though, and we shouldn’t feel guilty about it since brands put their spring collection in store in January. Even if you are not the kind to go crazy for the winter sales, you may have seen some spring items online or even on the streets. Yes, some of us are trying to avoid winter with wishful thinking. Anyways, if you are getting tired of winter clothes, this article is for you.

What’s in this spring? Here are the 10 must have items for the next season.


1. The brand logo T-shirt

If you think that sportswear style wouldn’t be a thing next spring, you are wrong. The ’90s style still a trend. You can play with it even more than you did in 2017 because brand logos are back and will turn our boring clothes into catchy must-haves. This FILA t-shirt from Topshop is the kind you need to look cool and stylish.

2. The little black dress

Every season should have its own little black dress. For this spring, we found the perfect one from Laisure. It’s actually difficult to find a black dress that doesn’t make you look overdressed or too formal. For this season, this one will give you the fresh look you are looking for this spring.

3. The lavender lipstick

Remember the last makeup trends? Zigzag eyebrows, snogging lipstick… weird right?! Well, this season won’t go that far. Seen on the runways at Victoria Beckham, Michael Kors, and Bottega Veneta’s fashion shows, lavender is going to be the next it-color and we thought it will be even trendier to wear it on your lips. We found this Barry M matte lipstick on Asos.

4. The cabbie hat

Already seen last season, the cabbie hat is still fashionable this spring. We really love this trend because it makes you look like a supermodel and gives you this fancy twist even if you are wearing a pair of jeans. If you didn’t have the occasion to wear one during the cold season, or if you preferred wearing a warm beanie which is understandable, spring will give you the chance to give it a shot. Get this one at Forever 21.

5. The pair of mules

Again, this piece is not a new trend but wearing mules in 2018 is going to be a must!!! Almost every shoe brand has one in its collection. Make your feet ready and do your nails because your toes are going to need to show-off. This season, we have so many choices, different colors, materials and shapes. Whatever you like wearing during sunny days, you will find the pair for you. You will find this satin one with pearls at Le Château.


6. Flower printed accessories

Prints are really interesting this season. Unlike past years, the bigger the better! Brand logos, stripes, but also tartan and dots, we have seen everything on tge runways. Because it’s not easy to wear them, we suggest you to go for floral print on accessories. Choose between big ’60s floral prints, soft floral prints, or micro floral prints: Yes, you will have the choice. We found this perfect handbag at Nine West.


7. The denim jacket

You probably already have a denim jacket in your closet but this spring, this must have has to be oversize. You can borrow your boyfriend’s or go for this piece from Urban Outfitters. If you are still not convinced about the oversize trend and feel like it doesn’t flatter you, wear it with a skin-tight t-shirt and roll up the sleeves. Also, don’t be afraid to go for a denim on denim outfit, this will actually be the best way to wear it.

8. Tiny sunglasses

Sometimes, trends come from celebrities and not brands. This one in particular has been launched by Bella Hadid. After the stupefaction and after seeing them on every Stars as Kim Kardashian or her little sister Kendall, we finally agree that this trend makes you feel cooler than ever. Get yours at Roberi and Fraud.

9. The plastic jacket

Also seen on the runways, transparency jackets are one of the biggest season trends. No excuses, you can’t look ugly under your jacket anymore! This trend has actually been seen on severals items during fashion week. Simone Rochas, Burberry and Calvin Klein used the trend to create beautiful dresses and Emporio Armani played transparency on a cardigan. You will find this funny poncho at Topshop.


10. The embroidery dress

This last trend is probably the best. No need to wait for a proposal, we can now wear an embroidery white dress anywhere: Yup yup! Well, we still advise that you wear it as a cocktail dress but, anyway, put your heel on, grab your flower crown and be the most stylish girl of the street. Get yours at Zalando.


How to be fashionable during winter?

If you think you cannot be fashionable during winter, you are wrong. Fall-winter is probably the best season to look trendy. Just think about it, how many items do you have in your wardrobe during winter? Way more than in summer right?! If you count jackets, coat, boots, scarf and other accessories, I am sure you have at least twice more items to play with. So, what will make you look gorgeous this season? Here is a list of tricks and items which will help you.

  1. Get a big puffer jacket

If you want to look cool no water what, the puffer jacket is always a good idea. You can easily wear it off-the-shoulder during fall or over a big jumper during winter. The other good thing with a big coat is that you can wear it with sneakers to be casual or with fancy boots to look fancy.

  1. Choose your boots with attention

Whatever you prefer high or ankle boots, you need a pair which matches with almost everything. They don’t need to be black –excepted if you only go black – but they have to match with most of your clothes AND your favorite coat.

  1. Find an oversize roll-neck sweater

At that time of the year you should forget low-cut-neckline. At the contrary, roll-neck will cover your neck perfectly and will make you look super fancy. If your sweater is also oversize or has big sleeves, it will give you a perfect fashion week street style look.

  1. Style it up

It’s not because you wear big sweaters and long sleeves that you have to look boring. Get a printed jacket, wear accessories and have fun! Getting accessories is also a good way to turn your casual outfit to a fashionable one. Find big earrings, colored sunglasses and a big hat and you will look perfect.

  1. Layer is the key

This is the season to layer so let’s go for it! You want to wear your favorite tee-shirt? No problem put a wool cardigan on it and your big coat. You want to look good arriving at work wearing your summer denim jacket? Do it! Just put layers on to protect yourself from pneumonia.

Why millennials stop taking the birth control pill.

In 1951, in the United States, Dr. Gregory Pincus opened a biology research center to work on sex hormones. Five years later, he and his team were developing a combination of progesterone and synthetic estrogen (female hormones). That was the first pill, called Enovid, a revolution for women all over the world. At least it was thought to be.

Where the baby boomer generation saw an ally and possibilities of freedom in the pill, millennials are rejecting it. After a long history as a symbol of emancipation, why is the birth control pill controversial today?

In the past few years, we’ve heard more and more testimonials about severe side effects caused by birth control. We now know that taking third generation pills like Yasmin, Femodene, and Marvelon can raise the chance of getting a blood clot.

Lucie Cabalou, a 32-year-old French woman, decided a year ago to stop the pill. “When I decided to be on the pill years ago, it was like many other girls to prevent pregnancy. I felt like it was a good and mature decision to take. Unfortunately nobody, not even my gynecologist, informed me about the side effects.”

It is a real problem as millennials can feel that they are alone, being forced to choose between safe contraceptives and overall health.

“After years on Yasmin, I realized that I was always tired and hungry, I never felt full with food. Because of that I gained a lot of weight. I also realized that my libido decreased. Those are not big symptoms but when I realized it was because of my birth control, I looked for the other side effect of Yasmin and I was shocked.” Lucie explained.

Birth control pills can give you terrible side effects: it can suppress of natural hormone production, harm your digestive system, deplete your vital nutrients, triple your chances to have blood clots, etc. Despite women who have been vocal about their experiences in and out of the judicial system, the pharmaceutical industry does not seem concerned and gynecologists are not bettering the situation.

“When I asked my doctor about this effects, she told me that there were no liked between them and my birth control. I stopped taking it a year ago and all my symptoms diapered. I also realized how it changed me in a way I cannot explain. My mood changes depending on my menstrual cycle which is a natural thing, whereas I always felt the same before…  I can feel it inside my body, I wasn’t myself the past years” said Lucie.

That’s terrifying!!!!

The Christmas gift guide for Francophiles

Few days ago I went to the Distillery Christmas market and realized that Christmas will be upon us in 38 days… yes, they put a huge countdown at the entrance and you cannot miss it!!! As you read these words, you have even less time left so it’s time for you to think about gifts. If you have Francophiles around, this gift guide is going to help you.

Ma P’tite Culotte, women’s lingerie

Offering a new set of lingeries to a woman you love is always a good idea. Ma P’tite Culotte is a French brand that offers an optimistic and enthusiastic line of lingeries. For her last collection, Charline Goutal decided to create pieces that correspond to women’s moods.

Available on Ma Ptite Culotte website

Le Slip Français, French underpants

The founders of this underwear brand believe that companies can no longer just be economic forces with a narrow sense of purpose; they must, instead, define and pursue certain values. Their definition of success includes the well-being of those around them and the sustainability of their business: “You want to change the world? Start by changing your briefs.”

Available on Le Slip Français website

MAGNETHIK ethical handbags

MAGNETHIK is a brand founded by Fabienne Pomi, a French, vegan fashion lover who offers made in France and vegan handbags. All the pieces are made without any animal products and according to an ecological and ethical process. MAGNETHIK has been voted “Best Fashion Novelty” by the PETA association in 2016.

Available at Importation Lou

Chapon chocolates

Patrice Chapon is one of seven French bean-to-bar chocolate makers. His know-how is internationally recognized — he just got two awards from Salon du Chocolat in Paris.

Available on Chapon website and in Toronto at McEwan Don Mills and TD Centre Location.

Red wine

A Francophile will always appreciate a glass of good red wine. This gift is probably the safest — you cannot go wrong with it. If you feel like offering a bottle of red wine to one of your relatives, I recommend this bottle of Château Vignot Saint Emilion, 2009. It goes perfectly with cheese.

Available at LCBO